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Monday, December 22, 2014

Birth of a Beauty Episode 15 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: Can't we just have all the jerks marry the jerks so our cute couple can get married?? 

ps. There is only one episode this week due to a SBS music competition. Birth of a Beauty will be extending by one episode though, so it will end at episode 21
Birth of a Beauty Episode 15 Recap
This hour pretty much revolves around Kang Joon following Sara around rejoicing in his knowledge that Sara is Sa Geum Ra, the wife he can intimidate at his will.  To his great satisfaction, Sara jumps with fear every time Kang Joon shows up and is indeed intimidated whenever he brings up their still in force marriage.  
While Sara lives in fear of Kang Joon popping up, she still tries to act all normal with Tae Hee while they do various things couples do... 
Until Kang Joon pops up once again to remind Sara that she can try on wedding dresses all she wants but she is still married to him. 
That night, looking at herself in the mirror Sara finally decides that she is not the easily abused Sa Geum Ra anymore. Sara calls Kang Joon to arrange a meeting with him, but Kang Joon laughingly jeers at her tough act and tells her that he will do whatever he wants with her. 

Her fighting spirit back, Sara shows up at Kang Joon's house to tell them that Kang Joon was investigated for Sa Geum Ra's death. Kang Joon rushes home to fend off a barrage of questions from his family about his involvement in Geum Ra's death (except Daddy of course since he already knew about the investigation.) 

After Sara gets dragged upstairs to have a private talk with a fuming Kang Joon, Sara calmly asks him if he is ready to have his attempted murder revealed to the world or to give back the land he gave to Chae Yeon or to get tossed out of the house he lives in since she owns it as well. Wait, why was her mom renting if she had so much?? 
Not knowing how fearful Sara is, but understanding that she can never be really at ease with Kang Joon around, Tae Hee decides to take Sara out of the country to get married. 

Of course it takes no time until Chae Yeon and all the other evil people to find out about Sara and Kang Joon's plan and everyone pulls out every trick in the bag to stop our couple from getting married. 
During a company face off between Tae Hee and Min Hyeok things got ugly when Tae Hee wins the confrontation and the whole embarrassing encounter becomes headline with Sara written as the lady torn between two men. Losing to Tae Hee both at work and in love finally pushes Min Hyeok over the edge and he reveals to his mom that he has known all this time that Tae Hee's parents' death was her doing. Min Hyeok meets with Chairman Park's lawyer and informs him that since he was willing to do his mom's dirty deed all those years ago, then he is asking him to kill Tae Hee... again. 

Not knowing her most trusted man is actually the one that killed her own son, Chairman Park meets with Sara and tells her that if her presence would harm her precious grandson at all then she wants Sara to leave Tae Hee. 

Sara comes out of her meeting with Tae Hee's grandma to be told by his secretary that Tae Hee is most likely in danger right now.   

In the mean time, Tae Hee is tricked into going into a building and quickly hit from behind. Tae Hee slumps to the ground and in the process the forever bracelet Sara gave him to tie the two of them together breaks off. 
Tracking Tae Hee's phone all the way to a storage building, Sara finds Tae Hee unconscious on the ground with blood on his head. Noticing the broken off bracelet and remembering the words from both Chairman Park and Chae Yeon about her presence bringing harm to Tae Hee, Sara cries while muttering "Save him, save him. I will leave him if you save him." 


This was a hard episode to watch since so much of it revolved around Sara being intimidated by her good for nothing ex-husband. It was satisfying though when Sara did finally snap out of her fear and starts to fight back. 

The betrayal by Chairman Park's secretary was a total surprise to me, didn't see that coming at all. I did start wondering if Min Hyeok is even Chairman Park's real grandson but then I figure someone like Chairman Park probably would've demanded a DNA test. Right?? 

So, it looks like there is going to be some separation time for our two leads coming up. It feels a bit ... predictable, but the art of writing a noble self imposed separation really comes by how the writer will reunite our two leads again. Judging by how this show has gone so far, I am not going to hold my breath on the reunion being fresh but I am hoping for lots of cute! 


  1. I hope they don't use the amnesia card :C

    1. That seems to be what everyone is thinking, and I personally wouldn't be surprised at all if they go the route. While amnesia would obviously be the predictable way to go, I am one who can enjoy that plot tool too if they use it in a fresh way.