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Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday Drama Roundup #8

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 Dear Mom (T-Daily) 
It has been a long while since I last watched a Taiwanese Daily but this one for some weird reason caught my eye and it's surprisingly an easy watch. I will be doing a first 10 episode first impression soon. 

One Sunny Day (K-Web Drama) 

I've watched to episode five on this and our two leads are starting to like each other. It's strangely slow (given that it's only 15 minute episodes) but an easy watch. It really does give off the feeling like you are following So Ji Sub's character around on an island and after watching Master's Sun I find that an easy task to do. 

Running Rose (New show- K Daily)
So... I was right last week. You really do have to suffer through about 6 episodes of how the heroine went from a rich girl to a struggling worker. BUT, it is starting to get interesting and I will write a first impression after I finished the first ten episode 

Mr. Back (Finished this week)
What happens when an old man all the sudden turns back into his 30's? This show just finished this week, so perfect for marathoning it for those that likes to do so. The father and son relationship in this show is great and really makes the show worth watching. 

For episode summary: HERE

Birth of a Beauty 

We still have five episodes to go but this coming week is tense since our hero just got whacked on the head so I am dying with curiosity to see if he will wake up with amnesia or not. 

Really awesome! My new crack. 

Favorite line this week: Heroine to the hero "I find you so easy to talk to ... like a girlfriend!" 
Hero: Completely speechless "Girlfriend??"

First Impression Ep1-4 HERE 
Pride & Prejudice 
Our two leads finally agrees to date! Yippee! BUT obviously something goes wrong again. Sigh. 

Double sigh for the fact that both episodes this week will not air due to new year's programming. 

The Legendary Witch 

Our hero finally blurts out his true feelings to the heroine... I am really curious to see how the heroine will respond. 

Ninja's List This Week:
1. Healer
2. Pride & Prejudice
3. What's Happens to My Family
4. The Legendary Witch 
5. Birth of a Beauty 


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