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Monday, December 1, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 31 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Poor Tae Joo, he doesn't stand a chance does he??
Episode 31
Rushing to the tofu store, Tae Joo finally introduces himself to Daddy Cha. Acting more calm but not anymore accommodating, Daddy Cha tells Tae Joo to stop bothering Kang Shim and just be a good boss to her.

Feeling rather dejected, Tae Joo mutters "This is not all how it should've gone."
Seo Wool goes on her late night date with Eun Ho but spends the whole time worrying if Dal Bong really is thinking about breaking up with her. Ignoring Seo Wool's incessant talk of Dal Bong, Eun Ho slides right up to her and suggests that she just forget about Dal Bong instead.

A camera in the background snaps pictures of Seo Wool and Eun Ho.

The next morning, Seo Wool goes to wake Dal Bong up for breakfast but finds it empty instead.
Determined to stop Kang Shim from going on her dates, Tae Joo makes up work excuses to keep Kang Shim busy, much to Daddy Cha's irritation. Not backing down, Daddy Cha orders Kang Shim to just go on her second date that very night.
Kang Shim's second date is still with Woo Taek. Knowing Kang Shim is extremely curious as to why Daddy Cha keep using three month as his timeline, Woo Taek gives her a hint "This is the last three month your dad will be in his role as your father." Instead of figuring out Daddy Cha is sick, Kang Shim takes it as a hint to confirm her suspicion that her father is going to marry Miss Ko. 

Tae Joo follows Kang Shim to her date and once he realizes Woo Taek is the one she is meeting with again, he charges right over to Daddy Cha's store and demands to know what he is lacking compares to Woo Taek. Unfortunately, Daddy Cha's answer was "Everything." 
A disappointed Tae Joo goes home to find the pleasant surprise of Kang Shim waiting for him with bottles of beer. Not being able to find any drinking buddies, Tae Joo becomes the lucky guy to get the job. 

Completely drunk, Kang Shim goes off on why staying single is the greatest thing while Tae Joo heartily agrees pretty much with everything she says. Moreover, once Kang Shim lets her hair down and shakes it lose right in front of Tae Joo, he is pretty much putty in her hand. 
The next morning, Tae Joo wakes up first to find himself in bed with Kang Shim. Before Tae Joo can extract himself from the situation, Kang Shim wakes up and turns to find a sleeping (faking of course) Tae Joo beside her. 

Kang Shim scrambles to her feet and stumbles to change back into her clothes in Tae Joo's closet. 

An extremely awkward Kang Shim tells Tae Joo that she slept in his closet the night before. Going right along with the story Tae Joo pretends they slept in separate places. 
Waking up very early in the morning, Seo Wool follows Dal Bong to the restaurant and watches him trying out dishes for the menu competition. Dal Bong catches Seo Wool spying on him, and gets her to try his dishes. Looking at Seo Wool gushing over how delicious his dishes are, Dal Bong confesses that he is doing all this so he can be worthy to stand beside her. 

Touched by Dal Bong's words Seo Wool gives Dal Bong a hug and Dal Bong also hugs her back to signal an end to their fight. 
Just in time to celebrate Seo Woo and Dal Bong's reconciliation, Eun Ho shows up to show the two love birds a scandal that just broke out. The news of the past Idol (AND Mrs. Baek's son) on a late night date with Seo Wool is plastered right on the internet for all the see.  
Mrs. Baek who has just served Chairman Moon with a divorced notice for his unwillingness to give her a company position, tries frantically to call Eun Ho while he just ignores her calls. 
Arriving at the company, Tae Joo receives a call from Kang Shim telling him that she will be late to work. Laughing happily, Tae Joo assures Kang Shim that all is well, since "we were so tired last night." 

Tae Joo's smile wanes when he hears what sounds like a bull's snort and looks up to find Daddy Cha charging towards him and yelling "I am going to KILL YOU!" 

I love Tae Joo expression!


I have been loving how the story has been going lately. Is a bad sign that I am not missing Kang Jae's character at all? 

I should have talked about this last post but I forgot so I am bring it up here. Anyone find it weird the whole reasoning Mrs. Baek is asking for a position in Chairman Moon's company? According to Mrs. Baek she doesn't want to just sit around and do nothing... isn't she a famous tv anchor or something like that??? Did she quit her job after her marriage?  If so, then it really is her own fault for not doing anything unless I missed it somewhere Chairman Moon asked her to quit her job. 

It is hilarious to me how well Chairman Moon, Tae Joo and Eun Ho gets along now. Is like the marriage is going great for everyone involved except Mrs. Baek herself. 

I am also loving the new relationship between Daddy Cha and Tae Joo. It almost seems like Daddy Cha enjoys teasing Tae Joo, but I am assuming he really doesn't want to marry his daughter into a rich family since it obviously didn't go well with Kang Jae. 


  1. As much as I enjoy Tae Joo's silliness - the funniest part of the show - I just can't imagine Tae Joo being the right guy for Kang Shim. He's funny, but he's totally weird, petty and somewhat dimwitted (strange, considering his office position) ! I' hope the writer does something to salvage Tae Joo's character, otherwise I'm starting to think that the lawyer is a better fit for Kang Shim. True - he was horrible to her before - but at the current time he's not doing anything evil. In fact he's helping Daddy Cha, and Kang Shim will later find out his "good intentions". And compared to Tae Joo, the lawyer is smart, level-headed and reasonably regretful over the past.

    Daddy Cha is going to pass away in 3 months? I hope not - corny as it may be, I hope it's a false report, or he makes a miraculous recovery. Please Daddy Cha don't die!

    1. Ha, Tae Joo does come off kind of dim sometimes, but maybe he is just book smart? When Tae Joo gets all serious though he looks awesome... it just doesn't happen a lot.

  2. Yeah, I don't really miss Kang-jae either. It was sweet to see his happier side a couple of episodes ago, but the current Kang-jae doesn't interest me. I don't mind less screen time for him because it means more for the other characters!

    That last scene with Daddy Cha and Tae-joo was so ridiculous. I think I've fallen for the director's over-the-top style because I find all the sound effects and exaggerations to be quite funny now. Daddy Cha's bickering with Tae-joo is great, and I'm pretty sure Tae-joo's going to lose to his in-laws in everything.

    Baek is annoying and controlling. I agree with your comment that her reasoning for a position is weird especially since she had a stable career in her field before her marriage. At the least, she could try to go back to her old job (I'm sure she could pull some strings), but asking for a job at the company sounds conniving. She's probably still scheming of a way to make Eun-ho the president of the company which is a ridiculous notion.
    I'm glad that at least Eun-ho, Chairman Moon, and Tae-joo have a budding relationship since the marriage.

    1. I love how Eun Ho still refers to Tae Joo as Pervert Ajusshi and Tae Joo just responds to it now.

  3. I love this drama so much..Kangshim and Tae Joo are sooo cute together!!!!!

  4. She wants a position in the company so she can be officially above gangshim who spoke to her about barging in while her stepson was in conference. Also she can have an easier time getting her son into the company. The main reason for marrying the man in the first place.