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Saturday, December 27, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 38 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: Why do I find Madam Kwon funnier and funnier? 
What Happens to My Family Episode 38 Recap
Kang Shim goes out to meet Tae Joo who interrupted the Cha family meeting with his incessant door bell ringing. Forcing all his jealousy rants and insecurities down, Tae Joo agrees to wait for Kang Shim at a nearby coffee shop until the family meeting is done. 

With Tae Joo out of the way, Kang Shim goes back in to hear Daddy Cha's final condition for making the lawsuit go away 
Everyone is stunned to find out that Daddy Cha's final condition is to have the three siblings take him and Auntie Cha to the hottest dance club in town. Incredulous, Kang Shim and Dal Bong turns to Kang Jae expecting him to be just as stunned. Instead, Kang Jae just tells his siblings to go with his dad's request. 

Kang Shim's feeling that something is off becomes full blown suspicion when she sees Kang Jae taking Daddy Cha's vitals. Quick to react to Kang Shim's questions about Daddy Cha's health, Kang Jae fools her by saying he is only using Daddy Cha as a test subject in one of his research.  
Between the shock of Daddy Cha's dance club request and questioning Kang Jae, Kang Shim completely forgets about Tae Joo who has been waiting for her at the coffee shop all this time. 

The next morning, facing a repentant Kang Shim, Tae Joo gives nothing but coldness. However, once Kang Shim leaves his office, Tae Joo's quickly mutters nervously "Was I too severe with her?"  On the other side of Kang Jae's office door, Kang Shim smiles "I haven't had this jittery feeling for long while. It's not bad, it's not bad." Ha! What a hilarious reaction to Tae Joo's show of pouting. 
Back to Seo Wool who met Eun Ho right before Daddy Cha's big announcement. After the shock of being pulled into a hug by Eun Ho passes, Seo Wool decides to once again clarifies with him that she wishes the two boys can be good friends but that means Eun Ho needs to see her only as a friend. 

Before Eun Ho and Seo Wool can hash out the difficult question if the three of them can really be friends, they are interrupted by Dal Bong's presence. 
Dal Bong gets called to Eun Ho's office to hear the Sous Chef's confession and to be the one to make the call if the Sous Chef should be fired or not. Dal Bong makes the Sous Chef pay for all the tofu he wasted and generously allows him to keep his job.
Taking the opportunity to answer Eun Ho's question if they all can really be friends, Dal Bong confesses that he has always felt a little guilty towards Eun Ho since it feels like he has somehow stolen the life that was suppose to be Eun Ho's. Well, if you ignore the fact that Eun Ho was the one that lied to Seo Wool by giving her Dal Bong's name in the first place. 

Dal Bong "I truly likes Seo Wool. Very much. Sincerely. I have liked her since the first time I met her 12 years ago and even when I met her again. I will keep liking Seo Wool in the future. So with that in mind, you tell me, do you think you can be friends with me til the end?" 

All we got was a cryptic smile from Eun Ho. 
Pushed to the limit by Miss Ko outing her true nature not only in front of everyone but also confessing both of their past to Auntie Cha, Madam Kwon calls Miss Ko on the phone and threatens to do bodily harm to her... while swearing like a sailor ... right in front of Hyo Jin. 

Completely aghast by her once refined mother's behavior, Hyo Jin turns away from Madam Kwon's frantic explanation and wonder off in shock.  
Blaming Miss Ko for her image being so gloriously ruined, Madam Kwon storms into Miss Ko's store ready to fight. Unfortunately for Madam Kwon, Miss Ko apparently still retain much of her moves from her high school days, and Madam Kwon ends up giving herself a black eye. 
Madam Kwon runs home in defeat and to ice her blackened eye. An already bad day turns even worse for Madam Kwon when she hears Professor Kwon telling Kang Jae to take Hyo Jin back to Daddy Cha's house. 

Surprised by Professor Kwon's change of heart, Kang Jae is touched when Professor Kwon chides him for hiding Daddy Cha's illness from him. 
All the kids gathers at the fried chicken store to figure out how exactly are they going to find a dance club that will let Daddy and Auntie Cha in. 

Across the street, Daddy and Auntie Cha looks with satisfaction of all the kids laughing together. 
Kang Jae slips away from the chicken store to confront Daddy Cha about missing his check up at the hospital. Father and son gets into a semi argument over Daddy Cha's refusal to accept any cancer treatment. 

After Daddy Cha leaves, Kang Jae comes out of the tofu store to find a stunned Kang Shim. Having heard the conversation between Daddy Cha and Kang Jae, Kang Shim demands "Tell me! What cancer treatment? Is dad sick?" 

Unable to hide Daddy Cha's secret anymore, Kang Jae finally admits the truth to Kang Shim. 

Whew, one more sibling knows. While I understand why Daddy Cha wants to keep his illness a secret so everyone's life can be kept as normal as possible, but how about the extreme level of regret all his kids will have if they really are kept in the dark until his death?

I really love the fathers in this hour. Chairman Moon's grumpiness over the possibility that Kang Shim might forsake Tae Joo over her promotion or Professor Kwon's kind understanding of Kang Jae's sorrow over Daddy Cha are both touching and really show cased how great these fathers are. 


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