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Monday, January 5, 2015

Birth of a Beauty Episode 18-19 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: How is it that even the side characters in this show is so much quicker on the up take than the two leads? On the bright side, at least Lee Kang Joon's family is at least showing some appropriate horror at his willingness to murder. 

Despite Tae Hee's refusal to believe Sara really would leave him, he has no choice but to accept the hash reality when he sees Sara in the arms of Min Hyeok.    .
Sara finds out from other employees that Tae Hee has not only stopped going to work but has done nothing to save Winner Food. Left with no choice (if you don't count telling the poor guy the truth) Sara tells Tae Hee that the only reason she chose Min Hyeok over Tae Hee is due to Min Hyeok's ability. Sara's harsh words has the desired affect and Tae Hee throws himself into saving Winners Food with a vengeance.
However, thanks to Min Hyeok, all the employees in Winners Food are barred from helping Tae Hee in his food product development. Sara finds out about Tae Hee predicament and tries to help Tae Hee in secret. Unfortunately, a surprise visit by Tae Hee to the Winners Food food testing kitchen exposes Sara's secret. Still talking past each other, Sara uses Min Hyeok as her reason for helping while Tae Hee snickers at Sara's suggestion that Min Hyeok sincerely wishes him well.
Thanks to Sara's rice ball recipe, Tae Hee's product receives raving reviews and now has a chance to go head to head against Min Hyeok in the Chairman competition.

Ready to use whatever means to make Winners group and Sara his, Min Hyeok tells all the company directors that Sara developed the rice ball recipe on his order thus making all of Tae Hee's success as his own.
Stunned to finally see the the true nature of Min Hyeok, Sara calls Kang Joon and confirms for herself that Min Hyeok is the one that was behine Tae Hee's attack.

However, Sara's realization comes to late and Tae Hee tells her "Is not so much that I lost to Han Min Hyeok that upset me, but the fact that you, you were the one who set me up." 

Episode 19
Lots of meetings in this hour. Sara meets with Min Hyeok who threatens her with harming Tae Hee again if she keeps going against his wishes. Despite his belief that Sara has betrayed him, Tae Hee still can't help it but takes the time to warn Sara that Chae Yeon is planning to expose her identity through a talk show. 

Min Hyeok finds out from Kang Joon the whole truth about who Sara is and decides to cancel Sara's appearance on Chae Yeon's talk show. Not one to do any kind deeds, Min Hyeok tells Sara that "I want you to stay be me. Not forever, just until I tell you to leave. Right now, I just want to take Han Tae Hee's woman away from him." Well, such sweet words. 

Tae Hee FINALLY gets suspicious when he overhears Kang Joon and Sara's conversation and realizes that all the baddies has already figured out Sara's true identity. For a guy who keeps going around saying "I am the genius Han Tae Hee"... 
Tae Hee stops Sara in the parking lot and confronts her about her real reason for breaking up with him. Min Hyeok's warning still fresh in her mind, Sara denies being threaten and asks "Don't you regret meeting me? Your life has been in an uproar ever since you met me, aren't you tired and want to escape me?"

Tae Hee "I have not regretted one single moment of meeting you. How about you? Have you blame me for convincing you to change your identity and to do the surgery?"

Visibly touched by Tae Hee's words, but Sara can only react with fear when she gets a phone call from Min Hyeok to let her know that he is sitting right in the park lot and watching the two of them. 

Driving at a high speed, Min Hyeok's aims his car straight at Tae Hee. Reacting quickly, Sara pulls Tae Hee away to safety. Reminded once again just how dangerous Min Hyeok is, Sara makes an excuse to separate from Tae Hee.

Just when Tae Hee starts to piece all the puzzles together, Sara's friend shows up to tell him the whole story and to tell him that Sara is planning to hold a press conference to reveal her true identity. 

Tae Hee calls Sara on the phone to try to get her to cancel the press conference but Sara just replies "I have never been any help to you, and now I want to do this one thing for you." 

Surprisingly Sara doesn't tell her whole story but only reveals that she used to weigh over 100 lb, she changed her appearance through a full body plastic surgery, and that she was a homemaker for 8 years. Sara does stress the fact that she planned the whole surgery and fake identity by herself, thus stopping Min Hyeok's plan to oust Tae Hee by blaming him for making fake identity for Sara. 

Sitting on pins and needles now, Chae Yeon and Kang Joon are fearful that the press will soon find out about Sara's real name and thus reveals the whole sordid story behind the real reason why Sara decided to get plastic surgery. 

Chae Yeon cringe with fear when she gets a phone call from Sara telling her now that she has given the press the first piece of their story, the rest will be doled out one piece at a time. 
Mad with the need to find Sara, Tae Hee searches every single place he can possibly think of and finally finds her sitting at the same bench where they confirmed their feelings for each other before. 

Looking at each other across a long distance, Sara and Tae Hee smiles at each other. 


I am not sure if I should waste time being amazed at how dense our two leads were or just be glad that they finally figured out the truth. I really wished the writer used the last couple episodes to show us Sara and Tae Hee working together to beat the baddies instead of dumb misunderstandings, but I guess better late than never. 

I do have to admit that I was quite moved by the fact that Tae Hee was still willing to warn Sara about Chae Yeon's plan despite the fact he thought Sara has abandoned him for greener pasture. So while I was disappointed by Tae Hee's IQ to figure things out (I blame the writer), I was really impressed how he was still thankful for the happy moments he had with Sara. 


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