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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pride & Prejudice Episode 16-17 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: I know this is a totally inappropriate question amidst all the HUGE developments but curious mind really wants to know. Aren't those interrogation mirror suppose to be one way?

With the kidnapper coming forward with his testimony against Director Moon, things move quickly and Director Moon is held for questioning by none other than Prosecutor Choi (Dong Chi's hyung).

Dong Chi meets with Branch Director Oh who extends the same terms to him as she did to Director Moon. Namely, the original sex bribery recording in exchange for a photo that could prove Director Moon's innocence AND allowing Dong Chi's prosecutor department to stay intact.
Not surprisingly, Dong Chi turns down Director Oh's offer and in turn Director Oh announces the bad news that the prosecutor office will be officially dissolved by midnight of that day.

Unable to see innocent people getting hurt because of her pursuit of her brother's case, Yeol Moo decides to prosonally broker a deal with Hwa Young via Chang Gi. Director Oh compliments Yeol Moo's guts to jump over her as the middle man and deals with the big bad Hwa Young directly.

Facing a stunned Dong Chi, Yeol Moo goes off on a tirade of reasons why giving up the recording to ensure they can keep their jobs is a wise move. Pulling out the photo that is suppose to save Director Moon, it's Yeol Moo's turn to be stunned. Instead of a photo that could prove Director Moon's innocence, it was one of Director Moon meeting with the kidnapper.  
Interestingly, Prosecutor Choi ends up being the one to tell Dong Chi that the photo was fake, since he vividly remembers on the day the photo was supposedly taken he was in meetings with Director Moon for two days straight.

Prosecutor Choi meets with Director Moon and the two remember back to the awkward dinner they had with the Chief and the subsequent money box from Attorney Oh. After some digging around, Prosecutor Choi realizes that he and Director Moon were the only two people that were offered money and it was all done so Chief Lee would have some dirt to control the two of them.

Director Moon "This is not about catching the real culprit but who has the most weakness."
The whole prosecutor team looks at Dong Chi in shock when he announces that even with all the deals they tried to make, the department is still officially dissolved.

Upset and hopeless, Yeol Moo storms into Chief Lee's office. There as Han Byeul's sister and a prosecutor, Yeol Moo declares that she will personally charge Chief Lee with her brother's murder. Laughing out loud, Chief Lee tells Yeol Moo that doing so will only bring harm to herself. With determination, Yeol Moo replies that as long as it would bring shame to the Chief then all will be worth it.
Angered by Yeol Moo's words, Chief Lee says "You will die."
Yeol Moo "You want to kill me? Like you wanted to kill Goo Dong Chi?"
Losing his cool, Chief Lee steps forward threateningly and grabs Yeol Moo by the arm. Just when things starts to get scary for Yeol Moo, Dong Chi shows up with Prosecutor Choi and Kang Soo.

With tears in her eye, Yeol Moo personally reads Cheif Lee his rights as Kang Soo gets ready to take him away.
Director Moon personally welcomes a handcuffed Chief Lee to his office and the two exchanges some words on whether or not Chief Lee will actually be brought to justice or can he still escape unscathed. 

Chang Gi is the next guest to visit Director Moon. According to Chang Gi, Chief Lee's ambition was getting too large for Hwa Young's taste and that was why Hwa Young allowed Chief Lee to be captured. 

Director Moon "So who's next?"
Chang Gi "Don't you know already?"
Director Moon "So it comes back to Goo Dong Chi after all." 
Lying with her mom in bed, Yeol Moo can finally tell Mama Han that the culprit that killed her son is finally brought to justice. 

The huge weight of Han Byeul's death finally lifted off her, Yeol Moo tells Dong Chi "Let's date well for a long long time."

Looking at a smiling Don Chi, Yeol Moo tells him "I will only give you 10 seconds." I thought she meant hugging... 
Dong Chi's answer? "10 seconds is way too short." But obviously Dong Chi meant kissing... 
In the middle of sleeping, Dong Chi all the sudden gets woken up by something that doesn't seem right about the kidnapper. Interrogating the kidnapper again, Dong Chi realizes the kidnapper's confession doesn't match at all with what he witnessed all those years ago. Looking at the kidnapper with amazement, Dong Chi asks "Who are you?"

Right on cue, Director Moon walks in and answer's Dong Chi's question. Turns out, the man Dong Chi is interrogating is actually the kidnapper's twin brother. Director Moon informs the man that they have found his twin brother- the real kidnapper's body just now, in a place not too far away from where Han Byeul was discovered.  
Stunned by the revelation, Dong Chi asks Director Moon how the kidnapper died. 
Director Moon "Head trauma. Someone whacked him from behind." 

Shakily, Dong Chi realizes "It wasn't that he didn't kill me, but it was because he couldn't. Because I killed him." 


Really show?! Couldn't we have at least some sweet moments between our couple before the angst sets in again?! 

Here is a thought though, do you guys think Dong Chi really killed the kidnapper or maybe his dad is involved in it somehow? 

Call me naive, but I am hoping Chang Gi and Director Moon will work together to come up with a way to save Dong Chi now that the big scary Hwa Young corp. has decided to go after Dong Chi. I just can't believe someone who is as good as Chang Gi can really abandon Dong Chi to the wolves.

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