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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Healer Episode 1-4 Summary Recap & First Impression

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Seo Jung Ho (Ji Chang Wook)
Known only as "Healer" to those who are familiar with the underworld delivery man, Jung Ho's dream is to one day be rich enough to buy an island and live in isolation.

Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young)
A reporter of a second rate tabloid web based news site, Young Shin is street smart and has a tendency to get herself into trouble.
Kim Moon Ho
A celebrity reporter, who thanks to his powerful brother doesn't have to worry about getting fired when he keeps reporting very sensitive news.

Jo Min Ja
A brilliant ajumma hacker who partners with our hero.

Hearler Episode 1-4 Brief Summary

Episode one introduces us to Healer and his ajumma hacker. A brilliant team, Healer narrowly whisks his target away from an army of men from a rival delivery business. Unfortunately, once Healer safely gets the good from his target to his client, the client decides to frame Healer for the death of the target.
Healer's next client is our second lead, the celebrity news reporter, Kim Moon Ho who wants Healer to finds a girl for him through DNA matching.

On the surface Moon Ho has a great relationship with his brother and his sister-in-law, since they are his only family. However, there is an obvious under current since Moon Ho is secretly spying on his brother, Moon Sik.

Moon Ho's sister-in-law, Myung Hee is confined to a wheel chair but is doted on by both Moon Ho and her husband. While Moon Ho acts all happy in front of Myung Hee, he is actually harboring a huge secret from her. The girl he wants so desperately to find is actually Myung Hee's daughter that she thought has died just like her first husband. By episode four, we don't know for sure yet, but judging from the tension between the two brothers, Moon Sik probably has something to do with Myung Hee's daughter being abandoned without her knowledge.

Thanks to Healer, Moon Ho finds out that Young Shin is the girl he has been looking for. Now that Young Shin is found, Moon Ho sends Healer back to find out everything about her and most importantly: What does Young Shin wants the most.
While following Young Shin around, Healer records Young Shin confessing her own painful past of being abandoned by a dumpster and subsequently living in fear of being beaten regularly as a small child to stop a lady from committing suicide.

As the police is quickly trying to gather all the evidence that makes Healer into a killer, Healer is starting to realize Young Shin seems to be the center of the web that has been spun around him. Healer's interest to stick around skyrocketed when he follows Moon Ho to his brother's house and finds a picture of five collage friends by Myung Hee's bedside. The picture is the same one that Healer has in his house... one of the few picture he has left of his deceased father.
Deciding the best way to find out how everything is related is through Young Shin, Healer transforms himself into a bumbling reporter newbie and follows Young Shin around.  
Very quickly, Healer finds out that Young Shin is not an easy person to follow around. Thanks to Young Shin's gutsy move in reporting a sex scandal, involving a promising city mayor candidate forcing an actress into sex bribery, Young Shin is forcefully dragged away by a bunch of men sent by Moon Sik.

Unable to let Young Shin stay in a dangerous situation knowing full well that she has a condition that makes her have difficulty breathing whenever she sees violence, Healer races back in disguise to fight the army of men.

Clark Kent?! I am so there! I really wished the promotional trailer would have given the superman plot away a bit. I would have been on board no matter what. I am a total sucker for the whole nerd disguise but secretly superman bit.

By the way, don't judge this show by the first episode. I almost didn't watch episode two since episode one really didn't keep my attention. I perked up after watching episode two, and by episode three I was screaming "Clark Kent! I hit the jackpot!"
I am not as invested in the mystery surrounding the five collage friends and how evil Moo Ho's brother really is yet. Mainly because it seems obvious that it will turn out pretty awful for everyone involved.
I was surprised that the connection between our two leads turns out to be a lot deeper, since it looks like even as children Young Shin already used Healer as her comfort. (In case I wasn't clear in the summary, Healer's dad was one of the five collage friends, which means he was friends with Myung Hee's first AND second husband. The kids fell asleep when Myung Hee visited Healer's parents' at their house with her first husband.)

Side note: I love Young Shin's adopted father, a lawyer/cafe owner and her adopted uncle (an ex-con who works at the cafe now). They have a hilarious but very warm relationship with our heroine. 


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