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Saturday, December 6, 2014

What Happens To My Family 32 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Hmm... the jerky ex-boyfriend or the guy that is crazy about your daughter?? Umm... is that even a question?
Episode 32
After causing a huge ruckus by grabbing Tae Joo's collar and hollering "What have you done to my daughter!!", Daddy Cha is "invited" to Tae Joo's office for a private chat.

Daddy Cha calms down after Tae Joo explains that nothing happens between him and Kang Shim, moreover, promises that from now on he will show up right away if Daddy Cha summons him.
Chairman Moon hears about Tae Joo's embarrassing morning and charges right into Tae Joo's office to demand the name of the female employee that Tae Joo is involved with. Firm on his decision to not drag Kang Shim into the mess, Tae Joo refuses to give his father a name.
Furious at how stubborn Tae Joo is, Chairman Moon calls a disciplinary meeting and punishes him by reducing his salary for three month.

Kang Shim finds out after the disciplinary meeting that Tae Joo still refused to divulge her name even under intense pressure from everyone in the company.

Kang Shim "Why would you go to such extent for me?"
Tae Joo "To be a man in front of the girl I like. So just pretend you don't know and let it go."
See! Tae Joo can be manly when he gets serious! 
Eun Ho's scandal is fast spreading trouble into Seo Wool's life. In fact, Eun Ho's fans has even gotten hold of Seo Wool's number and taken upon themselves to send her a bunch of ... less than friendly messages.

Sitting at her room, Seo Wool is in a daze as she thinks about Dal Bong's hard work to make something of himself for her, and Eun Ho's teasing words of "Your heart just got swayed because of me didn't it?"
Ahhhhhh!!!!! Is Seo Wool really falling for Eun Ho too??? I guess I can't blame her though. 
Madam Baek arranges an interview for Eun Ho to "clarify" his scandal with Seo Wool. Instead of saying the answer his mom wants, Eun Ho tells the reporters that he is having a one sided crush on Seo Wool and hope to marry her if Seo Wool agrees.
Dal Bong charges into Eun Ho's office to yell at Eun Ho for saying the things he said to the press. Unfazed, Eun Ho asks Dal Bong where his confidence in Seo Wool's feelings for him comes from. Eun Ho proposes that maybe Seo Wool's heart might just be swaying towards him.

In the mean time, Madam Baek takes matters into her own hands and arranges a meeting with Seo Wool. To no one's surprise, Madam Baek is doing the age old routine "what does it take for you to leave me son?" with Seo Wool.
Daddy Cha has a severe pain attacked but fortunately Miss Ko shows up just in time to help him with his medication and provides comfort. Of course, Hyo Jin sees Miss Ko patting Daddy Cha's back and assumes the worst.

So there goes the line of trouble maker: Hyo Jin tells Madam Kwon, Madam Kwon meets with Kang Shim to tell her about Miss Ko's checkered past, Kang Shim takes Hyo Jin and Seo Wool (who has no clue) to confront Madam Kwon... and here the line gets twisted.

Miss Ko ends up convincing the three girls to go shopping for groceries with her then gets the girls to carry the groceries right back to Daddy Cha's house.
Not missing the opportunity to show everyone the true nature of Miss Ko, Kang Shim confronts Miss Ko right at dinner about the rumor of her killing someone.

With a glint in her eyes, Miss Ko calmly asks Kang Shim who she heard the rumor from. Just as Kang Shim and Hyo Jin exchange nervous glances, Madam Kwon shows up at the house.

I love Daddy Cha's expression here.


Can't wait to see the cat fight between Miss Ko and Madam Kwon... although I am betting everything on Miss Ko to win.

Before we go on, we should cover one story line I didn't find a place for in my recap. Young Seol does break the news of her pregnancy to her husband, Joong Baek.
Unfortunately, Joong Baek finds out from his doctor that his vasectomy is still neatly tied so... 
With a stunned face, Joong Baek asks "Whose baby is Young Seol pregnant with then." 
This was kinda of a weird part of the story. Joong Baek finds out this shocking news that his wife is most likely pregnant with another man's baby and he goes calmly back to his chicken store?? I guess they needed him to not explode until the next episode but still, that just seems like a giant plot hole. 

I would like to gush over how manly Tae Joo was in this episode and how great it is that Daddy Cha is finally softening his attitude towards him BUT I am too distracted by the possibility that Seo Wool might like Eun Ho as well! 

To be honest, I don't actually have a problem with Eun Ho, especially if he can cut the apron strings and protect Seo Wool like a man. However, my mind has been set on Dal Bong and Seo Wool as a couple for so long it just seems kinda wrong. I am guessing we are still fairly safe in assuming Seo Wool would choose Dal Bong in the end, but the more I think about it the more I wonder maybe Eun Ho is a pretty good choice after all... 

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