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Saturday, December 20, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 36 Drive Through Recap

Question of the hour: Poor Kang Shim, what is she going to do with Tae Joo who has finally discover the joy of kissing?

Saddled with a completely drunk Kang Jae, Young Jin (Kang Jae's ex) has no choice but to call Hyo Jin as she brings Kang Jae home in a taxi. Severely hurt to see Kang Jae drunkenly holding onto his ex, Hyo Jin goes running back home to mommy.

Seeing his precious daughter coming home in tears over Kang Jae's ex, Professor Kwon angrily summons Kang Jae back home. Unable to tell the Kwon family the truth about Daddy Cha, Kang Jae can only make the promise that he is not cheating on Hyo Jin.

Kang Jae goes to Hyo Jin and tells her "I will apologize for yesterday, but I can only say I had no choice since it was the most difficult time in my life."

Not satisfy at all with Kang Jae's apology, Hyo Jin demands more from him before she can be appeased. In frustration, Kang Jae tells Hyo Jin that he has no more to offer her unless she wants a divorce then she is welcome to get one. Judging from the way Kang Jae lingered outside of the door after he stormed out, Kang Jae might be not as ready to get a divorce as he lets on. 
Ready to do guard his tofu better this time around, Dal Bong wakes up bright and early to transport Daddy Cha's tofu to the restaurant again. Daddy Cha thoughtfully prepares hand warmers for Dal Bong and takes the chance to ask Dal Bong about his outburst about marrying Seo Wool.

Feigning innocent, Dal Bong tries to assure Daddy Cha the outburst was only provoked by Hyo Jin's behavior towards Seo Wool.

Dal Bong's assertion that his vow of marriage was only fake soon draws serious doubts from Daddy Cha when Seo Wool rushes out with hot tea for Dal Bong. I love Daddy Cha's expression. 
Not too surprised, Dal Bong's tofu is once again found in the trash, spoiled. Dal Bong's bet is still on Eun Ho as the culprit and Eun Ho doesn't help the matter by telling Dal Bong that the two of them can never be friends.
Look how suspicious the sous chef is! My money is on him. 
On to the cat fight between Kang Shim and Madam Baek. Using the excuse that the wardrobe is not befitting her style nor her famous name, Madam Baek makes the whole photo shoot staff wait for her and threatens to cancel the whole shoot.

Not mincing words at all, Kang Shim tells Madam Baek to stop wasting the photo staffs' time just to pick on her and to start respecting the fact she also represents Chairman Moon.

Eavesdropping by the door, the father and son can only cheer from the sideline while their women duke it out.
Needless to say, Kang Shim won this time around but she did make Madam Baek so angry that she vows to stop Kang Shim from becoming her daughter-in-law.
While Kang Shim is happily receiving thanks from the employees for getting Madam Baek to finish the photo shoot, a surprising question from the photographer stopped Kang Shim short "Why would such a capable woman like yourself want a married man?"

The woman further clarifies that she is Wook Tak's ex-wife whom was divorced due to the fact Wook Tak couldn't forget Kang Shim.

Completely stunned to have the woman who took Wook Tak away from her years ago now accusing her of being the one who came between them, Kang Shim meets with Wook Tak to demand a reason for her to be subjected to such ridicule.

Wook Tak admits that he did end up getting a divorce because he couldn't forget Kang Shim and even now he still loves her.
Kang Shim comes home to find Tae Joo waiting for her in front of her house. Not letting on the fact that he knew Kang Shim cancelled their date to meet with Wook Tak, Tae Joo just asks Kang Shim if everything is okay.

Looking at a smiling Tae Joo, Kang Shim tells him that everything is fine and has a flash back of her telling Wook Tak "I am sorry I don't feel the same way. I have someone I like already."
Kang Jae agrees to keep Daddy Cha's secret but in return he asks Daddy Cha to cooperate by having more tests done. Agreeing to Kang Jae's terms, Daddy Cha takes a day off and spends the whole day at the hospital with Kang Jae to do additional testing.

While waiting with Kang Jae for his turn at the hospital, Daddy Cha starts to hum his favorite old tune. Quite puzzled how his dad could be humming at a time like this, Kang Jae asks "Father, why are you humming?"
Daddy Cha "Because I am in a good mood."
Even more puzzled now "In a good mood?"
Daddy Cha "Because I could spend a whole day seeing my son wearing his doctor coat and having others bow to him. And to sit with you here, just talking together."
So sad and so sweet at the same time!
That night, a furious Professor Kwon goes home to tell his wife and daughter that Kang Jae had the audacity to inform him that he is turning down the opportunity to go to New York and has chosen to take care of the agreement with his father first. When Professor Kwon threatens Kang Jae's position at the hospital, he just calmly replies that he could start asking around for positions at other hospitals.
I never thought I would say this, but Kang Jae, you look really cool here. 

Shocked to hear Kang Jae's decision, Hyo Jin tries to rush out but Professor Kwon forbids her from talking to Kang Jae until he figures out what brought this big of change in Kang Jae's behavior,

In contrast to the upheaval at the Kwon household, the Cha household is one of joy with Kang Jae's sudden appearance for dinner. To top it off, Kang Jae announces that he will be moving back in starting that very night.


I hate to say this, but I actually understand why Hyo Jin was so upset to find Kang Jae in his ex's lap. I catch myself thinking "well, she should know him well enough to know that there must be something seriously wrong for him to act this way." But then I correct myself since Hyo Jin really doesn't know Kang Jae well enough to know anything is out of ordinary. Even in drama time, I don't think Hyo Jin met with Kang Jae more than four five times and they were probably married within a month? 
I REALLY want Kang Jae's marriage to be a drama lesson on "why marrying someone because of looks and money never work" but I am afraid is going to be a lesson on "how two people who should've never gotten married in the first place can come together through mutual understanding."

My little heart is softening fast towards Kang Jae though... especially if he keeps acting so cool with Hyo Jin's parents.


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