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Friday, December 12, 2014

You Are The Only One (K-Daily) Episode 1-15 First Impression

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Drama: You Are The Only One/ Only You, My Love
Episode: 120

Synopsis: Every synopsis I have seen so far says this show is about the story of several family living under the same roof. I guess that must happen later on, because by episode 15 I haven't seen families living together yet. Thus far it has been the story about our two leads' romance and the complex entanglement their families has with one another.


Song Do Won (Han Chae Ah)
A well known tv producer and a daughter who grew up with a single dad after her mother abandoned them to marry a rich chaebol. Despite her father's desire that she forget her mother ever existed, Do Won is still trying to find her mother.
Lee Jin Gun (Sung Hyuk)
A famous chef, owner of a successful restaurant and TV chef for Do Won's tv program. As a man who stays away from relationships due to his own parents' unhappy marriage, Jin Gun decides to give love a try after meeting Do Won.
Nam Hye Ri
The daughter of a rich family that Jin Gun's parents are trying to force him to marry. Hye Ri likes Jin Gun and is willing to use any means to make Jin Gun hers. Your typical I don't care if you love me, you just have to be mine kinda of crazy second lead.

Where we are by Episode 15

A talented producer, Do Won finally gets the hottest new chef, Jin Gun to agree to be on her show. On the day of the cooking show, Do Won falls into the ocean in her haste to grab the herbs that Jin Gun insists are necessary for his dish. Jin Gun rescues Do Won and is amazed by her tenacity just on his words alone.
It doesn't take much for Jin Gun to realizes that Do Won is the woman he wants... however, Do Won is not so sure about Jin Gun especially once she finds out from Hye Ri that Jin Gun is all but engaged to her.

After a few misunderstandings (mainly where Do Won thought Jin Gun is a playboy), Jin Gun wins the maiden's heart.
Of course, our lovely coupe can't just go skipping off into the sunset ... at least not in a 100+ episode show. As Jin Gun's parents' chosen future daughter-in-law who has harbored a crush on Jin Gun for over six years, Hye Ri is very apt at looking innocent in front of Jin Gun but uses whatever underhanded means possible to throw stumbling block on our two leads in private.
On to all the side characters: Do Won and her father are extremely close to each other except when it comes to the matter of Do Won's mom. Not able to let go of the trauma of being abandoned by her mom, Do Won decides to start searching for her mom despite her dad's feverent opposition.
Turns out Daddy Song was wise in his opposition, since the last thing Do Won's mom wants is to be found. Ready for some convoluted relationships? Do Won's mom is actually Hye Ri's mom as well (I am not quiet sure if she is actually Hye Ri's biological or step-mom). So now, Do Won's mom has a big problem on her hand since her second husband has thought all along that his wife was a widow and not a woman who abandoned her family.

Despite Jin Gun's opposition, his parents and Hye Ri's family decides to go ahead with the engagement ceremony. When Jin Gun realizes what kind of meeting his mom has tricked him into coming, he decides to clearly states "I have no intention of marrying Hye Ri and I have someone I like already." Unfortunately, Jin Gun's assertion just makes his dad show up with some gangsters at Do Won's work to "teach" her a lesson. 

Thanks to the debt collectors and Jin Gun's dad showing up with gangsters, Hye Ri ends up resigning from her job in order to pull out her pension to help with her dad's debt. 
No Young Gi: A single dad that works with Do Won's dad at his fruit store. It's not too obvious yet, but there are some signs maybe Young Gi has a crush on Do Won.
Oh Mal Soo: Despite being a wealthy landlord, Mal Soo still collects cardboard and empty soda cans to sell. Famous for being a cheapskate, all the market people wonders if Mal Soo's floor board is lined with gold bars.

Thanks to Hye Ri and her grandma, Daddy Song is about to lose his store. At the last minute, Mal Soo shows up with a bag of money and tells Daddy Song to either sign his store over to her or lose it to the debt collectors. His heart breaking, Daddy Song chooses to sign over his store to Mal Soo. 
This might be the beginning of where the families starts moving in together. 
Nam Soon: Travelling from Philippine all the way to Korea to search for his dad, Nam Soon ends up being taken in by Daddy Song when he finds himself without any means. I am guessing Nam Soon's dad might be Jin Gun's half brother.
Lee Ji Ae (Ji Gun's little sister) and Nam Hye Sung (Hye Ri's little brother) has no clue their families are thinking about becoming in laws. In fact, instead of acting like the chaebol prince and princess, the two are constantly fighting over the lack of money. They are the fun couple of this show.

First Impression:

The first ten episodes are great, and it really draws you in right away. Once the problems with Daddy Song's store starts happening though it does get bogged down a bit. But I am hoping now that Hye Ri resigned from her job, and Daddy Song has lost his store the storyline of where the families live together might start happening. 
The show is keeping my interest so far since I find the two leads quite refreshing. Do Won's character is a woman who is extremely capable but some what innocent in love. Jin Gun, a talented chef, is warm and not afraid to stand up to his family for Do Won's sake. Instead of turning on each other in crisis they have chosen to trust each other and lean on one another. Not sure if the trusting part can really continue in a 100+ episode show but I am interested to see how their relationship will develop. 


  1. Thanks a lot for this article.
    I watched five first episode and I like it!

  2. Spoiler alert
    Dowon's birth mom is Hye Ri's stepmother. Hye Ri's birth mother is ... Oh Malsu.