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Sunday, December 21, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 37 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Why do I find it hilariously enjoyable to see the "oh crap!" face on Madam Kwon every time?

What Happens to My Family Episode 37 Recap
Worried about what Hyo Jin's thinking of Kang Jae, Daddy Cha calls her to vouch for his son's character, but Madam Kwon would hear none of it unless Kang Jae comes back begging on his knees.

Seemingly completely unconcerned about what is going on with Hyo Jin's emotional state, Kang Jae wakes up early to do a quick check up on Daddy Cha's vitals.
Kang Jae and Daddy Cha was able to hide everything from Dal Bong who showed up soon after but not Seo Wool who heard all the talk about Daddy Cha's cancer while standing outside.

Seo Wool keeps the big secret from Dal Bong after being told by Kang Jae that it is Daddy Cha's wishes to keep his illness from his family. However, Seo Wool does suggests Dal Bong to start thinking about working with his father in the tofu store so he could fulfill his dad's wish of having one of his kids inheriting it.
The mystery of who has been spoiling Dal Bong's tofu is finally revealed. After catching the sous chef right in the act of dumping a tray of Dal Bong's tofu, Eun Ho gives him time to confess his action to the chef and Dal Bong himself.

Dal Bong shows up to work again to see his tofu spoiled, except this time at least he is left with one good tray.

Sous chef's malicious tempering with Dal Bong's tofu doesn't stop Dal Bong's menu item become popular though. Soon, customer requests are coming in for Dal Bong's tofu combo. Excited to sell his dish to his first customer, Dal Bong calls Seo Wool with the good news.
Switching back to Hyo Jin's marriage crisis. Concerned to hear that her mom is out to "take care of Hyo Jin's matter" Hyo Jin rushes to the hospital in fear that Kang Jae is getting chewed out by her mom. At the hospital, Hyo Jin is relived to see no trace of her mom and Kang Jae takes the opportunity to apologize to her again.

Kang Jae "It's not a woman problem. You can trust me."
With tear in her eyes, Hyo Jin cries "But you don't love me. It has been only me liking you, calling you and following you around."

Thinking back to Daddy Cha's words about the importance of being verbal about love and not to wait until it's too late, Kang Jae steps forward and pulls Hyo Jin into a hug "I am sorry that you were childish enough to think that by owning me means I will love you."
Ha! Just playing. Kang Jae really said "I am sorry. It's all my fault." 

Professor Kwon calls Young Jin in to figure out if Kang Jae really is having an affair. Always forthright, Young Jin reassures Professor Kwon that no such thing is happening and the reason for Kang Jae's drinking bout was due to a patient. When Professor Kwon pressed for more answers, Young Jin at first refused to give anymore details, but ended up telling him that he could find the answer he wants by looking at Kang Jae's patient lists.

Professor Kwon quickly figures out the truth and mutters "Cha Kang Jae, this guy." What does that mean? This guy... I feel bad for you? or This guy...I should have never married my daughter to you? 
So where did Madam Kwon go? Instead of the hospital, Madam Kwon shows up at Daddy Cha's neighborhood to find Daddy Cha singing to appease a drunken Auntie Cha who is going through a late life crisis.

Offended that while her daughter is crying at home, the Cha family is merrily singing, Madam Kwon starts to exchange very unpleasant words with Auntie Cha.
Just when Madam Kwon seems to be at the pinnacle of being offended by how unrefined her in-laws are, Miss Ko shows up strutting towards the group while putting a piece of gun into her mouth then offering another piece to Madam Kwon.

Calling Madam Kwon's nickname of "Gum belted pants" (I least I think that's the translation, if you have a better one, let us know in the comments), Miss Ko starts to do her gangster talk. Cringing the moment Miss Ko appeared, Madam Kwon literally runs away when Miss Ko threatens to spit gum into her hair. Ha! I LOVE these scenes between Miss Ko and Madam Kwon.
Kang Shim shows up at work to find the whole company buzzing with the rumor that she is dating a married man. Completely speechless to find out Madam Baek is the one that started the rumor, Kang Shim meets with Madam Baek to figure out if she is really that opposed to her dating Tae Joo. 

True to her unpleasant nature, Madam Baek admits that she is the one that spread the rumor and that she wants Kang Shim to leave Tae Joo's side. Instead of going the usual drama route of offering Kang Shim money though, Madam Baek offers to make Kang Shim vice director of a Hong Kong subsidiary company. 

Tae Joo hears about Madam Baek's offer to Kang Shim from his father and voices his strong opposition. Chairman Moon tells Tae Joo that this is a huge opportunity for Kang Shim and questions if Kang Shim really would give it up for a relationship that won't end in marriage anyway. When Tae Joo is still convinced that Kang Shim won't abandon him, Chairman Moon offers a deal to Tae Joo. If Kang Shim does give up such a golden opportunity for Tae Joo then Chairman Moon will acknowledge their relationship... but Tae Joo can't tell Kang Shim about the deal. 

Chairman Moon does have a point about Kang Shim giving up such a huge opportunity for a relationship that might just end  a month from now. But then, if she does take that promotion I wonder if Kang Shim would always wonder what might have been. 
Between Wook Tak and the promotion, Tae Joo is feeling like Kang Shim is all the sudden far away from him again. Lamenting with Eun Ho about his pain, Tae Joo all the sudden gets fired up and decides that he will fight for his love! 

Tae Joo's fire inspires Eun Ho and he decides to go see Seo Wool. 
Seo Wool gets a text from Eun Ho and comes out to meet him. However, when Seo Wool does see Eun Ho she gets all flustered and tries to sneak away. Catching sight of Seo Wool, Eun Ho stops her and pulls her in for a hug. 
Seriously? Are we back to this again? 
In the mean time, Daddy Cha has called all his family together via Wook Tak to announce his sixth condition. Just when Daddy Cha is ready to tells his family about his final condition ... a very loud and persistent door bell ring starts.  Okay? I am not sure how breaking your girlfriend's door bell is fighting for your love, but then Tae Joo's logic might not be all that normal. 


What is up with Seo Wool??? Are we REALLY back to her swaying between the two boys again? I don't necessary has a problem with her not knowing who she likes. I would be the first one to tell her to date both boys to figure out which one to pick. BUT I thought we were beyond that now. Since she has confirmed her relationship with Dal Bong then letting Eun Ho hug her is really getting into the cheating territory. Then again, they are young after all. Confirmed relationship can always get unconfirmed. I am just starting to get a whip lash as a viewer here. 

By the way, I hope Dal Bong doesn't end up inheriting Daddy Cha's tofu store... unless it really is his dream still. It just seems silly for someone that has Dal Bong's talent with cooking to be operating a tofu store as his career choice. 


  1. "I am sorry that you were childish enough to think that by owning me means I will love you."

    Thanks for all the recaps, I appreciate it~
    (Waiting for subs plain sucks >.<)

    Gahhh I really hope TaeJoo x KangShim works out well.. maybe in *cough* marriage *cough* but anything can happen ㅠ.ㅠ
    /prays to the kdramagods/

    I've been rooting for my OTP♥ (GSxTJ) since ep 1 so I hope all goes well *chuckles nervously* ㅠ.ㅠ

  2. do you know what kind of phone seo wool got? it looked cute. thanks :)

    1. It does look cute doesn't it, but I haven't quite made up my mind about the eyes yet... it might make me want to stare at it all the time.

      The phone Seo Wool got is LG Aka, but it's only available in Korean for now.