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Monday, December 15, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 35 Drive By Recap

12:57 PM Posted by ninja , 3 comments
Question of the hour: What's this feeling?? Am I feeling bad for Kang Jae???

Kang Jae confronts Daddy Cha about the pain medication, but Daddy Cha insists that the doctor only happened to prescribe the same medication for cancer patients for his back pain.
Now that they have confirmed their feelings with one another, Kang Shim and Tae Joo is having an extremely difficult time parting.

Thanks to Young Sul's timely loud coughing, Kang Shim and Tae Joo realizes they have an audience watching their passionate kissing. Quickly righting their appearances, our newly minted couple reports to Daddy Cha hoping to look like model chaste kids... except with one glance at Tae Joo's lip stick smeared lips Daddy Cha figures out the truth.

Shaking his head at Tae Joo's inability to hid his guilt well, Daddy Cha makes Tae Joo promise to safely sends Kang Shim home by 10 pm when they date from now on.  
Ready to go to bat for his woman, Tae Joo decides to broker a deal with Chairman Moon: A plan (thought up by Kang Shim) for Chirman Moon to make Madam Baek a honorary director in the company to satisfy her, in return Tae Joo asks Chairman to allow Kang Shim to come back to work.

Our sly Chairman Moon has something else up his sleeves though. Chairman Moon tells Madan Baek about Tae Joo dating Kang Shim and asks her to take care of the whole thing.
I am a bit confused. It doesn't look like Chairman Moon is oppose to Kang Shim so what exactly does he want his wife to do? Is he trying to get Kang Shim and Madam Baek to fight it out among themselves before he decides to accept her as his daughter-in-law? 
Tae Joo tells a sick Kang Shim about Madam Baek's request to "borrow" Kang Shim from Tae Joo. Tae Joo is worried about what this means but Kang Shim doesn't seem to be concerned.
On the first day when Dal Bong and the sous chef's rematch is on, the kitchen staff finds Dal Bong's tofu that he spent good effort to transport from his dad's store thrown in the trash. Everyone suspects Eun Ho of being the culprit, but Eun Ho denies being that childish.

Unfortunately, without Daddy Cha's tofu, Dal Bong's dish ended up losing to the sous chef's in the customer's opinion poll.
Disappointed to find out about Eun Ho willy-nilly changing the contest result from Chef, Seo Wool meets with Eun Ho and resigns from the restaurant so she could stop being caught between the two boys.

To a surprised Eun Ho, Seo Wool counsels "You shouldn't mistreat your friend just because of a girl."
Things are going very badly for Hyo Jin back at the Cha household. Caught up with the crisis of finding out his dad might be dying, Kang Jae has shown up repeatedly to talk to his dad without sparing a second to see his wife. Hyo Jin ends up venting all her pant up frustration at Seo Wool without a good reason.

Hyo Jin, Hyo Jin... I really don't like you... but I get the feeling the writer actually does so I might be stuck with you after all. 
After doing some investigation, Kang Jae gets a copy of Daddy Cha's x-rays and confirms with his own eyes that his father is indeed dying.

With tears, Kang Jae begs his dad to go the hospital with him that very moment and promises to find a way to save his father no matter what.

Holding onto his father desperately, Kang Jae sobs while Daddy Cha comforts him "I am okay. I am really okay, Kang Jae. To you, to your siblings, I don't want to be remembered as a sick person. I wanted to protect my last pride. I am really okay, Kang Jae."  
Kang Jae goes back to the hospital in a daze. Seeing how upset Kang Jae is by his father's illness, Lee Young Jin (Kang Jae's co-worker and his ex) comforts him and accompanies him while he drinks.

Back at home, Professor Kwon can't shake the image of seeing Young Jin patting Kang Jae's back and calls a co-worker to find out all about Young Jin. In the mean time, sitting in a taxi with an unconscious Kang Jae, Young Jin uses Kang Jae's phone to call Hyo Jin.  


I will have to admit my attitude towards Kang Jae softened a lot during this hour. He does love his father after all, and when it comes down to the wire, he can't imagine a life without the one person who has always been there for him. 

I am really not sure where they are going with Kang Jae and Hyo Jin's relationship though. It's fairly obvious Kang Jae and Hyo Jin are poorly matched. I don't believe this is the same kinda relationship as in Playful Kiss (K-drama version of Itazura na Kiss) where you have a brilliant doctor who finds his naive and ... well, not smart wife a perfect match for him. Without her background, I doubt Kang Jae would have even given Hyo Jin a second glance... and actually he really is not giving her much even with her background. 
So any guesses if Eun Ho really is the one that messed with Dal Bong's tofu? My money is actually on the sous chef. I might be totally wrong, but I am hoping Eun Ho is not THAT childish and the sous chef does look a tad bit suspicious. 


  1. I think it's the sous chef, too. He was acting very shifty and didn't seem confident with his dish. Tsk, tsk. It was all rather a banal plot point especially in light of the other stuff this episode.

    Tae-joo and Kang-shim were cute this episode now that they're all lovey-dovey and not holding back. I've decided to just trust Chairman Moon to be on team Kang-shim, and won't think about why he even likes Baek (or gave her "power" concerning the TJ-KS relationship) because she's so one-dimensional and self-centered when he's so... not! I really don't like it when awesome male characters love rather stereotypical and spoiled female characters. It's like they're unintentionally trying to say that as long as you're beautiful, all shall be forgiven. Anyways, that was a random, mini rant.

    However, the real focus of this episode was Kang-jae and Daddy Cha. He still needs to do a lot more to be redeemed, but I did feel bad for Kang-jae when he broke down and apologized. Hopefully he'll return a bit by bit to his previously kind and shy self.
    Which leads me to Hyo-jin who makes me scratch my head. I don't think she'll be ousted, but I can only take her spoiled behavior for so long. It's humorous how self-absorbed and ignorant she is, but it's not the endearing kind of funny. She really needs some character growth because even Kang-jae is getting his now.

  2. In the preview, we see that Kang Jae returns to live with Daddy and threatened to the Director to leave the hospital. I'm secretly wishing that KJ will ditch HJ, because she's really boring. But I don't think the writer will allow that to happen. *sigh*

    I actually think that it's not the sous chef, but Eunho who spoiled the tofu. When he left the kitchen he looked very satisfied. I guess the writer could be trying too hard to boost Dalbong as the right choice for Seowool... But we'll see!

  3. This was a sad episode with Kang Jae and his father, i really dislike Kang Jae but he doesn't deserve all this happening to him, and maybe this was a wake up call to the way he treats his father and others, he even says he was bastard of a son, at least he knows it right?

    I don't know why the writers are trying to do, making Eun Ho look bad, him ripping off the contest papers was unbelievable and now they're implying that he might be involved with the tofu being thrown in the trash (although I suspect the sous chef too). Anyway Dal Bong being and Seo Wool are tight (for now), so no need to make EH look bad just to make us root for the main couple.

    Thanks for your recaps!