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Friday, December 5, 2014

Mischievous Kiss 2- Love in Tokyo Episode 1-2 Mini Recap and First Impression

10:43 PM Posted by ninja , 2 comments
Question for the show: Why did you just sub the special for episode one? 

This post will really be about episode 2 since episode one really is just the special that aired a few month ago replayed with a few extra seconds of episode 2 tacked on at the end. Did the production run out of time?? Such a weird thing to do.

Noki and Kotoko comes home from their honeymoon to find their families has moved into a much bigger house in preparation for future little Nokies and Kotokos' arrival. 

The next morning, despite her best intention to prepare the best breakfast for her perfect husband, Kotoko wakes up late and ends up barely having enough time to say goodbye to Noki. Mama Irie reminds the newly weds that they are not technically married until they register their marriage with the government. Stunned to hear she is not really Mrs. Irie yet, Kotoko is ready to register their marriage that very day but Noki coolly drops the bomb that he has no intention of registering their marriage yet. 
Shocked by Noki's refusal to register their marriage, Kotoko is left at home alone to stew over what all this means while Noki spends day after day at work without coming home. Trying to be an understanding wife, Kotoko shows up at Noki's company with a lunch box only to be turned away by the short message that Noki is too busy to see her.

Furious to hear how Kotoko is being treated, Kinnosuke barges into Noki's company and yells at him for mistreating Kotoko. 
Just when Kinnosuke is about to get dragged away by the securities, Kotoko shows up and vents all her insecurities and frustration at Noki. Finally, Kotoko ends her vent with a yell "I don't want a marriage like this!"

Without a pause, Noki coldly replies "Than let's break up. We haven't registered our marriage anyway." 
Of course, everything works out in the end. Noki surprises Kotoko by dragging her away from her tennis practice to take her to a press conference to announce Noki's company's newest game. Turns out, Noki has been working night and day on a new game about a tennis heroine that uses Kotoko as the model. 

In front of the camera and reporters, Noki introduces Kotoko as his wife while Kotoko overwhelmed by all the surprises. 
Now that Noki has produced the new hottest selling game for his father's company, Noki can safely resign from his job and returns to school to pursue his medical degree. After his first day back at school, Noki surprises Kotoko again by taking her to register their marriage, making Kototo his wife for real. 

First Impression:

Mischievous Kiss 2 follows the pattern in Mischievous Kiss 1 which means there really is no surprises for those who knows the original story well, especially for those who watched the Taiwanese version. However, this version's Noki adds various small touches where you see that he really does care for Kotoko after all. For some strange reason I can't remember the Korean version quiet well (I did watch it though) but in the Taiwanese version it is REALLY hard to figure out if Noki even likes Kotoko unless you count like the three times he explodes after he finds Kotoko in real danger of giving up on him. So, it's refreshing to have more clues of Noki's real feelings sprinkled all over that we can all sigh with Kotoko "See, he cares after all!"
I am not quiet sure if this one will make it on my to watch list yet... maybe on my "watch it while washing dishes" list? I am usually one that really likes remakes but strangely lately I am having a hard time mustering up real excitement for them. Still... my love for Itazura Na Kiss might win out after all. 


  1. Hey ninja I haven't been to your blog since apple in your eye ended in such a horrible horrible way. I absolutely love all versions of this series. The korean version I wish had a second season but that might be cause I'm kim hyun joong bias on anything lol. This version I really like naoki's sarcastic way he express his love when he got jealous over her reaction to anjell in the hotel was so adorable. But the ppl who producing this are messing with my feelings they makes us wait 2 months for the same episode then for some reason not airing the actual 2 episode.

    1. Hi Mz Diva, Welcome back! I am trying sweep that whole thing with Apple In Your Eye under the rug. I ended up rewatching Boss & Me (C-drama) to comfort myself that there are still Chinese shows that does endings right. Who knew bad endings could be so traumatic. :-(

      I thought it was nice that the K-version (Playful Kiss) at least went the extra mile and did the 7 short episodes of their married life on youtube. Not a second season nice, but at least some fan service.