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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Healer Episode Episode 7-8 Favorite Moments

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I was not planning on putting my 2 cents on this show at all, but this week's episode was so awesome that I am just dying to write about it. So I figure I will just share a few favorite scenes from this week.

Episode 7

Fav moment #1
Young Shin starts having trouble breathing due to her childhood traumatic experiences. Seemingly out of instinct, Young Shin grabs onto Jung Hoo's (Healer) arm until she clams down. Once Young Shin snaps out of her panic, she mutters to herself "This is so strange." I am assuming she is pointing to the fact Jung Hoos's presence can help her panic for some mysterious reason.

I love this scene because it showcases the connection between our two leads and Young Shin's natural instinct to rely on Jung Hoo. 

Fav Moment #2
Moon Ho teaches Young Shin how to ask the right questions as a reporter. I love the cute interaction between Moon Ho and Young Shin. I will probably be rooting for Moon Ho if Jung Hoo and Young Shin's chemistry wasn't so strong.

Moon Ho just has this mature manly attraction that even Jung Ho can't match. But then they put scenes like the ones below and any hope Moon Ho had is shot to smithereens.

Fav Moment #3
As Healer, Jung Hoo gives Young Shin a recording that will help with the sex bribery case she is pursuing. Guessing that Healer might still be close by, Young Shin ties her scarf around her eyes and tries to talk to him. Hearing Healer's deep voice, Young Shin starts to spill out the many questions and speculations she has about Healer. Mainly her guess that Healer clipped her finger nails to test for DNA.

Hesitantly, Young Shin asks "Are you my father?"  Ha! I laughed hard here at Jung Hoo's expression. Not getting an answer, Young Shin then guesses "Are you my brother??"
Still not answering, but allowing Young Shin to clutch his leather jacket, Jung Hoo warns Young Shin in his Healer voice "I told you already not to trust anyone, especially those who are nice to you."

Episode 8
 Fav Moment #1
Moon Ho lies to Young Shin about hiring Healer to investigate everyone in her company and that Healer was only protecting her because Moon Ho needed her to stay safe to report on the sex bribery news.

Listening via a hidden device, Jung Hoo can do nothing while Young Shin comes to the mistaken conclusion that her crush on Healer was really a stupid mistake since he must have only treated her as a job.

I love this scene because what hurts more than knowing the girl you like now thinks you don't care about her and is in the process of trying to dissipate any feeling she developed for you.

Fav Moment #2
Moon Sik (Moon Ho's brother) being shaken by the knowledge that the girl he so cruelly abandoned so many years ago is found by Moon Ho.

I like this scene because 1. I didn't realize Moon Sik would be so cruel as to abandon a scared crying little girl that was holding onto him for dear life. I just always assumed he purposefully didn't look for her or something like that. 2. While this scene shows how cruel Moon Sik was but it also showed that he wasn't without an ounce of consciousness if he is being hunted by his dead friend (Young Shin's father). 3. It also makes me realize that no matter how much Moon Sik loves his wife, she will hate him with a vengeance eventually. No mother, especially one like Myung Hee can forgive the man that abandoned her baby.

Fav Moment #3
My favorite moment out of all the episodes to this point. Jung Hoo does his super human stunt, and rescues Young Shin at the very last possible second out of a falling elevator.

The very first thing Young Shin says the moment she is out of danger is to yell at Jung Hoo (as Healer) "You could have died!!! Are you crazy! No matter how good the money is! You could have died."

With her hat covering her face, Young Shin reaches out her hand to touch Jung Hoo but he takes a step back to stay out of her reach.

Still believing that Healer is only protecting her because of Moon Ho's orders, Young Shin thank Healer for saving her life yet again and apologizes for not being able to pay him back with money.
Without saying anything, Jung Hoo turns to leave, but after taking a few steps he stops and thinks "Since I was abandoned I stop expecting anything from anybody. So nothing mattered. It didn't matter who understood me or blames me unfairly, I never cared. That's how I used to feel" Making up his mind, Jung Hoo turns around and walks back to Young Shin.
Pulling up Young Shin hat just enough to reveal her nose and lips, Jung Hoo leans in for a kiss.

I probably really doesn't need to explain why I love this whole scene. It just contains so much. Young Shin's knee jerk reaction to yell at Jung Hoo for risking his life for her and her subsequent apology because she is trying hard to contain her feelings for Healer since she believes Healer is doing all this for money. In contrast, Jung Hoo's frustration at being misunderstood and his eventual realization that for the first time in his life, he does care about what Young Shin thinks of him so much so that he will do something to fix it. It doesn't hurt that apparently a kiss is the way to fix the misunderstanding. I guess Young Shin probably figures out by now that Healer is not her dad or brother. :-)

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