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Sunday, December 7, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 33 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Who do you rely on when your man fails you?! Your frenemy of course!
Episode 33
Caught red handed by Miss Ko (for telling Kang Shim about her past), Madam Kwon has no choice but to gravel to Miss Ko in fear of all her dirty laundry being exposed. Looking at a squirming Madam Kwon, Miss Ko tells her to immediately send Kang Jae back to live at Daddy Cha's house.
Joong Baek confesses to Daddy Cha that he doesn't think Young Seol is pregnant with his baby. Daddy Cha tells Auntie Cha. Auntie Cha tells Young Seol... and the house explodes. Hurt to the extreme by Joong Baek's suspicion, Young Seol asks her husband for a divorce. Fortunately, Kang Shim saves the day by dialing a simple phone call to Kang Jae and finds out that there is still 1/1000 of a chance that Joong Baek could still father a baby despite his vasectomy.

Fed up with all the gossip surrounding Tae Joo and unable to bear knowing Tae Joo is being ostracized by his own father, Kang Shim decides to tells Chairman Moon the truth. Not one to beat around the bush, Chairman Moon asks Kang Shim straight out if she likes Tae Joo as well.

Kang Shim admits liking Tae Joo but also assures Chairman Moon that she would never tell Tae Joo about her true feelings. Ignoring Kang Shim's assurance, Chairman Moon asks "If I move Secretary Cha out of your secretarial position to some where else in the company, what would you do?"

Kang Shim "I am willing to accept whatever punishment you seem fit to give me."
Realizing her time left with Tae Joo might not be long, Kang Shim readily agrees to accompany Tae Joo to Eun Ho's restaurant to be a judge for the menu competition. 

Wanting to smooth the tense relationship between the mother and son, Tae Joo invites Madam Baek to the tasting and eagerly compliments Eun Ho on his business plans. Some what appeased, Madam Baek leaves after hesitantly telling Eun Ho to work hard at proving himself to her in more ways than just getting into arguments with her.

Tae Joo and Kang Shim shares a happy cheer for how successful their plan went.

Eun Ho's question about who Seo Wool really likes refuses to leave Dal Bong's mind and the more he looks at Seo Wool the more he wonders if Eun Ho really is the one Seo Wool likes.

Dal Bong's one chance of proving himself to both Daddy Cha and Seo Wool disappears when the chef announces that Dal Bong's dish narrowly missed winning first place.
Sitting in his office, staring at the competition result, Eun Ho all the sudden rips the paper up and throws it away.

Don't tell me Eun Ho really was so immature as to lie about the competition result? There goes my reason for even thinking about cheering for him. 
Dal Bong shuffles home and Daddy Cha greets him eagerly with questions about the competition result. Seo Wool who knows full well that Dal Bong did not win the competition starts to answer Daddy Cha's question, but Dal Bong surprises everyone by pulling out an envelope containing the supposedly award money.

Overwhelmed with how proud he is for Dal Bong's "achievement" Daddy Cha starts to holler at the top of his lungs to share Dal Bong's good news.
I sure hope that money didn't come from some where bad. 
Poor Madam Kwon gets into a yelling match with her husband over her desire to send Kang Jae to Daddy Cha's. The yelling match turns ugly with both spouses exposing their not so classy sides.

Kang Jae assures a completely embarrassed Madam Kwon that even though he doesn't know her reason for wanting him to go back to Daddy Cha's but he is willing to go.

Kang Jae shows up at Miss Ko's store and asks "What do you want? I heard you even threaten my mother-in-law to get me to go home for three month, so what do you want?"

Miss Ko "Because your father only has three months."


Holy Cow... I didn't expect the "SECRET!" to be out already, but boy am I glad someone in the family finally knows. I guess next week is going to be Kang Jae's time to shine. I find myself actually quiet curious about Kang Jae's reaction to the big revelation and if he will choose to share it with the rest of his siblings.
Onto the other big revelation. It totally surprised me that Kang Shim was willing to admit her feelings towards Tae Joo. I thought for sure Kang Shim was still stuck in the denial stage, but it looks like her feelings for Tae Joo has progressed much further than I thought. 

I am secretly hoping that now Chairman Moon knows Kang Shim's attitude towards Tae Joo he will find a way to be a matchmaker instead of being a road block for them. Anyone else wondering if Chairman Moon's question about moving Kang Shim else where in the company might be a way to change her status so she could start dating Tae Joo without the whole company gossiping? 


  1. Wow thanks for the quick recap! :)

  2. Love your recaps. Thanks!

  3. Hmm... moving Kang-shim so she'd have a higher status could be a possibility though it never crossed my mind. That sounds much better than demoting her because I want the Chairman to act as a matchmaker, too. Granted, I still think the Chairman has reservations about their relationship because of his own failed marriage with Tae-joo's mother and Tae-joo's "I'm never marrying" attitude. I really like how the Chairman is straightforward. It's quite refreshing to see.