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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Birth of a Beauty Episode 16-17 Mini Recap

Question of the hour: How many times can I roll me eyes in one hour?
Tae Hee is rushed to the hospital in a coma. Heart broken to see her precious grandson at death's door, Madam Park blames Sara for endangering Tae Hee.

The last thing Madam Park want is to let Sara stay by Tae Hee, but unfortunately/fortunately the doctor notices that Sara's presence is a great help to Tae Hee's recovery. Putting her grandson's health first, Madam Park allows Sara to take care of Tae Hee.
Tae Hee finally wakes up from his coma, and to the surprise of all of us who was betting on amnesia, his memory is just fine. Who was surprised? Ha, I really was expecting the amnesia thing to happen. 
Now that Tae Hee is recovering quickly, a nervous Min Hyeok decides to play the good brother card in front of the media by declaring his urgent desire to catch the culprit that dares to harm his precious brother.

After playing the concerned brother, Min Hyeok then turns around and uses the same trick on Sara. Min Hyeok convinces Sara that the whole reason Tae Hee got hurt was due to her secret identity and as Tae Hee's loving brother, Min Hyeok offers to send Sara abroad to study cooking.

Sara goes to Tae Hee's secretary to confirms Min Hyeok's words and is dismayed to find out that Tae Hee got hurt because he was trying to protect her identity.
Ready to shed her status as Kang Joon's wife, Chae Yeon in grand fashion holds a press conference to announce that she has divorced her husband due to him cheating with a famous lady X. When Kang Joon confronts Chae Yeon for publicly ruining his image, Chae Yeon threatens to reveal Sara's name, and the attempted murder to the press if he doesn't let her keep Geum Ra's building.

Wanting nothing more than to make Sara go back to being his subservient wife now that she is beautiful enough for him, Kang Joon threatens to keep harming Tae Hee as long as she chooses to stay with him.
Faced with accusation for every side that she is the source of Tae Hee's life being in danger, Sara agrees to Madam Park's demand and breaks up with Tae Hee.
Unable to understand how Sara can all the sudden decides that she prefers the freedom her beauty has brought her instead of shackles of marriage, Tae Hee tries to get Sara to reconsider her decision. Taking a firm stance, Sara insists on the breakup but back in the privacy of her room, Sara breaks down in tears.
Without Sara's presence Tae Hee starts to experience chest pains again and seems to be regressing in his recovery. The next morning, Tae Hee wakes up to find Sara gone.

In the mean time, Sara is escorted to the airport personally by Min Hyeok and as she waits for her plane, Sara cries thinking of all the time she spent with Tae Hee.
Determined to not lose Sara, Tae Hee hurries to the airport to stop her from leaving, but he was too late.

Episode 17
Instead of leaving on the plane, Sara goes to her mom's house which apparently was what she planned to do all along. 

Sara leaves with her mom to go stay with a friend of her mom's who just happens to own an eatery. Filling her day with busy work at the eatery, Sara still can't help herself but think of Tae Hee when she stops buzzing around. 

Faring much worse than Sara, Tae Hee can't seems to do anything else but stares at Sara's cardboard image and missing her. 
It doesn't take long at all for Min Hyeok to track Sara down and keep up his pretense of a concerned brother. Desperate to hear any news of Tae Hee, Sara eagerly listens to everything Min Hyeok chooses to tell her. 

Obviously Sara's hiding spot is not a good one at all, since Kang Joon soon found his way to her as well by following Min Hyeok. Completely at the mercy of Chae Yeon's threat because of the recording she has of him attempting to kill Geum Ra, Kang Joon has no choice but to sign over Geum Ra's building to Chae Yeon's name. 

Realizing he pretty much have lost everything thanks to Chae Yeon and abandoned by Min Hyeok on top of it as well, Kang Joon is desperately holding onto Sara in hopes that once she publicly reveals her true identity AND clears him of attempted murder then he can go right back to mooching off her.
Now that all the jerks have found Sara, it's finally Tae Hee's turn. Tae Hee finds Sara busily serving in the eatery, but before he can go in, Mama Sa sees him and tells him to leave Sara alone, since she has already moved on from their breakup. 

Trying hard to accept Mama Sa's words, Tae Hee starts to drive off but ends up turning around once more when he decides that he can't believe Sara's love for him was all false. 

However, Tae Hee arrives in time to see Sara meeting with Min Hyeok who is once again telling Sara that as a loving brother he is concerned with how Tae Hee has refused to go to work lately. 

Tae Hee meets with Sara and asks him "Why of all people you would choose to be with Min Hyeok?" 

In true drama misunderstanding heaven's fashion, Sara replies "You have no right to interfere with me anymore." 

A heart broken Tae Hee goes home and finally takes off he and Sara's wedding ring in acceptance of the fact that it's over. 
Everything is falling right into Min Hyeok's lap more easily than he would ever expected. 

Tae Hee's depression over Sara and playing MIA with everything involving Winner's Group allows Min Hyeok to blacken Tae Hee's name in front of the whole company. However, Min Hyeok's plan doesn't stop there though. Now that he is sure the company is within his grasp, Sara is Min Hyeok's next target. Using some falsified evidence, Min Hyeok convinces the labor union to take Tae Hee to court. Min Hyeok then waits for Sara to hear this news from Tae Hee's secretary then calls him for help.

Min Hyeok agrees to Sara's request to help Tae Hee BUT he asks for something in return.  
An extremely happy Min Hyeok, dressed formally waits with his mom waits for Sara's arrival. Tae Hee pulls up in a car just in time to see the threesome standing together. 


Did you guys all rolled your eyes? I don't usually yell at my computer screen so I roll my eyes instead and I rolled them lots whenever Sara interacts with Min Hyeok. Come on!!! Why would Sara not have a clue at all that Min Hyeok is Tae Hee's mortal enemy? Even if Tae Hee has somehow not shared the whole bad history between them (and I think he did when he found out Sara knew Min Hyeok), it shouldn't take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out that if two men who are going head to head over a company as big as Winner's group they obviously are not best buds. 

I will confess that I secretly am hoping our hero and heroine are not so dense and are actually working together to fool their enemies. Dear writer! Don't disappoint me! 

ps. I did get great satisfaction from seeing Kang Joon being beaten so soundly by Chae Yeon... we just need Sara to do the same to Chae Yeon now.  


  1. How many episodes is this drama?

    1. There should be 20 episodes...

    2. i read that there will be 21 eps now....the story line and Sara's stupidity are kinda pissing me off to the point where i dont wanna watch the show anymore and would rather read recaps. I hope your theory is right.

  2. I think it's obvious Sara and Tae-hee are NOT working together and are both clueless how to move forward in this without some major heartache involved. The blame is all on Sara which name now stands for stupidity lol. I guess once an ahjumma always an ahjumma. She needs to tough-up and wise-up or lose the one man she should be with (HTH).

  3. I was kinda pissed with the main characters...how stupid can they be???everything was already in front of them but I don't know if they are really just stupid or they just don't want to see it all