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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pride & Prejudice Episode 10-11

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Question of the hour: Who me? I have no questions. None whatsoever. Is it getting warm here?
Director Moon's question of "Who is Kang Soo?" flusters Chang Gi so much he drops the papers (newspaper clip of the accident and adoption paper) Director Moon gave him. Not answering Director Moon's question at all, Chang Gi walks away on shaky legs while we see a flash back of what happened 15 years ago.

In the flash back, a young director Moon checks on the woman laying on ground and sends Chang Gi away. Just as Director Moon starts to make a call to the emergency services, a young boy wearing a yellow coat runs out and sobs besides the dead woman's body. Shaken to see the little boy, Director Moon quickly hides himself when people starts to gather around the accident scene.
Dong Chi gets Kang Soo to confess to him that Han Byeul's case has some shocking similarity with his own past. Yeol Moo bursts into the room after overhearing the two boys' conversation and with shaking hands goes to Kang Soo's box and finds the matching shoe to the one Dong Chi picked up. 

Severely disappointed that Kang Soo is not her brother (b/c the matching shoes are different than the one Han Byeul wore), Yeol Moo nevertheless tells Kang Soo she is happy he is alive and well.
Dong Chi follows Yeol Moo out of the room and comforts her by promising that he will persecute the criminal responsible for Han Byeul's death no matter how high of a position the person holds.
Kang Soo thanks Dong Chi for saving his life when he was a little boy, but Dong Chi is just happy that the little boy back then is alive and well.

Now that Kang Soo has made sure he is not Han Byeul, he starts to think maybe Chang Gi is his dad after all. Chang Gi denies Kang Soo's guess, but Kang Soo points out that's the only explanation of why Chang Gi would leave a large sum of money on grandma's door step after Kang Soo showed up at her house. Shaking his head in frustration, Chang Gi obviously feels guilty to have Kang Soo mistaking him as his dad when for all intents and purposes he is someone that deserves Kang Soo's hatred.
Yeol Moo, Dong Chi and Kang Soo goes to see their witness at the hotel and ends up in a physical fight with two men who is there to take the evidence away from their witness. In the chaos, Dong Chi pushes Yeol Moo into the hotel room to prevent her from getting hurt. While Dong Chi and Kang Soo is off chasing the two men, a third man comes into the hotel room Yeol Moo is in to search for the evidence as well. Not realizing Yeol Moo is hiding under the bed, the third man talks confidently on the phone to a mysterious caller who promises to take care of any repercussion if the man would run Dong Chi down with his car. Agreeing to the mysterious caller's terms, the third man leaves the hotel room.

Yeol Moo rushes out just in time to see the man driving his car towards Dong Chi. Jumping right in the car's path, Yeol Moo manages to grabs Dong Chi away from the harm's way. Not giving up, the driver backs up his car again to try to kill Dong Chi. Moving quickly, Dong Chi moves himself and Yeol Moo away from the car's path.

After the car drives off, Dong Chi yells at Yeol Moo "Are you crazy?!"
Ignoring Dong Chi's yell, Yeol Moo asks "Are you hurt?"
Dong Chi "Yes I got hurt! My heart almost stopped because of you!"
Awe... so sweet. 
The gang gathers together to debrief on their case, but the boss lady drops the bomb that Dong Chi is to be transfer to another area. Dong Chi stares at Director Moon with disbelief, but Director Moon just tells Dong Chi to pack his things.

Episode 11
Sharing an elevator ride together, the boss lady asks Director Moon why he was so ready to get rid of Dong Chi when he would have made such a useful pawn for those important people above them. In fact Dong Chi is the perfect scapegoat so why transfer him to some far away branch instead? Holding all his cards close, Director Moon doesn't explain himself.
Yeol Moo finds Dong Chi on the balcony and asks Dong Chi to take a step back on the sex trade case they are working on so Director Moon would allow him to stay. Not miss a chance, Dong Chi asks "Is there any reason I should stay?" When Yeol Moo remains silent Dong Chi asks again "I won't ask you anymore so tell me, is there a reason I should stay?"
Yeol Moo has no answer for Dong Chi and only looks him with those big sad eyes.
Dong Chi orders the arrest of the doctor who is involved in tricking his female employees into a sex trade with the club of important people. Faced with threat of indictment, the doctor seems completely at ease and with utmost confidence that the important people he serves will never allow him to go to jail. The doctor's confident expression starts to waver though when Director Moon bursts into the room and signs the indictment papers right in front of him and assures him that he is already a forsaken pawn.
After working at a back breaking pace the whole day, Dong Chi drags Yeol Moo to a break room and tells her to get some sleep. When Yeol Moo looks reluctant, Dong Chi leans in with his body until Yeol Moo lays down on the bed. Looking at Yeol Moo closely, Dong Chi sighs "The more I look at you... I don't want to leave." Bidding Yeol Moo good night, Dong Chi leaves.

Yeol Moo hurries to the door. With her hands on the door handle, Yeol Moo looks like she is about to chase Dong Chi down to say something but in the end she just locks the door.
Yeol Moo's mom sees Kang Soo's yellow coat by accident and starts a round of questions of who he really is. Yeol Moo assures her mom that Kang Soo just happens to have the same coat as Han Byeul.

Chang Gi sees Yeol Moo's mother squatting by the wall again and ends up trying to comfort her.
Yeol Moo gets word of her mother disappearing and rushes home just as Chang Gi brings Yeol Moo's mom back in a taxi.

Dong Chi notices the same black car that tried to kill him that very morning parked right out side of Chang Gi's and looks up just in time to see a man falling through the window with their witness. (Kang Soo took the witness to Chang Gi's house. Chang Gi was suppose to keep watch over the witness but was delayed by Yeol Moo's mom.)
Walking with Yeol Moo back to the office, Dong Chi asks "Are you okay?"
When Yeol Moo only responds with her usual silence and a wry smile Dong Chi starts to complain "Silence again? I ask are you okay and I get .... , I ask are you in pain? I get .... then I ask do you like me? Do you want to date and I get .... Why do you treat me like that?"
Surprisingly, Yeol Moo actually answers this time. "Because I am afraid to be happy. My family ended up like this because of me, so how can I be happy by myself? Is not that I won't answer you but I can't. So let's stop now."
Ouch, I just hurt for both of them. 
Back in his office, Director Moon gets a phone call from the lawyer that tried several ways to bribe him and failed. Ticked off that Director Moon is not going along with their plans, the lawyer informs him that he "accidentally" left some sensitive information on Dong Chi's desk. 

In the mean time, Dong Chi opens an envelope to find a news clipping of a hit and run along with a voice file of Director Moon calling the emergency services to report a accident.

SO Awesome! I have no clue what's going on, but I am still enjoying myself immensely. I will admit that I am completely confused. In fact the more pieces falls into place the more confused I am. For example is Director Moon a good guy or not???  He seems to have no qualms of just covering up the whole accident and I find his response to who Kang Soo might be quiet puzzling. Shouldn't he at least feel guilty if he realizes who Kang Soo might be? We could argue maybe he is just without morals therefore feels no guilt towards Kang Soo but then he doesn't seem like a guy without morals either. 

As far as Kang Soo go, I am about 80% convinced he is not Han Byeul. There are just enough "what if's " that I can see the writer being able to explain why Kang Soo is Han Byeul after all. 
ps.  I find Prosecutor Lee and Assistant Yoo really cute. 


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