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Monday, December 29, 2014

What Happens to My Family Episode 39 Drive By Recap

Question of the hour: What does it take to get some kisses around here? 
What Happens to My Family Episode 39
Continue on from Ep 38 where Kang Shim confirms the shocking news with Kang Jae that Daddy Cha is indeed sick and only has three months left to live. Devastated, Kang Shim is ready to charge right to Daddy Cha's side, but Kang Jae begs her to pretend ignorance since that is Daddy Cha's last wish. 
Remembering Woo Taek's mysterious warning to her about this being the last three months Daddy Cha can be a father to her, Kang Shim storms right into Woo Taek's office. Hitting Woo Taek repeatedly with her hands, Kang Shim can only desperately yells "You jerk! You jerk, how can you not tell me? How can you do this to me?"

Standing right out side of Woo Taek's door (because he just finished getting relationship advise from Woo Taek, Ha!), Tae Joo can only stand in silence as he listens to Kang Shim's loud wailing over Daddy Cha. 
Obviously still upset but ready to do her best to grant Daddy Cha's wish, Kang Shim forces herself to act as normal as possible around her father. 

The next morning, Tae Joo tries to get Kang Shim to tell him about Daddy Cha's illness but instead of what he expected, Kang Shim ends up asking Tae Joo's help in finding a dance club that would let Daddy and Auntie Cha in. 

Disappointed that Kang Shim still refuses to share her greatest sorrow with him, but nevertheless happy that he could help, Tae Joo quickly asks his subordinate to find a dance club for him.

Greatful to be able to lean on Tae Joo, Kang Shim surprises him by giving him a back hug. Awe, so sweet. 
To avoid going to the hospital, Daddy Cha ends up going on a "friendship date" with Miss Ko. After her lovely date and extracting a promise to have Daddy Cha take her along to the dance club, Miss Ko runs into Madam Kwon again. 

Still furious, Madam Kwon goes off on her sailor talk ... just to be caught once again by Hyo Jin. Completely disappointed in her once refined mother, Hyo Jin minced no words (well, she never does) to let her mom know her feelings.

Surprisingly, Miss Ko jumps into Madam Kwon's defense and convince a rather naive Hyo Jin that all the swearing Madam Kwon was doing was just "girlfriend" talk back in the old days.  
An unexpected crew of Tae Joo, Kang Shim, Kang Jae, Dal Bong and Eun Ho gathers to figure out how exactly they can make Daddy Cha's dance club request come true. Thanks to Eun Ho, the group finally hits upon the idea to turn the top floor of Tae Joo's company into a dance floor and by making the event a company celebration with the employees' families, it would be natural to have Auntie and Daddy Cha there.  
Daddy Cha's small request to have the three siblings take Auntie Cha and him to a club snow balls into a full on party as Chairman Moon, Madam Baek, the whole Kwon family, Eun Ho, Seo Wool and Miss Ko all showed up while wearing school uniforms. (The uniform thing was Eun Ho's idea.) 

To top off Daddy Cha's crazy fun, at the new year's count down Miss Ko plants a kiss on him much to his shock. 

Caught up in the excitement, Kang Shim all the sudden drags Tae Joo out to a balcony and asks "Do you want to get married? Moon Tae Joo?" 

We end the hour with fireworks going off in the back ground and an extremely stunned Tae Joo. 

Whew! What a roller coaster ride. We started off the hour with watching Kang Shim doubled over in pain and shock over Daddy Cha's illness but there were so much warmth all around as the hour progressed. I am not looking forward to Auntie Cha and Dal Bong finding out the truth though. I doubt it will be any less painful than Kang Shim's. Actually, I kinda fear how badly Auntie Cha will take it. Auntie Cha and Daddy Cha has such an awesome sibling relationship I think this would be a huge hit to her. 

Am I terrible that I am kinda sad that Miss Ko and Madam Kwon made up? I was really enjoying their gangster posturing with one another. 

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  1. OMG all of them in school uniforms??! I haven't watched many episodes yet but I think I'm just going to jump to this one first... wonder what will Tae Joo's answer be about the marriage proposal... I hoped for a traditional proposal where the guy proposes but this works too. :P