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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pride and Prejudice Episode 12-13 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: Allies or enemies? Like always, I have no clue!!!
Episode 12
With both the suspect and the informant (Ah Reum) dying under the watch of the prosecutor, the big boss is demanding Dong Chi takes responsibility. Surprisingly, instead of throwing Dong Chi under the buss, Director Moon energetically protects Dong Chi.

Dong Chi confronts Director Moon about the hit and run 14 years ago and wonders if Director Moon is only protecting him to bribe him into letting the case slide. Director Moon jeers at Dong Chi's question since they both know Dong Chi is not one to be bribed, and tells him to dig into the case as much as he wants.
Frustrated by their inability to bring formal charges to the pervert doctor (the one who sexually abused his nurses and forced them to meet with some powerful men), Dong Chi decides to trick the doctor into giving up evidence by telling him that his indictment order has been given.

Thanks to Dong Chi's stunt, Director Moon informs the shock trio that Dong Chi's has to pack up his belonging that very moment.
Yeol Moo charges into Director Moon's office ready to fight for Dong Chi but ends up getting chased out. Frustrated and sad at Dong Chi's immediate departure, Yeol Moo hides herself in the female employee dormitory while Dong Chi stands out side of the door trying to get her to open the door.
So much pent up emotion!!! 
Yeol Moo and Dong Chi finds a cell phone in the dead suspect's car that they hope will have recordings that implicates some important people ordering a kill order on Dong Chi. Unfortunately, Park Soon Bae, the go to guy for Attorney Oh (the attorney that tried to bribe Director Moon) shows up with a bunch of guys to physically tries to get the cell phone from Dong Chi. Park Soon Bae offers up Ah Reum's cell phone in exchange for the cell phone Dong Chi found, but Dong Chi refuses.
Sadly, the cell phone turns out not be the one Dong Chi is looking for but thanks to some hints from Director Moon, Dong Chi's team is able to find additional evidence to bring formal charges against the pervert doctor.
So nice to finally to see the pompous jerk begging on his knee. 
Sitting in his office, Director Moon listens to a voice recording of Attorney Oh and Park Soon Bae giving the dead suspect the go ahead to kill Dong Chi. Muttering to himself, Director Moon paces his office while repeating the words "Go ahead and off him... Go ahead and off him... he said go ahead and off him."

Seemingly coming to a decision, Director Moon meets with the deputy minister Lee and hands over the recording over to him but not before he finds out that Minister Lee is the one who wants Dong Chi dead.

The deputy minister gives Director Moon the task of killing Dong Chi and with a loyal smile, Director Moon assures his boss that there is no reason for him not to kill Dong Chi when the act would save his own life AND bring him prosperity. To stress his point, Director Moon even kneels down to thank the Minister Lee for granting him the task of kill Dong Chi.
In the mean time, Dong Chi calls his sunbae and finds out that Chang Gi is actually a genius lawyer in his past life and even graduated second in his class right after Director Moon who was the first.

Episode 13

Dong Chi finds an opportunity to meet with Chang Gi and the moment Dong Chi calls him "sunbaenim" Chang Gi knew his past has been revealed. In a matter of the fact voice, Chang Gi recounts the accident that left Kang Soo an orphan. At the time of the accident, Chang Gi and Director Moon couldn't afford to have the accident come to light since they were in the middle of a big corporate case that was their only chance to bring some very powerful people to justice. Even though Chang Gi was told to keep quiet about the accident but he couldn't stop feeling guilty and worrying about Kang Soo, so he eventually made his way back to where Kang Soo and grandma were.
The next morning, woken by Dong Chi's vacuuming noise, Yeol Moo and Kang Soo are surprised to find Dong Chi has not set off to the far away new job he has been banished to. Turns out, Dong Chi has not only decided to use his vacation day on the first day of his new job, but has also turned in a request for annual leave on Yeol Moo's behalf.
Dong Chi and Yeol Moo goes back to the original crime scene where Han Byeol's body was found (also the place Dong Chi rescued a young Kang Soo) in hope they could find some evidence before the place is cleared out the next day.

Shockingly, as Dong Chi wonders around the same place he fell so many years ago while carrying the young boy, he comes face to face with the same perpetrator. Once Dong Chi snaps out of his shock, he chases after the perpetrator but ends up losing him.
Dong Chi confides in Yeol Moo that he really was very scared 14 years ago and feels bad for how much more scared the two little boys must have been.

Patting Yeol Moo's hair, Dong Chi tells her "Just because you feel happy doesn't mean your sadness will lessen."

Giving a sad small smile, Yeol Moo answers "Don't you think I know that? I just feel sorry, that's all."

Dong Chi pulls Yeol Moo in for a hug. When Yeol Moo struggles, Dong Chi stops her by saying "Just ten seconds. Just ten seconds, fell sorry for yourself."
After a fruitless search, Dong Chi and Yeol Moo is about to go home when Yeol Moo spots Han Byeol's shoe and sock. Judging from the carpet that is wrapped around Han Byeol's stuff, Dong Chi guesses the little Han Byeol was at one time locked in the back of a trunk.

Shaking with grieve, Yeol Moo cries in Dong Chi's embrace.
While Dong Chi and Yeol Moo is piecing things together, Kang Soo is also quickly finding out his own past thanks to Park Soon Bae who just happened to be the policeman that handled Kang Soo's case briefly 14 years ago. With the new information AND the other shoe that Park Soon Bae gave to Kang Soo, the trio realizes that Han Byeol must have been kidnapped because the perpetrator couldn't tell which boy was Kang Soo because both boys were wearing similar jackets. In another words, Han Byeol died in place of Kang Soo.

Kang Soo chases after Yeol Moo who runs out after the realizing the shocking truth. Wordlessly, Yeol Moo cries and beats her hand against Kang Soo's chest.
Left alone at the office, Dong Chi can do nothing while Director Moon shows up to take all his information he has on Han Byeol's case. Without knowing anything, Kang Soo has told Director Moon everything when he asked about Han Byeol's case and was even happy when Director Moon decides to "personally" take the case.
The last scene of the hour is Director Moon calling someone on the phone. The very guy whom Dong Chi recognize as the man who tried to kill little Kang Soo walks toward Director Moon with a cell phone ringing in hand.


Is it silly that I am STILL holding onto hope that Director Moon is actually a good guy? The scene where Director Moon keeps repeating "He said to go ahead and off him.... he said to go ahead and off him," just gives me the feeling that he is actually furious about someone having the guts to touch one of his "kids". Am I just dreaming?? I guess one could interpret the whole thing differently as Director Moon trying to figure out how Dong Chi's death would benefit him... but I am still hoping my first guess is the right one.

I was rather touched by Chang Gi's pain as Kang Soo tells him about the accident 14 years ago and his mom's death. Here is a genuinely good guy who made one mistake that not only ruined a little boy's life but his own as well. It could have been so easy for Chang Gi to run away and live a nice life pretending the accident never happened. After all, he could have just reasoned that Kang Soo doesn't even remember, but instead he chooses to watch over Kang Soo and be reminded daily of his guilt.  
So, we are back to where we are at the end of every episode. Many answers given but they just bring even more questions! 


  1. I so want Chief to be a (relatively) good guy. Either way, if the series remains at the story/acting level it's been at, this will be a fun one to re-watch, because if at the end we discover Chief is one of the bad guys, think about watching this over knowing the entire time and watching him for little clues. Or if he's one of the good guys, it'll be fun to watch and trust him.

  2. Ha, I love your word "relatively"! I guess even if he is good it will probably be the iffy sort.