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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Legendary Witch Episode 11-12 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: I know, random picture right? But I really do want to know why we often see people in k-drama just drive right up to the front of a company and park right at the door? Can you really do that in Korea? I doubt it, so does that mean big corporation will often have valets? In the above picture, Woo Seok is going to work at Shinhwa so he just pulled right up to the front door and got out of the car... Does Shinwa group have valets just to park their employees' cars? 

Episode 11
To Soo In's great surprise, Woo Seok shows up to at the police station for her. Without any hesitation Woo Seok assures the police that Soo In is not someone that would steal money. Unfortunately, the police still suggests that Soo In go the route of settlement instead of going through all the tedious procedure of getting the security camera footage.

Woo Seok goes to see Soo In's creepy boss who demands a large sum of money as settlement.
In the mean time, Poong Geum is still without any idea that neighbor she has been feuding with for the past few days is her very own "Director Ma".

Poong Geum shows up at Bok Nyeo's house to accompany her to the big meeting the girls has all agreed on. Once Poong Geum finds out Soo In has landed her self back in jail thanks to her creepy boss, Poong Geum leads Bok Nyeo and Yi Moon to the bakery and breaks in to get the security camera footage.

Obviously uncomfortable to be breaking into someone's store, Yi Moon tries to stop the two women but ends up getting shooed aside when Bok Nyeo gets into the spirit of things.
Just when Woo Seok is ready to hand Soo In's boss the large sum of money (from Wook Seok's own funds) he demanded, Bok Nyeo takes the money back and shows the man the footage of him assaulting Soo In on her phone.

Not given much choice, Soo In's boss drops his charges and gets his face pushed into a cake for all the hardship he put Soo In through.
Fast becoming Chairman Ma's favorite person, Wook Seok gets prompted to the main office as a director over a special project team.
Our four girls (and a baby) finally gets their long awaited reunion. After seeing how worried Bok Nyeo is about Soo In and Mi O having no where to go, Yi Moon consults with Wook Seok and decides to offer the two girls a place to stay with them.
The next morning while Woo Seok is getting ready for work, his daughter Nam Byeol comes in to use the bathroom. Woo Seok goes into the shower since Nam Byeol was too shy to use the bathroom while he is right there.

Not realizing Woo Seok is in the shower, Soo In enters into the bathroom to do some wash. Woo Seok steps out of the shower to find Soo In right in front of him. In his hurry to make his exit, Woo Seok steps on a bar of soap and slips with arms flailing. Quick to react, Soo In grabs Wook Seok's arm to help him and gets pull right down with him.
And we have a kiss!

Episode 12
Over breakfast Woo Seok heaves a sigh when he remembers the embarrassing kiss between him and Soo In. Just as uncomfortable, Soo In gets up to get some soup in the kitchen. Woo Seok accepts a cup of soup from Soo In and burns his mouth with it right away. Flustered, Soo In tries to take the cup from Woo Seok and ends up holding his hands. Awkward awareness pass between the two before they both jump back.  
Mi O goes for a job interview at a cafe that just happens to be same one Do Jin is begrudgingly meeting with the fiancee that has been foisted on him. Do Jin follows Mi O out of the cafe and yells at her for not only accepting money from his mom but to also aborting their baby. 

Accepting every charge Don Jin lays on her head, Mi O tells him that she is not interested in meeting with a mama boy anymore. Ha! 

After acting cold and tough in front of Do Jin, Mi O's tear falls the second she turns to walk away. 
Unable to stop thinking about Mi O and her harsh words towards him, Do Jin lashes out by acting intimate with his fiancee right in front of Mi O in the cafe she works at. 
Wol Han takes Poong Geum to "his" vacation house and proposes to her with a five carat diamond ring. Wol Han's perfectly planned romantic evening gets spoiled when Do Jin shows up unexpectedly. Spinning a lie that Do Jin is the driver that his mom has sent to spy on him, Wol Han hurries Poong Geum out of the vacation house.

Wol Han's lie starts to unravel when Poong Geum tries to pawn her five carat diamond ring and is informed that the diamond is a fake. Still believing Wol Han is Ma Do Jin, the only explanation Poong Geum could come up with is that Do Jin is belittling her with a fake diamond ring. 
Woo Seok spots Soo In by chance on the street and follows her to a bakery where she is having a job interview. Everything is going well until the store owner asks about where Soo In learned her baking skills. Fibbing, Soo In tells the owner she learned in a school and is quickly hired. Soo In's honesty soon catches up with her and she doubles back and tells the owner the truth. 

After seeing the whole thing, Woo Seok surprises Soo In on the way home and takes her to go drinking. Over the drinks, Soo In confesses everything that happened without realizing Woo Seok was right there during her interview.  
Woo Seok carries a drunken Soo In home while she sings the "Gen Gen Gen Gentleman" song the women in prison used to tease Woo Seok with as loudly as she can. 
Thanks to Woo Seok secretly submitting her doughnut recipe, Bok Nyeo is invited to participate in the final round of a cooking competition. 

With Soo In's help, Bok Nyeo wins the competition with her doughnut recipe. 


Chairman Ma might be a scumbag, but he might have done Soo In a huge favor by sending her to prison so she could finally have what she always wanted - a family. 

We find out this hour that Mistress Cha is indeed the person behind all those mystery letters Woo Seok keep receiving. The last letter sends Woo Seok to the very tree that Bok Nyeo and Yi Moon went to on her temporary release. So it seems fairly certain.. at least to me, that Woo Seok really could be Bok Nyeo's son. Of course it seems a bit pointless the way Mistress Cha is sending cryptic hints to Woo Seok when she could have easily figured out much easier way to tell him the truth. 

Mistress Cha keeps dropping heavy hints towards Joo Hee that her wish to marry Woo Seok might be doomed. I wonder if that's because Joo Hee and Woo Seok would be like Romeo and Juliet? Of course, it looks Woo Seok's Romeo has no interest in Juliet at all. 
I am rather impressed with how much I love to hate Chairman Ma. The show is not shy in showing us Chairman Ma's emotional side. In the above picture Chairman Ma is brought to tears when he overhears his oldest daughter, Joo Ran lamenting to her mom that she wish she could go back to the time when the whole family was happy. I likes how the writer is able to walk the line of showing just enough of Chairman's good side to makes his cruelty seems that much more scary. When a villain is completely bad it makes it easy to just write him off, but someone like Chairman Ma's character makes you wonder if he is just a mirror of what each of us could be if we let our greed take over. 


  1. Good point about Chairman Ma. I've never really thought about how giving him flashes of real emotion makes him seem less cartoonish. The actor is doing a good job because I dislike his character immensely.

    1. Such an awesome evil character. When Chairman Ma cries to his wife about their son I can't help it but look at him as an ordinary old man who is mourning and in pain. But then he gives those big laughs when he plots against his own family and it just made me question my own sanity for ever feeling pity for him.

  2. I love this show! Been waiting and watching the episodes at viki. If only they share those yummy doughnuts recipe... I wanna make em!