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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Birth of a Beauty Episode 11-12 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: Who knew that Alien Hand Syndrome excuse would come in so handy.

Episode 11
We pick up where we left off with the kiss. Giddy to finally admit their feelings to each other, Tae Hee and Sara hardly knew what to do with their excitement.

All is not well in the paradise though. Now that Kang Joon is out, his first suspect is Sara. Sara notices Kang Joon's man following her all the way to where Mama Sa is staying. Moving quickly, Sara hides her mother but not before the man realizes Sara knows Mama Sa.

Just when Kang Joon's man is about to find Sara and her mom, Tae Hee drags the man away and tells him to deliver the message to Kang Joon that he will be protecting Sara twenty four seven from now on.
Knowing he really can't be with Sara twenty four seven in reality, Tae Hee tries to go over a few self defense move with Sara, but he only ends up getting beat up by Sara. Not giving up, Tae Hee bear hugs Sara from behind to simulate an attack but this time Sara pleads absolute ignorance of how to defend herself to such an attack so Tae Hee hugs her even tighter while the two shares a blissful smile.
That is probably one of the best love dovy scene I have ever seen in a drama. So simple but it conveys so much contentment from both of our leads. 
Our couple goes on their first date but instead of a regular date, Sara asks Tae Hee to go with her to a market she used to frequent. As Sa Geum Ra, Sara used to be the ajumma that is pitied by everyone in the market, but now as the beautiful Sara and Tae Hee by her side, she is the envy of everyone.
Tae Hee and Sara's date is cut off when Chae Yeon tricks Tae Hee into rushing to her side.

Angry to find out that Chae Yeon is trying to record Geum Ra's building under her name, Kang Joon slaps Chae Yeon. Using Kang Joon's slap as an excuse, Chae Yeon quickly calls her brother and asks him to call Tae Hee.

The longer Tae Hee stays with Chae Yeon the more he starts to worry about Sara. Finally unable to stand his anxiousness, Tae Hee starts to leave, but Chae Yeon holds onto him and asks him to come back to her.  Unmoved, Tae Hee frees himself from Chae Yeon's hold and rushes back home.

Tae Hee rushes back just in time to find a furious Kang Joon approaching Sara. Throwing the evidence of Sara tampering in his affair on the ground, Kang Joon storms out.
Wanting to play the perfect grandson now that the legitimate grandson is back, Min Hyeok hurries before Tae Hee to free Madam Park from prison and rushes her home in great fan fare in front of the press.

Tae Hee arrives too late to take his grandma away. Following Tae Hee to the house, Sara tells him that she will be right there with him to save his grandma from Min Hyeok's grasp.
Back at home, Sara puts a ice pack on Tae Hee's shoulder that he injured while he was rushing home to save her from Kang Joon.

A sleepy Tae Hee tells Sara "The station PD told me that you are working so hard because you wanted to protect the man you love... There is something I want you to tell me. Something that I don't want to hear from a station PD."

Sara teases Tae Hee a few times without saying the precious words he wants to hear.
However, when Tae Hee finally succumbs to sleep, Sara mutters "Loving someone is a very scary thing to me. But if that person is you... then I love you."

Episode 12
Spurred by Tae Hee's refusal to come back to her, Chae Yeon devises a plan to turn all of Kang Joon's attention onto Tae Hee by telling him that Tae Hee, not Sara was the one with all the right motivation to break their marriage apart. Knowing Kang Joo's willingness to kill, Chae Yeon is hoping that she can provoke Kang Joo into attacking Tae Hee so she can play the knight in the shining armor thus gaining Tae Hee's affection. 
Obviously no true love there since Chae Yeon is so ready to put Tae Hee in danger. What puzzles me is that she doesn't even have the basic familial love toward the man who all but raised her and sacrificed to send her to school. 
Thanks to Ji Hoon's (Chae Yeon's brother) teasing words that Tae Hee and Sara looks like a married couple, the two love birds decides to play act as a newly wed. Things starts to heat up nicely with Tae Hee slowly leaning in for a kiss... until Sara pushes him off the sofa. 

Back in the safety of her room, Sara talks through her confused feeling with her self (Geum Ra). Sara realizes she is not some young girl that can fantasizes about a blissful marriage, instead she is an ajumma who has been burned by a horrifying first marriage. With a renewed determination, Sara decides to focus on her many tasks at hand and stop getting carried away with Tae Hee. 
Umm... I wonder if she thinks her relationship with Tae Hee is only a temporary thing since as Sa Geum Ra she has no right to a blissful relationship with someone like Tae Hee? 
Firm in her decision to handle her problems herself, Sara intercepts a phone call from Kang Joo to Tae Hee and meets Kang Joo by herself. 

Chae Yeon uses her status as Kang Joon's wife to get into Min Hyeok's home to meet with Madam Park. Using his grandma as an excuse, Chae Yeon tries to make herself indispensable to Tae Hee. 

Tae Hee finds out from Chae Yeon that Sara met with Kang Joon without his knowledge and yells at her for always getting tangled up with Kang Joon. Not backing down, Sara tells Tae Hee that she is a person with a past, especially a past that she probably can never forget until she dies. 
At first Tae Hee is angry by Sara's words, but after some encounters with his own past demons, Tae Hee softens and asks Sara for her forgiveness. 
Chae Yeon uses some ploy to make peanuts one of the key ingredients in Sara's chef competition since she knows Geum Ra is severely allergic to peanuts. However, Chae Yeon's wish to stump Sara fails when Sara puts a piece of food containing peanuts right into her mouth. I think they'll explain how she was able to do this next episode. 

While Sara is winning her war with Chae Yeon, Tae Hee is waging his own battle against Min Hyeok by positioning himself as a candidate in the running to become the future Chairman of Winners Group.
That night, while Tae Hee is waiting eagerly with a ring in hand for Sara to show up for his surprise marriage proposal, Sara is faced with an angry Kang Joon demanding to know "Sa Geum Ra is alive?"


I am torn about this show. This show is basically a revenge show about two people who has suffered greatly at the hands of a select few evil villains. However, the battle between the good and the evil is starting to try my patience since I actually find it the weakest part of the show. The personal development of the two leads and their relationship to each other, however, is really so well done that I can't help but be invested in their eventual happiness. 

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  1. Sara: I have to go out for a bit.

    We've seen them going out to the front gate takes all of 10-15 seconds.

    Kang Joon saunters up the stairs. Rummages through the hallway cabinets. Saunters to her unlocked room. Rummages through her room. Tears open her closet and finds the exact thing he was looking for and ponders over them. He then saunters out into the hallway and saunters down the staircase leisurely. Sara enters as soon as he makes it back down.

    What was Sara doing the entire time? Well. She hobbled down the short stair path to the gate, of which she could see no one was there. She gets to the gate, opens the gate and sees that no one is there. She steps outside onto the street and closes the gate behind her to confirm that no one is there to see her. She looks around down the street and everywhere to see that no one is there. Then montage of her eye balls exploding out of her face mutiple times at different angles for several minutes. Oh! Ive been had. No matter, more eye ball bulging. Then she hobbles back inside at the speed of a snail to giver her murderer husband time to find her shit.

    I want to say that its like your soul leaves your body...but its more like your brain is being scooped out with a spoon as your soul is trapped in your carcass forced to witness all this bs. Infinite whining by me.