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Monday, December 22, 2014

The Legendary Witch Episode 17-18 Mini Recap

Question of the hour: Young Guk "Do I look like I would lie?" Um... yes, actually. 

Swimming in money now, Young Guk shows up at Bok Nyeo's place filled to the brim with gifts for everyone and ready to hand money out at the smallest thing.

Despite Young Guk's "generosity" though, Bok Nyeo is having none of it and refuses to let her stay the night. Jumping on the opportunity to get in some favors with the rich Young Guk, Poong Geum takes her back to her boarding house for the night.
In the middle of the nigh, Young Guk mistakenly climbs into Woi Han's bed and chaos ensues. After being waken up by screaming from both Young Guk and Woi Han, Poong Geum pulls a very reluctant Young Guk (because she has decided Woi Han is her style) away from Woi Han's room.
On the day of the Do Jin's engagement ceremony, Mistress Cha arrives to find Do Jin's fiancee bouncing a baby on her knee. Do Jin's fiancee claims the baby to be a nephew but judging from how flustered her mother is, the baby is probably hers.

Overcome with thoughts of Mi O, Do Jin starts to sob right in the middle of the engagement ceremony but with a look at his nervous mom, Do Jin grits his teeth and goes through the motion.

Turning down his fiancee's invitation to go to a hotel room with her, Do Jin ends up standing right outside of Mi O's house when Soo In comes home. Soo In's presence reminds Do Jin of his puzzlement about how Soo In would possibly had an opportunity to get to know Mi O. While Soo In barely glazed over the whole matter, Woi Han casually gives the big secret away that Mi O knew Soo In from prison.

Do Jin storms back home and screams at his mom for lying to him all this time while she did such an awful thing to an already pitiful girl.  .
Joo Hee decides to meet with Soo In to ask her straight out what her relationship with Woo Seok is.
Joo Hee "I have never seen sunbae smile so brightly towards someone and gets involved so deeply with someone else's life. I have followed him for ten years and this is the first time I have seen him act this way. It's making me very nervous."

Joo Hee goes on to tell Soo In that due to her unfaithful father, she doesn't trust men in general but she feels differently towards Woo Seok.

Soo In comforts Joo Hee that Woo Seok is only nice to her because of pity and promises that she doesn't have any thoughts towards him.

Despite sending Joo Hee away comforted, Soo In can't help but be uncomfortable with Woo Seok when he is teaching her how to make focaccia bread for her sandwich business. Hesitantly, Soo In tells Woo Seok that Joo Hee met with her and "misunderstood our relationship, thinking we like each other."

Completely ticked off, Woo Seok asks "You mean Joo Hee misunderstood that you who has no feelings towards me might like me?" Before Soo In can even answer, Woo Seok storms off and mutters to himself "how can someone be so dim about other people's feelings" while he looks at the hair clip he bought for her.
The next morning, things get even more awkward when Nam Byeol tells Soo In that she only received the pretty blue hair clip from her dad because it was a gift that her dad ended up not being able to give. Recognizing the hair clip as one she was interested in while she was out with Woo Seok, Soo In steals a few glances at him. Woo Seok is so flustered by his daughter outing him that he almost went to work in his house slippers.
Soo In goes to Nam Byeol's school's "Make Christmas card with mommy" party at Woo Seok's request so she can bound with Nam Byeol. (Soo In thought Woo Seok was talking about Nam Byeol not wanting to have her at the house, but obviously Woo Seok has a deeper meaning.)

While making cards, the cutest little boy asks Nam Byeol who Soo In is since she doesn't have a mom. Winking at Soo In, Nam Byeol tells her whole class that Soo In will be her mom soon since she will be marrying her dad. Going along with Nam Byeol's story, Soo In announces that Nam Byeol will indeed have a mom soon so no one should pick on her.

Joo Hee walks in right on time to hear Soo In's declaration of being Nam Byeol's soon to be mommy.

Furious, Joo Hee accuses Soo In of lying to her about not being interested in Woo Seok.
A dejected Soo In goes back to her food truck just to see Do Jin showing up with her mother-in-law just so he has an excuse to meet with Mi O and begs for forgiveness.

Soo In calls Mistress Cha to let her know that Madam Ma has been brought to her food truck. Mistress Cha races to the food truck and is about to take Madam Ma back when Bok Nyeo shows up with food for her daughters.

Episode 18
Thrilled to see Madam Ma, the noona she hasn't seen since she went to prison, Bok Nyeo quickly tries to ask Madam Ma if she knows what happened to the tree after the house fire. (The tree that Bok Nyeo hid some evidence that could tell her who framed her for the fire.) Not recognizing Bok Nyeo at all, Madam Ma starts holding her head in pain brought on by Bok Nyeo's questions. 

Back at home, Madam Ma mistakens Joo Ran for Bok Nyeo and starts to apologizing to her "I am sorry... I am sorry. I don't know anything. No, even if I did, I couldn't tell you. I will apologize to you for my husband." Completely confused, Joo Ran tries to clam her mom down while Mistress Cha looks on with a thoughtful expression. 

Seeing how Bok Nyeo's life only ever revolves around working at the dry cleaning store and her daughters, Yi Moon decides to sneak Bok Nyeo off to the beach for an outing. Yi Moon must have been a ladies' man during his younger days... wait, I guess he still is one right now. 
In contrast to Bok Nyeo and Yi Moon's sweet romance, Soo In and Woo Seok's relationship is a bit on the rocky side. Still pouting about Soo In's assertion that she has no interest in him, Woo Seok for the first time since Soo In's food truck started, doesn't report to the food truck for dinner. 
The next morning, showing his childish side, Woo Seok insists on only communicating with Soo In via Nam Byeol. When Mi O shows up for breakfast, Woo Seok even compliments her on her wonderful complexion "I guess youth really is a wonderful thing. Even if you guys are working this much your skin looks so great, not like Soo In whose dark circles under her eyes stretches almost all the way to her chin." Ha! Is it really okay for a guy to be this childish just because the girl is clueless that he likes her? 
Still furious over finding out Mi O has spent the last two years in prison, Do Jin explodes when his fiancee walks in ready to hang their engagement picture up. Throwing the picture on the ground with a few kicks for added measure, Do Jin begs his fiancee to let go of him. 

Obviously short of a few fuse in the head, Do Jin's fiancee calls both Mi O and Mistress Cha out to make the grand promise that she is willing to take Mi O's son off her hand by raising him as her own. With all her hackles up, Mi O warns the crazy lady to stop plotting after her son and storms off. Standing outside of the cafe, Mi O cries a silent tear as she watches Mistress Cha lovingly holds Do Jin's fiancee's hands. 
Watching Woo Seok successfully signing a big contract for Shinhwa group thus becoming the apple in Chairman Ma's eye again, but receiving another rebuff from Woo Seok immediately after makes Joo Hee goes home in drunken sobs again. 

Angry to see her own sister losing to Soo In, Joo Ran decides to hire thugs to steal Soo In's food truck. Not realizing her sister has resort to unsavory means to help her... again, Joo Hee goes to her father and asks him to give Soo In a job with the Shinhwa group so she could move out and stop being so pitiful since obviously Woo Seok is only confusing love with pity. Still dreaming that Woo Seok could become his heir, Chairman Ma readily agrees to his daughter's request. 

So Mama Ninja has this theory that Do Jin might not be Chairman Ma's biological son and I laughed it off when she told me about it, but now that I see how reluctant Chairman Ma is to pass the company to Do Jin I am starting to wonder too.  
Thanks to Bok Nyeo's encouragement, Woo Seok decides to officially confess his feeling via a cake he personally made with the words "I have fallen in love you" on it. Unfortunately Woo Seok arrives at the food truck to see Soo In getting invited to a date by a regular customer. The customer tells Soo In to meet him for coffee the next day, hands her a business card and takes off before Soo In can give her refusal. The man's two friends stay behind and starts throwing encouragement at Soo In. Woo Seok interferes when the two men's words start to become lewdly and a fight soon ensues. 

In the chaos of the fight, Woo Seok's confession cake gets kicked and Soo In is left wondering what Woo Seok wrote on it.  
The next morning, Soo In gets ready for work but is stunned to find her truck gone. After reporting her truck stolen to the police, Soo In remembers that the customer who invited her out for coffee works for an insurance company. 

By chance, Woo Seok sees Soo In meeting with the man from the night before. Not realizing Soo In is seeking insurance advice for her stolen truck, Woo Seok assumes that Soo In is out on a date. Woo Seok tries to walk away, but eventually comes back to the cafe to drag Soo In away from her "date" 
After venting his anger that Soo In is out on a date with some weird guy, Woo Seok finally tells her the truth "I am in love with you."

Soo In "What?!"
Woo Seok "I am in love with Moo Soo In."

Wow, I guess there is no dancing around the issue anymore. But then Woo Seok has always been pretty honest with his feelings when it comes to everyone else but to Soo In herself. Judging by how bothered Soo In was by Woo Seok's absence from the food truck on the night he was pouting, Soo In must have developed some fairly serious feelings as well. 

Am I shallow because of the great enjoyment I get from seeing Young Guk throwing money around and strutting everywhere? Judging from next week's preview it looks like Young Guk might be Soo In's life line to open a bakery. I can't wait for them to finally open the bakery and maybe even have Woo Seok working with them. I was really kinda miffed to see Woo Seok getting a big contract for the big evil. 


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