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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pride and Prejudice Episode 14-15 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: Too many questions but they are all trumped by the cute bromance.

Dong Chi calls out his trusted hyung - prosecutor Choi to find out if he had done some shady business while he was part of the special investigation team 15 years ago.  Prosecutor Choi tells Dong Chi that back then he was still a newbie, so he really was just a sub for his boss at that time - Deputy Oh. (Director Moon's boss, not the BIG one but the female one.)
The awkward sadness that has lingered around the threesome ever since they realized Han Byeul was kidnapped because of Kang Soo is soon dispelled thanks to a game of go-stop. At first Yeol Moo and Dong Chi thought playing Go -Stop with Kang Soo was like taking candy from a baby, but they soon found out that Kang Soon has mastered the game since he was a kid.
Determined not to leave, Dong Chi promises Director Moon that he would be a good underlying and hands a pre-written resignation letter to Director Moon. Right after Dong Chi hands over his resignation letter, Deputy Oh walks in and congratulates Dong Chi for being able to stay. Realizing he has been played by Director Moon, Dong Chi has no choice but to swallow his anger.

Deputy Oh and Director Moon exchanges some comments about the big case 15 years ago when Deputy Oh obviously came out the loser.

Dong Chi and Kang Soo tracks down the phone of the kidnapper and starts to try to follow the man's cell phone signal. In a surprisingly turn of event, the two boys realizes the kidnapper is actually following their car. Confused to have the kidnapper approaching them willingly, Dong Chi stops the car and accepts a bank savings booklet from the man that details the transaction of money paid to him for the kidnapping.

Still not sure why the kidnapper would hand such an incriminating evidence to them, Dong Chi lets Kang Soo drive his car back to the office while he tries to go somewhere else by himself. However, before Kang Soo can drive more than a few feet, Dong Chi's car loses control and slams into another car. Luckily, Kang Soo is not hurt too badly and is able to be discharged after a few check ups.
Left alone in the office to follow up on the kidnapper's phone record, Yeol Moo bears the brunt of Director Moon's frustration when he finds Dong Chi poking his nose in where he shouldn't again. Furious, Director Moon slams into Yeol Moo's office and screams "You guys think you can do whatever you want?? Do you want to die?!"

After Director Moon slams his way out of her office, Yeol Moo finds the shocking evidence that the kidnapper has been in contact with Director Moon just recently. Yeol Moo goes back to the lion's den and as Han Byeul's sister demands that Director Moon gives up Han Byeul's case since the phone record proves that he knows the suspect. 

Later in the day, when Yeol Moo is tasked with going to Director Moon again for him to sign a warrant order to track down the kidnapper's bank account money transfers, Yeol Moo gets the signature from Deputy Oh instead. I totally cringed here, because that's like going from a lion to a hyena. 
Dong Chi has yet another confrontation with Director Moon who tells Dong Chi that it's laughable to believe that as prosecutors they can catch the bad guys by themselves, when in all reality they are only allowed to catch the bad guys the bigwigs on the top want them to catch.

Despite Director Moon's warning, Dong Chi decides to go ahead and summons a bunch of very sensitive people into his office... including Director Moon for his connection to Kang Soo and Han Byeul's kidnapping.

Director Moon tries to stop Dong Chi again, but Deputy Oh intervenes and tells Dong Chi to go ahead with his summons AFTER he himself goes through an interrogation with the inspector general for the death of the two suspects from the drug/sex bribery case.

While Dong Chi is busy with his own interrogation, Kang Soo finds the recording of Director Moon calling to report the accident 15 years ago. Looking at Dong Chi who came back into the office for a moment, Kang Soo demands to know if Director Moon is the driver that killed his mom.
When Dong Chi answered no, Kang Soo goes on with the next name he found scribbled on Dong Chi's note: Jeong Chang Gi. 

Just as Dong Chi hesitates about breaking the brutal truth to Kang Soo, Chang Gi walks in, dressed impeccably in his lawyer outfit and admits "Yes, it was me." 
Unable to process the shocking news of his neighborhood ajusshi turning into the man that killed his mom, Kang Soo storms out of the office. Seemingly unaffected, Chang Gi introduces himself as the lawyer representing Hwa Young Foundation. (Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think Haw Young is the organization that funded the special investigation team and the same money was used to pay the man that kidnapped the two kids.)

Dong Chi goes back in for his inspector general interrogation and is dismayed to find out that the main goal of the interrogation is to get rid of Director Moon thus dissolving the whole department. 
Thanks to Inspector Yoo's advise for Dong Chi to trust his boss, Dong Chi decides to give Director Moon a copy of the sex bribery tape that he requested. 

Director Moon goes to see Chief Justice Lee in hopes to exchange the tape for the Chief's help, but quickly changes his mind when the Chief mentions the kidnapping 15 years ago and how Director Moon is the one responsible for it. In another words, Director Moon is no longer a useful pawn and is to be abandoned. 
Director Moon calmly goes to Dong Chi's office to be interviewed as a suspect. Except, as a suspect who knows all the loop holes of the law, Director Moon is anything but cooperative. In fact, Director Moon even takes the time to advise Dong Chi not to post all his investigation information on a board for all the see. Ha! I have actually been wondering about that for a while. I thought it was really weird for them to post all their findings right where anyone (including the suspects/superiors) can see. 

Chang Gi shows up again with evidences to prove that Hwa Young has no part in the kidnapping and points all the arrows towards Director Moon. 

Director Moon warns Chang Gi that by being Chief Justice Lee's dog  just mean he will be slaughtered after his task is done. With a uncaring smile, Chang Gi replies that as long as he could take Director Moon down it doesn't matter. 
Back in his office, Director Moon meets with an almost gleeful Deputy Oh who promises to exchange a photo from 15 years ago that would save Director Moon for the original tape of the sex bribery. 

While Director Moon tries to convince Dong Chi to give him the tape, Inspector Yoo brings back the bad news that the whole department is about to be fired without exception. 
Dong Chi goes back to his office to find Park Soon Bae "kindly" coming to shed some more lights on Kang Soo's kidnapping and to make a point of offering more evidence to implicate Director Moon.

Still reeling from the shock of getting his whole department fired along with him, Dong Chi apologizes to Inspector Yoo who is robbed of his honorary retirement. Inspector Yoo thank Dong Chi for letting him meet a absolute upright prosecutor at the last few years of his career and advises him one more time that in his opinion while Director Moon is not always upright, there are certain lines he wouldn't cross. 

At this point, Dong Chi really is unsure if Director Moon is really the culprit or is just an innocent pawn, tossed out to be sacrificed. However, a visit from the kidnapper with a confession naming Director Moon as the master mind quickly firms up Dong Chi's decision to bring charges against Director Moon. 
While the whole epic battle is going down between Director Moon and Dong Chi, Yeol Moo is sitting at her desk with two pictures of neck tie pin she accidentally found hidden inside her father's note book. 

The scene turns to Dong Chi's dad sitting in front of a desk fingering one of the neck tie pin that looks exactly as one of the picture Yeol Moo found. 
Nooooo!!! Don't tell me Daddy Goo has anything to do with the case. At least not on the bad side. Not when Yeol Moo is finally softening towards Dong Chi. Actually, now I think about it, Daddy Goo is probably no a bad guy, or he wouldn't have kept Kang Soo's shoes all these years. 

First off, I feel REALLY bad for Chang Gi ajusshi, especially once Dong Chi tells Kang Soo that Chang Gi did try to turn himself in for the accident but the police ruled insufficient evidence to charge him. (obviously thanks to someone with power that doesn't want the accident to be brought up again.) I feel equally bad for Kang Soo who sees everything Chang Gi suffered for his guilt and the years of familial love that is between them but feels obligated to write him out of his life for the sake of his deceased mother. 

After the this week's episodes I am strongly leaning towards Director Moon having nothing to do with the kidnapping. He just seems too natural and at ease when he talks to Kang Soo. By the way, there is one big mystery that is really bothering me: Who saved Kang Soo? The kidnapper either decided against killing Kang Soo or someone else entirely came and saved him... so who?? It seems save to rule out both Chang Gi and Director Moon since both seem ignorant of Kang Soo's kidnapping. The bad guys? Well, all of them seem too far gone in any sense of humanity to change their mind and not kill Kang Soo. Hey... could it be that Dong Chi's dad is the one that saved Kang Soo. Hmm... that doesn't work either. Would Dong Chi's dad leaves his own child on the ground unconscious? 

All the questions aside. I love the romance between Prosecutor Lee and Gwang Mi. I wish the show could devote more time to them but I guess too many big mysteries to solve.  
Hearing Gwang Mi is getting beat up in the lobby by some jealous girlfriend because of a kiss, Prosecutor Lee rushes down, assuming it was his ex that has shown up. Turns out, the jealous girlfriend belongs to another man... which means Gwang Mi kissed someone else! 

His turn to be jealous now, Prosecutor Lee is some what mollified when he finds out Gwang Mi only kissed the other guy because of a party game. 

Prosecutor Lee"Let's date... I mean that way you can only kiss me." 
Smiling slyly, Gwang Mi straightens Prosecutor Lee's tie and orders him to get back to work. 
While everyone is depressed to hear they will all be jobless soon, Gwang Mi angrily tells Prosecutor Lee "Don't you realize if we get fired, it will be the end of us?" 

Ecstatic to hear Kwang Mi's outburst, Prosecutor Lee asks "You mean we have been dating all this time?"

Pausing, Gwang Mi answers "No, I mean you would lose your chance to seduce me... you almost succeeded too." Ha, I love her.

Around the table, puzzle looks abound as Dong Chi, Yeol Moo and Kang Soo is somewhat surprised by this sudden outing of an office romance.  


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