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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Legendary Witch Episode 19-20 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: No question! Just really glad the girls finally got their own bakery!!

Choosing the most untimely moment to confess his feelings, Woo Seok is mortally offended when Soo In tells him "I am sorry, I have something urgent" and rushes off with her "date". 

After running around trying to find a way to recover her stolen food truck without any success, Soo In comes home to find a drunken Woo Seok. Swaying back and forth, Woo Seok tells Soo In to just forget everything he said that day and pretend it never happened. 

The next morning Woo Seok feels dumb for how he behaved the day before once he finds out about Soo In's stolen truck. 
Woo Seok "Do you have to be so infuriating?" 
Soo In goes on to explain that she was too shocked by the loss of her truck to take the time to explain things to Woo Seok yesterday. 
With a sour face, Woo Seok complained "But you still took the time to go on a date." 
Soo In explains about the insurance inquiry and goes on to tell Woo Seok about his drunken demand for her to forget everything the night before. "I will forget everything. I have a really bad memory, so I won't remember anything at all." 
Watching Soo In walks off, Woo Seok mutters "I have made a mess of things." 
Turning evil now thanks to her unrequited love, Joo Hee smiles after Joo Ran promises that she used professionals to steal Soo In's truck and thank her older sister from taking revenge on Soo In for her. So disappointing that Joo Hee's character is quickly losing all the small amount of human decency she had in the beginning of the show. 

Still dreaming of making Woo Seok his heir, Chairman Ma promotes Woo Seok to the position of a director despite his protest. 
Do Jin's marriage gets closer and closer, but things are not exactly going smoothly. Do Jin's fiancee Bo Gyeong tells her mom about Do Jin's son's existence and the mom uses this opportunity to make the demand that since they are accepting a man with stain as their son-in-law then Do Jin should live at his wife's family home for a year so he could be under the mom's close watch. Ha, that's totally like calling the kettle black for Bo Gyeong's mom to say that. 

Things are about to get really interesting with this engagement since Joo Ran has found out about the fiancee's son and is just taking time to gather some evidence. 

In the mean time, Do Jin finally meets Gwang Taeng but has no clue that the cute child he is playing with is his own son. 
We are finally given some important answers about Mistress Cha. Standing in front of a grave, Mistress Cha meets with Chairman Ma's secretary and Mistress Cha talks about her decision to tell Do Jin the truth about Chairman Ma not being his father at all once he gets married. 

From Mistress Cha and the secretary's conversation it becomes apparent that they have been planning revenge against Chairman Ma for years and it's the whole reason why Mistress Cha is willing to live in shame as a mistress. 
Ready to give Woo Seok a push so her revenge plan can move along, Mistress Cha uses volunteering work to get Woo Seok to go back to the orphanage she sent him to once before. This time, Mistress Cha is personally there with Woo Seok to make sure that he finds the picture that has his childhood picture in it. 

With the time so far gone, Woo Seok can't find any information about the man in the picture but he does notices that the man has a flag with a business name "Turtle Bakery" on it. 

More clues surface when Madam Ma, trapped in her past memories, cowards in fear and pleas with Chairman Ma to run away since they have done great wrong to Jin Woo's parents. (I am assuming Jin Woo is Woo Seok)
Determined to make herself even more pathetic, Joo Hee calls Soo In out to convince her to accept a bakery store from Chairman Ma and move out of Woo Seok's house. 

Woo Seok finds out about the meeting and arrives just in time to hear Joo Hee accusing Soo In of shamelessly acting pathetic to seduce Woo Seok. Angered by Joo Hee's words, Woo Seok shows himself and demands that Joo Hee apologizes to Soo In. 

Stunned to see Woo Seok protecting Soo In in front of her, Soo In storms off without apologizing. 
Not missing a perfect opportunity, now he has told Joo Hee that he has no feelings for her at all in front of Soo In, Woo Seok tells Soo In again about how much he likes her. 

Seemingly unmoved by Woo Seok's confession, Soo In replies that she is too busy surviving and planning her revenge for her to think about starting a relationship at all. 

Woo Seok "I will wait for you for as long as it takes."
Soo In "It would be better if our relationship stay as teacher and pupil. You will always be my respected teacher."

As Soo In walks away, she keeps repeating "Don't look back, don't look back..." to herself. 
Soo In finds a savior in Young Guk who has expressed a willingness to open a bakery for her... if Bok Nyeo would kneel and apologizes to her for hurting her feelings. 

At first, Bok Nyeo's reply to Young Guk's condition is "over my dead body!!" However, as she watches Soo In being threatened with prison by the food truck's owner (it was rented), Soo In changes her mind. 

Bok Nyeo formally kneels and apologizes to Young Guk. Young Guk at first haughtily accepts Bok Nyeo's apology, but then surprises everyone by begging Bok Nyeo herself to allow her to stay at Bok Nyeo's house since she can't handle the suffocating feeling of living by herself. 

After a few ruckus between Bok Nyeo and Young Guk, everything eventually gets settled and the girls get their very own bakery. 


Finally!! I was starting to wonder if this day will ever come! 

I wasn't too surprised by most of the secrets that was revealed this hour, but I was surprised that Do Jin's father has already passed away. I was thinking maybe Chairman Ma paid him to leave Mistress Cha but it is starting to look a lot more worse than that. By the way, that explains why Chairman Ma has no interest at all in passing his company to Do Jin now. 

I didn't get a chance to put this scene in the mini recap, but it was one of my favorite in this week's episodes. Poong Geum and Woi Han both goes on marriage meets but their dates quickly goes sour when the two keeps telling the other's date the embarrassing truth of the other. They really are a perfect match for each other! 


  1. Sorry, I got a bit confused.. Are Mistress Ma and Mistress Cha the same person?

    1. Ha, you caught my mistake. I fixed it. Thanks!