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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Boysitter (T-Drama) Episode 1 Mini Recap and First Impression

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Synopsis: Tired of waiting for her boyfriend of three years to grow up and propose to her, our heroine disappears for six years. When our hero see his ex-girlfriend (now also a mom of a six year old boy) again she makes a grand entrance as his co-worker that out ranks him.

Main Characters:

Yuan Fei (Annie Chan)
Now that she is back from France, Yuan Fei is determined to be a different woman than the one who begged her boyfriend to marry her six years ago... but can she really do it?

Hao Jian Ren (River Huang)
Girl magnet and playboy who is firmly against marriage, Jian Ren is extremely capable but refuses to get promoted due to his rule of only working four days a week.
Wen Hao Ran (Melvin Sia)
Our second male lead who might be cold and ruthless at work, but is a dreamy gentleman to the girl he likes.

Episode 1
After a few misses, ex-lovers Yuan Fei and Jian Ren finally meet up once again after six long years in the bar the used to frequent. 

Through Yuan Fei and Jian Ren's sharp jabs at one another we piece together what happened so many years ago. 
Rewind back to six years ago. Impatient from waiting for the marriage proposal that never came, Yuan Fei goes on the offensive and bugs her boyfriend of three years to marry her. However, Jian Ren is firm in his philosophy that marriage is only something invented to forcefully bind two people together. 

After countless begging on Yuan Fei's part and equally countless rejection on Jian Ren's part, Yuan Fei finally gets Jian Ren to relent after turning on her bedroom appeal on full blast. 

Unfortunately, Jian Ren ends up ditching Yuan Fei on the day of their marriage registration. Being ditched by Jian Ren was the last straw that broke the camel's back and from then on, Yuan Fei disappeared from Jian Ren's life.  
Still... now that the two ex-lovers meet once again, it's obvious the chemistry is as strong as ever. 
Cue sizzling kissing all the way to Jian Ren's house... until Yuan Fei sees a gigantic bra hanging from the back of a chair out of the corner of her eyes. Before Jian Ren knows it, Yuan Fei has punched him out. 
The next morning, while Jian Ren is trying to hide his black eye, his boss introduces the new manager over the marketing department. The new manager especially scouted from France is none other than Yuan Fei. 
Yuan Fei's carefully crafted cool images soon fails her though when she had to sneak back into Jian Ren's house in order to return the gigantic purple bra she nipped home for reasons she can't even fathom herself. Just as Yuan Fei is trying to figure out where to put the bra, Jian Ren shows up right behind her ... half naked (of course). 


Fun show! Sizzling chemistry for sure and there is certainly no shortage of skinship here. The acting is a bit uneven still, but I think the show will find its footing. 
One character I didn't go over is Ding Xiao En. One of Jian Ren's co-worker and Yuan Fei's friend. However, in the last six years Yuan Fei has been gone, Xiao Eun has entrenched herself in Jian Ren's life by doing every homemaking things she can for him. Judging from how Jian Ren treats Xiao Eun though, he probably only thinks of her as a cute little sister, but there are obvious signs that Xiao Eun doesn't see him just as a brother. 
I find both leads' character intriguing so far. Neither are really what they try to portray to the outside world. Yuan Fei comes sweeping in with her cool image but she seems to be more of a bumbling kind that will hold onto her dream of a traditional family no matter how "free" she tries to be. The promotional material on this show makes no secret to the fact that Yuan Fei has a six year old son, so it really begs the question if she was trying so hard to get Jian Ren marry her because she knew there was a baby on the way or she found out after she left him. 

Jian Ren is even more of a puzzle. For someone who doesn't believe in marriage and who seems to chase after every girl he sees, Jian Ren seems to to still harbor some feelings for Yuan Fei. 

Anyway, I am not quiet sold on this one yet, but am definitely interested enough to give it a few more episodes! 

ps. I love the ending OST of this show. Click HERE to listen to it and see the English translation of the lyrics. 


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