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Friday, December 5, 2014

Love Secret (K-Daily) Episode 1-15 First Impression

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Heroine: Han Ah Reum (Shin So Yool)
A single mother who gets a job as a design team leader at a large fashion company. Daughter to a very straight laced government official father, Ah Reum is keeping the existence of her daughter a secret with the help of her aunt. 
Hero: Chun Sung Woon (Kim Heung Soo) 
Director of the above mentioned large fashion company. Dislike Ah Reum on sight thanks to the bad luck he experiences every time she shows up. Despite Sung Woon's cold manners, he does end up helping Ah Reum whenever she has a need. 

Despite obvious reluctance on his part, Sung Woon is engaged to a woman that his father chose for him. 
Female Second Lead: Go Eun Ah 
Madly in love with Sung Woon but seems unable to get him to open up his heart to her more than as a friend. Even though she knows Sung Woon does not love her, but Eun Ah is still going along with his father plan to force him to marry her. 
Second Male Lead: Philip
Ah Reum's ex-boyfriend and father to her baby. Philip abandoned Ah Reum to marry a rich woman. Now that Philip is divorced (and successful), he is back to try to convince Ah Reum to come back to him. Philip has no knowledge of the baby. 

Ah Reum's family. Ah Reum's parents dots on her but has high expectation of her being perfect. 

Sung Woon's dad, step mother and half brother.
Sung Woon has a tense relationship wit his family.
Ah Reum's aunt and her family. Good people at heart but has a talent in getting
 themselves in trouble

Thoughts Love Secret Episode 1-15 so far:

I am still not sure if this one is a keeper for me, but the writer is really good at writing cliff hangers that makes me want to just watch one more. I was quiet excited for this one since I like actress Shin So Yool and wanted to see her in something good. 

Love Secret so far has been kinda formulaic with the whole BIG secret (the baby) and everyone else slowly finding out the secret one by one. However, the interaction between the two leads is fairly solid and I find the story engaging enough to keep me going, although I do roll my eyes at some of the over the top plot line. But then really over the top plot line is par for the course when it comes to Korean Dailies. 

Where we are by Episode 15: Spoilers from this point on! 

Ah Reum's ex boyfriend, Philip wants to get back together with her, but she tells him that she already has someone new. Philip mistakenly assumes Sung Woon (hero) is Ah Reum's new love and starts to become interested in Philip and his father's company. 
Sung Woon shares an office with Ah Reum. At first Sung Woon can't tolerate Ah Reum's presence but he is slowly getting used to her and by ep. 15 he is unsettled when she is not around. 
Storm brewing on the horizon. By this point, Ah Reum's mom has found out about the baby, but tells Ah Reum to keep the baby a secret from her dad who is about to get a promoted into a big government position. Ah Reum is fearful of how her dad will react when he finds out his perfect daughter has a baby out of wedlock and how this scandal might affect her dad's career. 

I am really not looking forward to the eventual storm that is going to come with Ah Reum's dad. But I am quite interested to see how the two leads' relationship will develop and how Philip (the ex) will come between them. 

Philip is an interesting second lead character. He is not your usual bad ex (so far at least). He seems to at least be genuinely in love with Ah Reum and willing to let her go if she really found a new love... of course I think he is about to find out in epiosde 16 that Sung Woon's fiancee is someone else. See! Now I have to watch ep.16 to find out about Philip's reaction! 


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