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Monday, December 29, 2014

Dear Mom (T-Drama) Ep 1-10 First Impression

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Show Name: Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金)
Broadcast Days : Monday - Friday

Synopsis: The story revolves around four sisters whose vast different personalities also determines their very different romances. 

Character Sketch: 
Li An Qing (Jennifer Hong)
Oldest of the four sister. The perfect daughter since she was little, An Qing left for graduate school the year she graduated with an impressive test scores. Married right after collage, An Qing is her parents' pride and joy. 
Divorced with a five year old son, An Qing is home on the pretense that she is only home for an extended visit. 

Li Yi Wan- Second Daughter
A preschool teacher, Yi Wan is a bright but a some what naive girl, especially in love. Close with all her sisters, Yi Wan nevertheless harbors a wound from the past towards her young sister Qing Qing.
Yi Wan becomes embroiled in a romance with the son of a lady mobster boss, much to her mother's disapproval.
Li Qing Qing- Third daughter but who really acts like she is the oldest daughter when An Qing is not around.
Smart and rational, Qing Qing is not one to mince words when ever she has an opinion. A workaholic, Qing Qing knows a romance with her married boss will never have a good ending but she has no regrets because she sees a soul mate in him.
Li Xio Xi- Youngest daughter.
A collage girl whose whole world revolves around her boyfriend. Ready to proclaim to the whole world her determination to marry her boyfriend, Xio Xi's heart will be breaken when she finds out her precious boyfriend is just a two-timing jerk.

Chen Qi Le - A successful businessman and An Qing's boss. Years ago, Qi Le had a chance meeting with An Qing that changed his whole life. 
A successful lawyer, Du Xio Fe is son to a mobster mother who eagerly waits for him bring her a daughter-in-law.
Unwilling to inherit the family "business", Xio Fe has purposefully found a career that allows him to bring justice to the world around him. Although he doesn't always agree with the way his mom chooses to do things, Xio Fe is nonetheless an extremely good son.

Shi Ji Kuan - Qing Qing's boss and love interest.
Boss of a small but very successful business. Married right after collage, Ji Kuan cherishes Qing Qing as his secretary and it's obvious that feelings are starting to develop.

Zhao Yu Hang - Xio Xi's neighbor and tutor since she was little. Losing his mom at a young age, Yu Hang grew up taking care of his dad. After seeing Xio Xi's heart being trumped upon by her cheating boyfriend, Yu Hang takes it upon himself to teach the no good jerk a lesson. Yu Hang's act all the sudden makes Xio Xi start looking at him in a different light. Will a 30 year old man who has never dabbled much in love be able to handle the determination of Xio Xi to make him hers?

Episode 1-10 First Impression

By episode 10, the story is mostly set up with only the youngest daughter, Xio Xi's story line not yet developed.  It also looks like we will be focusing mostly on the oldest two daughters' story line first with some hints of the third daughter's romance some what in the works. 

I find An Qing's character intriguing and frustrating at the same time. As a girl who is used to be successful at everything she does, An Qing is going quite far to cover up her divorce and lack of money from her family. As a viewer, I just want to shake my head every time she gives wads money over to her parents to keep up the pretense of being rich when in reality she has to secretly work to even send her son to preschool. 

However, I am really intrigued by An Qing's budding romance with her boss Qi Le. It just seems interesting to have Qi Le who remembers An Qing from years ago as this soft kind spoken woman whose encouraging words propelled him to financial success, but now he meets her again and she is not at all what he remembers her to be. Of course, to make it even funnier, An Qing has absolutely no recollection of the guy who has kept her image in his heart all these years from that one interaction. 

Yi Wan, the second daughter's character is more your typical girl who is kind and naive about the world, so she doesn't intrigue me as much. BUT, I do find her romance with a mobster's son really fun and is the highlight of this show so far. 

I have mixed feelings about Qing Qing, the third daughter. The show makes no secret that Qing Qing will be falling in love with her boss, a married man. Now, in the promotional material, it sounds like Qing Qing will not try to disrupt her boss's marriage but be happy with their relationship as it is. That just don't sit well with me since no matter how you package it, it's still an affair. The whole affair thing aside, I do wonder how Qing Qing's character will develop since out of the four sisters she probably has the most complex personality. 

The youngest daughter, Xio Xi's character is still currently stuck as the girl you see rushing in and out gushing about her boyfriend. I am assuming they are saving her story line for later. 

All in all, Dear Mom has proven to be an extremely easy watch and I would definitely be watching. 


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