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Saturday, December 13, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 34 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Dang, the boy moves fast!
After finding out from his mother-in-law that Miss Ko has been threatening to "spread rumors" about her, Kang Jae meets with Miss Ko to warn her to stop her threats. When Miss Ko tells Kang Jae that Daddy Cha only has three more months left, he takes it as her showing off that she will be marrying Daddy Cha at the end of that period.

Kang Jae resolutely goes back home to tell Daddy Cha that he will be taking Hyo Jin with him to study abroad for a year. With no clue how cruel he is being, Kang Jae tells his father "I guess by the time we come back you won't be here anymore."

Watching Daddy Cha proudly celebrates with his friend (for the menu contest), Dal Bong has a flash back of Chef giving him an envelope of money and telling him "In my mind you are the winner."
Whew! I am REALLY glad the money came from the Chef and not some weird place. 

Another flash back shows Chef throwing the ripped up menu contest result on Eun Ho's desk and demands Eun Ho to hold another rematch between Dal Bong's dish and the Sous Chef's with the customers as the judge. Looking at the torn contest result, Eun Ho mutters "How can I be fair? My opponent is Cha Dal Bong after all.'

The next morning, thanks to all the women in Dal Bong's families telling Seo Wool that Eun Ho really is a much better choice than Dal Bong, the question that has been bothering him finally bursts out.
Dal Bong "Are you swaying between me and Yoon Eun Ho?"
Laughing a bit, Seo Wool assures him "I will only have Cha Dal Bong my whole life."
Wow, I can't see Seo Wool lying so I guess she really is not swaying towards Eun Ho after all. 
At the breakfast table, Kang Shim announces that she has been put on probation for a week to "self reflect" thanks to Daddy Cha's memorable collar grabbing fiasco.

The news of Kang Shim's probation sets Daddy Cha off, and Tae Joo is immediately summoned to explain himself. Tae Joo rushes to see Daddy Cha, but things suddenly takes a turn for the worse when Seo Wool innocently tells Daddy Cha about the time Tae Joo grabbed Kang Shim's chest.

Kang Shim comes out of the house to see Daddy Cha chasing Tae Joo around with a broom in hand. Kang Shim tries to send Tae Joo away but Tae Joo decides to be a man and face the music.

All the women of Cha family gathers outside of the fry chicken restaurant to watch Daddy Cha and Tae Joo's show down. Tae Joo surprises everyone by kneeling in front of Daddy Cha and gives him two envelope. First envelop contains the full amount that Daddy Cha demanded in his lawsuit from Kang Shim. The second envelop contains a note that asks Daddy Cha to assign the rest of Kang Shim's marriage date to Tae Joo. Turning the table back on Daddy Cha, Tae Joo asks him to choose between accepting the money or allow him to go on the rest of the marriage dates with Kang Shim.

That night, Kang Shim goes on her third date and is stunned to find Tae Joo standing in front of her. Kang Shim tells Tae Joo that she simply can't allow him to be her date since it would be betraying Chairman Moon.

In her emotional turmoil, Kang Shim accidentally let it slip that she made a promise with Chairman Moon. Not willing to let Kang Shim off the hook, Tae Joo threatens her that if she doesn't fess up he will just call Chairman Moon himself.  
Pushed to the limit, Kang Shim finally admits "I told the Chairman "I am sorry." I am sorry that to the one person I can't... I started having feelings for. I am really really sorry that I like you, director."

Completely stunned by this turn of event, Tae Joo pulls Kang Shim in for a hug and tells her "Thank you!"
Kang Shim "I am sorry"
Tae Joo "Really, Thank you!"
 Kang Shim "I am really sorry!" 

The whole thank yous and sorries comes to an abrupt stop when Tae Joo pulls back and tells Kang Shim "I love you. No matter how I think about it, this must be love."
Time for the unpleasant stuff. While treating a terminal ill VIP patient who only has three months to live, Kang Jae can't shake the feeling he is missing something vital, especially when he remembers Miss Ko's harsh words "You call yourself a doctor? Even the dogs on the street would laugh so hard until they fall down." 

A subsequent phone call to Auntie Cha and questions about sudden changes in Daddy Cha's appetite eventually unsettles Kang Jae enough that he sneaks back home to find out exactly what kind of pills he has been seeing Daddy Cha popping.  
After rambling through the drawer in the tofu store in the dark, Kang Jae stares in disbelief at the medicine in his hand. 


Dang! Lots of revelations this hour. First off, I am REALLY glad Kang Jae finally knows the truth. He really should have figured out a lot sooner but then I guess sometimes doctors are the last one to realize they themselves are sick so I guess this just might be realistic. 

Who's surprised by Kang Shim's confession?! I was totally. I thought for sure she could hold out for a lot longer, but then the girl's heart would be made of stone if she is not moved after watching someone as proud as Tae Joo kneeling in front of Daddy Cha. 


  1. aww this episode was so good! thank you for recaping :)

  2. I am so happy for Kangshim and Tae Joo..They are sooo cute together!!!!!!!!!!!