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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Legendary Witch Episode 15-16 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: I am not sure these girls are "good" influence (at least in the sense of the law) on each other, BUT I love it! 
Episode 15-16
Girl power shines through again, and our foursome with pans and tubs beat the two drunks away. When the girls arrive home, Yi Moon was right there to sweetly welcome Bok Nyeo. Not one to lose to his father-in-law, Woo Seok quickly pulls on a pair of gloves to start washing Soo In's dishes from the food truck. 
Back at the Ma household, Joo Ran tells her father about Woo Seok possibly liking Soo In. Dumbfounded, Chairman Ma can't understand why Woo Seok keep going for "good for nothing" women over Joo Hee. 

Obviously upset by her sister's speculation, Joo Hee confronts Woo Seok the next morning to find out if he really does like Soo In. Wanting to be honest with Joo Hee, Woo Seok freely admits that despite his assumption that he will never fall in love again, he has indeed fallen for Soo In. 
Frustrated to see Soo In's food truck parked right outside of her bakery AND to see her little sister so upset over losing Woo Seok to Soo In, Joo Ran comes up with a plan to get one of her employee to falsely accuse Soo In for food poisoning. 

It doesn't take long for the girls to figure out Joo Ran is behind the food poisoning fiasco. Completely old hands at taking justice into their own hands now, the girls find evidences to prove Joo Ran bribed her employee into falsely accusing them. 
Armed with a video of the "victim" confessing Joo Ran is behind the whole fake food poisoning, the foursome marches right over to the Ma house and forces Joo Ran to apologize to them. 

Progress on each of our foursome: 
Mi O 
Mistress Cha goes full steam ahead with Do Jin's engagement notwithstanding some obvious signs that Do Jin's fiancee might have a reason to be so eager to marry herself off. 

Despite his belief that Mi O is a "bad girl" who took his mom's money and aborted their baby, Do Jin still asks "If you tell me we can get back together, I will be brave for once and break off my engagement."
Unmoved, Mi O tells Do Jin "I won't fall for your lies again. You will always be a mama boy." 

Seeing how upset her son is, Mistress Cha promises if Do Jin will just obediently goes through with the marriage than she won't interfere with him and Mi O later on. Like Mi O said, Mistress Cha really is very cruel to her. It's not enough she sent Mi O to prison while pregnant, she is placating her son by promising him to make Mi O into a mistress like herself?  

Despite her tough act with Do Jin, Mi O in all reality still has feelings towards Do Jin and is more upset about Do Jin's impeding engagement than she lets on. 

Poong Geum
Now that all the facades are gone, Poong Geum and Woi Han settles into a routine of annoying each other whenever they see each other... which is a lot. 

Bok Nyeo
Bok Nyeo spends most of time worrying about her three girls and acts as an angry mother hen whenever one of her girls suffers a wrong. Fortunately, Yi Moon is always supportive and adds spice to Bok Nyeo's life with all his sweet talks. 

Soo In
Soo In's food truck business was going really well until the false rumors Joo Ran started about the food poisoning went around the neighborhood. 

Woo Seok has always been super supportive of Soo In's food truck business, while Bok Nyeo keeps wishing Soo In has a little storefront instead of being out in the cold and faces unknown dangers. Woo Seok's excitement for Soo In's food truck business takes a nose dive when he sees one of Soo In's customer eagerly invites Soo In out for a movie. 

Unhappy that the girl he likes is attracting so much attention, Woo Seok tells Soo In to stop being so "overly friendly" with her customers. Completely confused by Woo Seok's anger, Soo In later nods with understanding when Woo Seok explains his jealousy as an innocent frustration for not being so "special" to her anymore when he has done so much with her. Smiling, Soo In assures Woo Seok that he is still more special than any of her customers since he is her teacher after all. 
Thanks to Joo Ran's rants about Soo In stealing Woo Seok from Joo Hee, Soo In starts to wonder if maybe Woo Seok might actually like her. About time she wondered! Soo In's suspicion increases when a group of customer compliments Woo Seok and Soo In's great team work as a married couple. Instead of correcting the customers, Woo Seok readily tells the men that he and Soo In are newly weds. 

Hesitantly, Soo In asks the big question "Do you perhaps like me?" 
Instead of confessing his true feelings, Woo Seok half joking and half feigning offense, tells Soo In that she is delusional in thinking all men must like her. 
Back at home, Woo Seok continues to feign complete innocence of having any more feelings for Soo In than friendship. Woo Seok gives a smile as he watches Soo In chides herself for asking such an embarrassing question just because of a few nonesense words from Joo Ran, 

I totally thought Woo Seok would be confessing his feelings since he already admitted it to Joo Hee...plus almost everyone else seems to know too. Guess Woo Seok is a much more skilled in this whole romance thing than I thought. By denying his feelings in front of Soo In, she can't push him away when he tries to be nice to her and he gets to safely wait until she is used to having him around. 
We end this hour with the grand entrance of Young Guk who thanks to winning a lottery ticket is decked out to the nines. 


Young Guk!!! Gen.. Gen.. Gen... Ha! I am pretty excited to have Young Guk added in to the mix. Talk about one more woman who doesn't play by the rule. With Poong Geum and Young Guk around, even Chairman Ma will have to run for cover. Not to mention Young Guk's song is really growing on me. 

The mystery of what exactly happened all those years ago continues to be intriguing. Just when I think I have it all figured out then something seems off. For example, here Mistress Cha is pointing to a picture of Madam Ma thirty years ago and asking her what happened to the girl sitting besides her. I am assuming the girl is actually young Bok Nyeo, but if that's the case why is Mistress Cha trying to figure out what happened the girl or is Mistress Cha just trying to see how much Madam Ma remember?  The interesting thing is that Madam Ma's head starts to hurt the moment she tries to remember. My latest theory is that Chairman Ma is the one that set the fire and both Madam Ma and Mistress Cha knows it. 


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