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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Actress Lin Mei Hsiu (Miss Mei from Apple in Your Eye) Gets Married!

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Actress Lin Mei Hsiu is one that should be quiet familiar to those who watches T-Drama since she is often casts in mama roles. I thought it was funny they had her playing a single woman who finally gets married to a man much younger than her in Apple In Your Eye, but I guess that was a hint for things to come.

On Dec. 1st, Actress Lin (47) married her boyfriend, a camera man who is 14 years younger than her after dating for 5 months. Like her character in Apple In Your Eye, Actress Lin has been burnt a few times in her past relationships. One relationship with a boyfriend of three years ended when he cheated on her and another one ended with the guy marrying the girl he has been cheating with immediately after breaking up with her. So I am especially happy for her now that she has found the one.

Just for kicks and giggles here is her popular video in Taiwan of Lin Mei Hsiu singing in Taiwanese. The title means "I currently don't have a husband"

A few funny lyric to this song: 

I currently don't have a husband, I currently don't have a husband. I sleep on a double wide pillow by myself.

Currently without a husband, currently without a husband, Eat rice, eat noodle, and smell that lovely scent!

Don't ever, never ever, think I am one of those easy woman.
Don't ever, never ever, love me until you have a hole on the bottom of your pants. (Um... is not suppose to make any sense I think.) 


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