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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Friday Drama Round Up #7

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My weekend lately has been CRAZY ever since I somehow decided that I could bend the time space continuum to recap three shows on Saturday and Sunday. But now that the holidays is upon us, I am hoping that means I can sit back with my dramas and my favorite treats (caramels this year).

Bunch of new shows came out... sadly not too many are automatic "must watch" for me but more along the line of "I should watch it... I am curious about it... but why can't I bring myself to watch it." 

Punch (New Show)

A show about a persecutor who finds out he only has three months left to live and decides to give the society one last punch.

This one looks like it could be a good one for those who likes meaty storyline to their dramas. I, however tend to shy away from shows where I know one of the leads will die in the end. It's kind of like why date the guy you know will break your heart if you can some how know for a fact he will do so a couple months down the line. 

Running Rose (New show- K Daily)
I was interested in this drama until I saw a long preview that pretty much shows all the trials the heroine will go through for the first 10ish episode. My interest is still there... but now I am having a hard time mustering up the excitement to re-watch all the plot line I have seen in the trailer. Trailers I tell you, it's such a double edge sword for me. 

The Romance of the Condor Heroes (C-Drama)

I sort of feel obligated to watch this remake since well... for those who knows Chinese Wuxia you know why I feel obligated. For those who has no idea what I am talking about, then this one might not be the best one to start with since this particular producer is famous for changing any story he remakes dramatically... or you could just watch this one AND watch the other versions.  

I did kind of skip watch the first 10 episodes. There are quit a few changes already in the kids' portion and I have personally been mostly fine with the changes Producer Yu made. For example, I am actually more happy with Guo Jing and Huang Rong's character in this version than the previous version. (They are the hero and heroine from the story that is ahead of this one. "The Legend of the Condor Hero). So now I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop, since Producer Yu will probably also makes some changes I will have major issues with. 

As for Xiao Long Nu... I  will have to admit while I think Michelle Chen is gorgeous I am really having a difficult time thus far of seeing her in this particular character, but I might get use to her later on. 
Valid Love 
A story about a woman who struggles with the "mature" love she has with her husband and the new exciting hot young love with another man. 

Sigh... I REALLY want to be interested in this show, since the writer who wrote My Name Is Kim Sam-Soon wrote this one. But I am just not. Simple soul I am, I really don't do well with shows where I am suppose to feel bad for everyone. I kinda need to know who my two leads are and thus get a fairly strong idea who to root for. Wow, this post is really making me sound like an extremely picky viewer. 

Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo 

I was pretty happy with this week's episode. Kotoko declares she wants to be a nurse in episode three, and of all the versions I am probably most satisfied with the way this Kotoko did it. 


Don't get discouraged by episode one... it gets better from there. Still in doubt? Hint: Clark Kent by episode 3. 
First Impression Ep1-4 HERE 
Pride & Prejudice 
So tense but so awesome. Kang Soo finds out the truth about the accident and Director Moon is about to be tossed to the wolves. 

The Legendary Witch 

I have a soft spot for this one. It just hits all the right buttons for me. The balls are rolling and I think our heroine with her family of misfits are starting to pave the way for their revenge. 
Love Secret (K-Daily)

This one has really surprised me. I thought for sure my interest in it would fizzle out after episode 15 but my interest in it has actually increased. 

Only Love (K-Daily, Finished last week)

I stopped watching this at about episode 30 a while ago, and has decided to picked it back up again now the show has finished its run. Mama Ninja is also watching this and she just complained to me today that she can't stop watching it because the plot moves so fast. If you are wanting a show to marathon for the holiday, this would be a good one to try for those who doesn't mind K-dailies. 

Ninja's List This Week:
1. Healer
2. Pride & Prejudice
3. What's Happens to My Family
4. Pinocchio
5. Love Secret

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  1. I thought Punch was not my kind of drama (i like rom coms...where there is no deaths if possible) but this one is so good, the storyline, the acting and directing it looks like i'm watching a movie, i love it.