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Monday, December 8, 2014

The Legendary Witch Episode 13-14 Drive By Recap

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Even though Soo In was able to help Bok Nyeo win the baking competition but she still has no luck in finding a job. 

An outing with Nam Byeol to a waffle truck gives Soo In an idea that she could also make a living by selling sandwiches using her fresh baked bread. (Talk about labor intensive...) 

Despite some worrying about Soo In working out in the cold, Soo In's friends still comes through for her and each gives her whatever monetary help they could provide. 
Super supportive of Soo In's decision to start a food truck business, Woo Seok thelps Soo In go around shopping for all the necessary supplies. Insert the necessary part of our heroine trying to get a box from a high shelf and Woo Seok saves the day by saving her from harm. (Predicable ... but oh melts my heart every time.)

Talking during a walk through some beautiful Christmas lights, Soo In and Woo Seok realize they have everything in common. Both of them grew up in an orphanage and has also lost someone they love dearly. 

Soo In "That must be why I feel so comfortable with you, teacher. I feel like I can say everything to you and that you would understand."

Smiling, Woo Seok asks "Are you confessing that you like me? Moo Soo In?"
With aplomb, Soo In smiles back and answers "Yes, I am confessing that I like you, teacher." 
Completely confused, Woo Seok watches Soo In walks away after dropping her bombshell and mutters "What was that?? Is she serious or just joking?"
I would be surprised too if Soo In is actually confessing. She doesn't seem to treat Woo Seok more than a teacher she respects and trusts... yet.   
On the day Soo In's food truck's grand opening, Woo Seok shows up with a a flower wreath to congratulate her. As Soo In and Woo Seok cheers together to celebrate, a stunned Joo Hee watches from across the street.  
Joo Hee rushes to Woo Seok's house and finds out that Soo In is in fact staying in the same house as Woo Seok. 

Shocked by what she found out, Joo Hee stumbles home but has no one to turn to but her senile mother. 
Now that Do Jin knows where Mi O is working, he can't help himself but follows her around. In fact Do Jin even jumps out to defend Mi O when he sees a rude customers yelling at her. 

Unfortunately, Mistress Cha sees Do Jin together with Mi O and decides to reiterate again to Mi O that if Do Jin finds out about the baby, then Mi O might lose the custody to her child. When Mi O finishes her "talk" with Mistress Cha, Do Jin nervously grabs her hand to make sure she is okay and yells at his mom to stop torturing Mi O. The whole situation becomes even more awkward when Do Jin's fiancee shows up,   
Ha, the moment we have been waiting for! Poong Geum has been angry at Woi Han for not only giving her a fake ring but when she uses some business excuse to borrow money from Woi Han, he only gives her a paltry amount. 

The big mystery of why a member of Shinhwa family can be such a cheapskate finally reveals it self to Poong Geum when she sees Woo Seok at their apartment demonstration and realizes her Director Ma is actually the perverted aujsshi next door. 

Over drinks, facing each other as their real self, Woi Han asks Poong Geum for his ring back since their relationship is obviously at an end. Without hesitation, Poong Geum tells Woi Han to take back his fake ring. 
Chairman Ma invites both Woo Seok and Joo Hee for dinner and without mincing words, Chairman Ma informs Woo Seok that he wants him as a son-in-law.

Not giving up her dream, Joo Hee asks Woo Seok yet again to consider dating her but Woo Seok resolutely refuses her request. Seriously, you got to give the girl points for tenacity but how many times does the guy has to tell her no for her to finally accept it? 
Right after his dinner with Chairman Ma, Woo Seok goes to see Soo In only to arrive just in time to see Joo Ran throwing bread at Soo In.  
Woo Seok "Why didn't you just throw bread back at her?"
Soo In "Because teacher told me to respect the pastries so how can hurt people with them?"
Okay, that didn't sound weird when she said it, but why does it sound so funny when I typed it?

Joo Hee finds out that very night from Joo Ran where Woo Seok went after turning down her proposal. Furious, Joo Hee storms back into her room and throws something against her mirror while she cries. 

Soo In's little food truck stop becomes a comfort emergency cove when both Mi O and Poong Geum come crying to her with their respective problems. However, soon Mi O and Poong Geum are all smiles again when Soo In promises to let the girls work with her at the food truck. 
What is suppose to be a cozy night turns into chaos when two drunken men come asking Soo In for business operating fees despite Soo In having received permission from the owners already. Not willing to submit to the two men's threats, the girls get into a fight with the men when they start trashing Soo In's things.


Not too many surprises this episode other than Poong Geum finding out the truth about her precious Director Ma. I thought for sure they'll drag that one out for a while. 

Woo Seok notices Soo In shivering in the cold
Soo In receives a delivery of a heater, courtesy of Woo Seok
I am liking the pace of how Soo In and Woo Seok's relationship is going. Woo Seok is probably already head of heels in love with Soo In but I wonder if he is willing to admit it yet? I did notice that when Joo Hee asked him "Do you have someone in your heart?" he chose not to answer her question. If it was before, he probably would have rehashed the whole "My heart is dead" talk. 
I am torn with what I think of Do Jin. While I wish he would stop being a mama's boy, I am also moved by how much he is aware of the pain his mother is under. I am hoping once he finds out the truth about his son, Do Jin would man up and protect Mi O. 


  1. Thanks for your mini cap and input. The episodes were good and from the teaser preview #911 is being released soon so some new antics will arise. The interesting thing about these episodes is that it revealed some key things, these are:- (1) Seo Mi Oh realises that she still cares for Doo Jin as well as he (2) more of the Ma family are finding out about Moon Soo In/Nam Woo Seok "relationship" and of course not liking this - I stated at soompi that she is not there yet for love but he is on his way (3) Joo Hee gets mad about the new developments especially when Woo Seok says "No" to her again about them being together (4) its the end of the fake relationship for which I am glad that they did not drag out as we can get a new arc between these 2 (5) the 4 witches are now together with Soo In in the food truck business - sales & coffee. I hope Joo Ran's bakery completely lose out to Soo In very soon.

    Hope to see the preview soon.


  2. I actually think that woo seok is the big wife (with Alzheimer's) son.

    1. Really? Why do you think so? If you are right, That would make a huge change to all my assumptions!

    2. Because there are a few scenes where she asked "where's my son, bring me my son" and the second wife's expression turned really weird.

      Plus 30 years ago, second wife was still a mistress being I'll treated by the actual family, so it could make sense that she swapped the children in a fit of spite.
      If it's true, he could turnout to be the heir of shinwha.
      But it's just a theory... Definitely he's the son of either all.

    3. Interesting. I didn't put too much thought in the first wife's seeking after her son, since I just assume the mistress is just acting weird because the son is dead, but I could see how it could go the way you are thinking.

      Hmm... But how do you interrupt the softening of expression whenever the mistress look at Woo Seok? If he really is Shinwha's heir than wouldn't he actually be a stumbling block she wants to get rid of for her son? Of course, she does keep going on about how Woo Seok is one destined for bigger thing, so that could go with your theory in a way.

  3. Oh, and the dead husband who died in the crash is the other old lady's son.