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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Birth Of A Beauty Episode 13-14 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: Yap, how can you not love a guy who knows the right way to beg for forgiveness?

Due to her peanut reaction, Sara faints while Lee Kang Joon is interrogating her about Sa Geum Ra. Tae Hee ends up following Sara's cellphone signal all the way to a hotel. Upon finding an unconscious Sara with Kang Joon in a hotel room, Tae Hee carries Sara off after punching Kang Joon a few times in the face.

Seemingly completely unaware how badly Sara is feeling, Tae Hee goes off on a jealousy rant and storms off.
Severely disappointed that his carefully planned marriage proposal was not even seen by Sara, Tae Hee goes off to work the next day without checking on Sara.

At Winners, it is officially war between Tae Hee and Min Hyeok. Tae Hee only has a short amount of time to prove himself to the board of directors of his leadership ability by making Winner Food, a subsidiary of Winner's Corp, profitable again.
Unable to concentrate on work, Tae Hee sneaks off to the tv station (in the same building) to check on Sara. By chance, Tae Hee sees a recording of Sara ingesting peanuts and realizes what a dummy he has been.

Tae Hee rushes home to find Sara passed out on the stairway. When Sara comes to, she finds Tae Hee completely repentant to the extent of rewriting a contract with Sara and putting her as the one with the full rights of ordering him around.

Pleased to finally have their position switched, Sara fully enjoys her temporary slave. How hilarious is that Tae Hee pulls the same exact vacuum stunt Sara has pulled on him twice in the past. 
Mama Sa finds out from Kang Joon's dad that her daughter is alive after all. Mama Sa meets with Tae Hee and confirms her suspicion that Sara is indeed Geum Ra. 

Tae Hee takes Mama Sa to Sara's cooking competition, which causes Sara to change her chopped steak recipe impromptu to beef rice ball because rice ball apparently is the dish that could convey sincerity the most because you have to make it by rolling it with your hand. You know the whole hands to heart sort of thing.  Sounds kinda odd to me, but oh well... we'll go with it. 
Inspired by Sara's rice balls, Tae Hee decides to use it as Winner Food's next project to bring the company back into black.

Sara excitedly tells Tae Hee about her invitation to a party by Winner Food's president himself. Tae Hee does tell her that he is the very one that invited her, but Sara thought he was just joking.

 The night of the party, a very suave Tae Hee takes a completely stunned Sara in his arm and starts to dance.
As Tae Hee twirls Sara around in their dance, he finally pops the question "Let's get married. Will you marry me?"

Episode 14
While Tae Hee and Sara is showing off their love for all to see, Kang Joon's suspicion is growing (thanks to no small part to Chae Yeon) and Min Hyeok is furious to realize that his goddess already belongs to his arch enemy.
While Tae Hee is ready to go full steam ahead with marriage, Sara is beset with self doubt. Sara's silence soon starts making Tae Hee nervous, wondering if Sara doesn't think he is good enough for her. 

After much posturing from Tae Hee to prove himself, Sara finally confesses that she is afraid by marrying Tae Hee, she would just brings heaps of trouble to him... namely Lee Kang Joon. 

Relief that Sara's concern is not about him but for him, Tae Hee is ready to go ahead with his marriage proposal again.  
Kang Joon's mounting suspicion of Sara results in a scary confrontation. Hearts pounding, Sara barely escapes thanks to a tv staff's appearance, only to be faced with more sarcastic remarks from Chae Yeon. 

The intimidating encounter with Kang Joon causes Sara to wake up screaming from a nightmare. Unable to stand seeing Sara in constant fear of Kang Joon, Tae Hee suggests they move abroad together.  
Still unsure if she really can accept Tae Hee's proposal and starts a new life, Sara wonders the street until Mama Sa invites her for a meal. 

Unbeknownst to Sara that Mama Sa already knows her true identity, Mama Sa advises Sara to reach out and grab the happiness that is in front of her. 
Thanks to her mother's words, Sara makes the big decision and accepts a diamond ring from Tae Hee. 
After being informed by his man that the DNA report of Sara and Geum Ra matches, Kang Joon goes on a search for Sara and finds her in the middle of accepting Tae Hee's proposal. 

Ready for the most hilarious line in this show? In a voice over, Kang Joon says "Sa Geum Ra, My wife, dares to marry someone else?" Umm... you mean you can't believe she doesn't feel loyalty towards someone who treated her like a maid, stole her property, cheated on her, and tried to kill her? 

It never ceases to amazed me how completely sick in the head the villains in this show are. Case in point when asked what would he would do if he finds out Sa Geum Ra is still alive, Kang Joon's reply was "Then she'll have to die again." Hearing this chilling response, Chae Yeon smiles with approval and thinks to herself "It's been a while since you looked this cool. Lee Kang Joon". WHAT?! This lady should really be sifting through inmate roster at maximum security prison for her dates. Of course, it escapes me how she can feel no fear, at the very least for her own safety when she knows the darkest secret of a man who thinks nothing of killing people. 

The best part of this show is still the interaction between the two leads. Not only are they cute together but the show is doing a great job showing how they really are the best support for one another. 

I am also super glad Lee Kang Joon finally knows Sara's secret. I was getting really impatient for them to just get that plot over with. 


  1. So...my eyes are spinning like pinwheels from all the stupid in this show. Dear god. I was slow to see how much of a makjang this show is / became.

    1. Allergies. Tae Hee writes a giant board of options by hand to deal with her SEVERE allergy the night before. His ludicrous sudden jealousy is soo...one of the viable options was to take meds before eating...how about after? Their carefully crafted plan as to just wing it and hope for the best. What?!

    Sara wins. Celebrations. Clandestine meetings. Convenient evesdropping. Tae hee has time to go home get changed and whore hisself up go to the restaurant, at least "help" set up the romantic spread and wait for her.

    Sara has time to walk to her suddenly underground parked car. The moment to hangs up the phone, *cough cough* gee couod it be my allergies kicking in? Oh well. Literally 10 SECONDS LATER, faints in her murderer husbands arms. Most conveniently delayed rapid onset of severe allergy symptoms ever. Also nice of the food allergy to leave you tired and take away your ability to walk. Its like almost drowning in a pool and then suffering dry mouth and a bad haircut bc of it. Make sense none!

    2. Dna testing. Jesus, please help us. Such a well crafted plan...we suppose they wanted him to know her fingerprints were all over the letter??? And THE HAIR!?!?!? Maybe it was the translation but..."one hair sample". So he kept a piece of his dead wife's hair for over six months just lying around for this occasion? No indication thereof. What did they test Sara's hair against?! Itself?? Omo...

    3. The sudden change in menu items to include peanuts, why dont you eat those nuts Sara?? To, tell me your grandmother's name, who u said had dementia, tell me! Him plowing through her room and finding all the damning evidence. They did nothing to prepare themselves. They only acknowledged he may now be onto them, but not Chae Yoon. They were too busy conoodling and being lovey dovey to worry about that mess. They may be onto us. No matter, its time for me to sexily vaccuum for you.

    Excruciating part, ALL of the convenient info leaks. People just happen to be there and hear exactly what they need to hear at the exact place and exact moment in time. Way to go writers, awesome job. The dad, Chae Yoon sooo many damn times, the evil sisters, etc.

    Also Tae Hee excusing his adopted sister at every turn. Oh she conspired to murder? Ok. She spoke with MY Grandma about shit that doesn't concern her? Ok. She's only interested in me now bc of my status? Ok. Constantly at my lovers throat? Ok. Nothing suspicious there. Ok.

    4. Last. Sara. Since it turned sour with the murderer, she is now WIDER eyed and innocent, sweet and contrite in front of him. Wtf. All that rage, all that fury, that if you don't feel for yourself, then at least for the inhuman treatment he's given your mother (at the wedding scene, etc), all falls by the wayside bc he's a man and she's a pretty woman and he has to be in control. Just once, wished she could have confidence and stare him down and just own it. In "reality" she could lay him flat out. She did it to 2 trained security guards. But now, bc its her murderer husband, her bones are made of candy corn.

    I only watch for the revenge. It's not enough anymore though.

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  3. Dear Mr. (Ms.?) Ninja, thanks for your recap.

    Even after I left this series (found too aggravating as a theme -a husband that mistreats his wife, cheats on her, kills her and after that kicks her mother-), I was still curious about the main couple, since I love Ms. Han Ye Seul and the work of Mr. Joo Sang Wook.

    It seems the person that posted before me didn't know that a lot can be said if given some etiquette.

    Thanks for your work in our behalf (I left viewing at episode 6, so I don't know how south it has gone... maybe it is visiting the penguins at the Antartic?), and please keep recapping.

    1. I don't personally think the show has gone south all that much. It did start with a LOT of plot holes right from the beginning and the show just assumes you will overlook pretty much anything else they choose to throw at you. It does help that I had extremely low expectation for this show to start with, so I haven't been disappointed. Joo Sang Wook is adorable in this one though.

    2. I completely agree with you! I look forward to watching this drama every week simply for its charming cast. In my opinion, this drama along with Pinocchio are the best in 2014. Your recaps on this series are highly appreciated.