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Monday, January 12, 2015

Birth Of A Beauty Episode 20 and 21 (the End) Mini Recap

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After all the misunderstandings, Tae Hee and Sara is finally back together in their cozy home again. Of course the reunion is not complete until Tae Hee and Sara starts to plot in their secret cove to fight their common enemies.

Surprising everyone with her appearance, Sara first visits Min Hyeok to announce that she is, as always, Tae Hee's firm supporter and to warn him to think twice about hurting them since he would be the biggest suspect if either of them are harmed.

Min Hyeok receives another unpleasant surprise when he finds out that Tae Hee has published a company announcement to tell everyone the truth that Sara really developed the rice ball recipe for him and not by the order of Min Hyeok. Pushed to the brink, Min Hyeok tells his mother to make Tae Hee and Sara disappear from his life.

Grasping at straws, Kang Joon's family meets with Sara to beg for forgiveness. However, Sara points out that her mother and sister-in-laws really hasn't changed but are only nice to her because they are worried about themselves.

Feeling the call of prison closer than ever before, Kang Joon tries to convince Chae Yeon to return Sara's building back to her, but Chae Yeon just suggests that maybe Kang Joon should try getting rid of Sara for good this time. With a glint in his eye, Kang Joon grabs Chae Yeon by the collar and says "Sa Geum Ra aside, there is one more person I would need to get rid of too."

Ready to exact her revenge, Sara secretly arranges herself to be one of the guests on Chae Yeon's talk show. Seriously nervous now, Chae Yeon tries to get Sara to stop her plan by offering to give her building back to her, but Sara was not moved.

Slowly and deliberately, Sara tells her whole story to the world. Shock and murmur fills the whole recording studio as Sara looks right at Chae Yeon and names her both as her husband's mistress and a murder accomplice.  

Locking herself in the bathroom, as Chae Yeon listens to two women jeering at her crime while expressing sympathy for what Sara went through, she finally realizes her worst nightmare has come true.

Sitting in a diner, Kang Joon quietly sneaks away as the customers start to search his picture on their phone to get a look at the jerk that was so willing to murder his own wife.

Now that Sara has taken a momentous stride towards her revenge, our couple finds the time to play their favorite pastime game... taking turns to go over how perfect the other person is.  So weird but so cute. 
Thanks to Sara, Tae Hee was able to find a connection between the man who visited the hospital while Tae Hee was unconscious and the man who hit him in the warehouse. With amazing fly kicks and punches, Tae Hee is able to capture the man and takes his cell phone away from him. 
Without any idea who would hurt him if it was not Kang Joon and Min Hyeok, Tae Hee decides to set up a trap by texting everyone on the phone with a single line "I think someone found out I hurt Han Tae Hee."

Lawyer Choi gets Tae Hee's text (thinking it's from his man) while he is in the middle of assuring Madam Son that he is planning to get rid of Han Tae Hee the day before the board of director meets.

Worried about the text, Lawyer Choi calls back right away to figure out why his man has been found out. Sensing something is wrong when he doesn't hear any reply, Lawyer Choi quickly hangs up. Sitting with a thoughtful expression Tae Hee wonders why the voice on the other line sounds so familiar.

Episode 21
Tae Hee goes to visit his grandmother in hopes he could find out some clues about the familiar voice on the phone. Lawyer Choi chooses that perfect moment to visit Chairman Park, and Tae Hee connects the lawyer's voice to the one he heard as a child at the factory right away.
After confirming that Lawyer Choi is also the voice on the cell phone, Tae Hee confronts him with the evidence and asks if Min Hyeok and his mother is behind both the factory explosion and the attack on himself.

Keep a stoic face, Lawyer Choi refuses to answer Tae Hee, but immediately rushes to meet with Madam Son (Min Hyeok's mother) to inform her that all their secret is out. Madam Son tries to convince Lawyer Choi to keep following their plan and to kill Tae Hee with another explosion so her son can become the Winners chairman, but Lawyer Choi has wise up to the fact Madam Son is only using him.
Not knowing danger is fast approaching them, Sara decides to take the initiative this time and proposes to Tae Hee. Tae Hee happily accepts Sara's proposal but later remembers that he still has to take care of the issue of getting Kang Joon to sign on Sara's divorce paper.
Things are going quite badly for Chae Yeon whose career came to an abrupt end after Sara's public revelation. Unable to understand why she is the only one suffering while Sara gets public sympathy when both of them has being living with lies,

Sara "While I apologized with sincerity, you still haven't changed at all. That's the biggest difference between us."

Realizing his only chance of avoiding prison is to run away abroad, Kang Joon asks Tae Hee for money and a fake passport in exchange for his signature on the divorce papers. Tae Hee shows up at a Winner's storage to make the deal with Kang Joon, but the minute Kang Joon signs the divorce paper he calls out Min Hyeok's men and informs Tae Hee "Why would I go this far? What to do, Han Min Hyeok refuses to let you live."
Knowing that Min Hyeok and his mom is ready to abandon him, Lawyer Choi finally succumbs to his guilty conscious and confesses his crimes to Chairman Park. Lawyer Choi's confession comes a bit too late though, since Sara has already shown up to give Chairman Park a letter from Tae Hee that tells his grandma the truth.

Sara and Chairman Park rushes to the storage building in fear that Tae Hee will die the way his parents did. Without any consideration for her own safety, Sara starts charging into the building to find Tae Hee. Chairman Park tries to keep Sara from going in for fear of the building exploding, but Sara just replies "I have to go in. As long as Tae Hee is there I have to go."  
In the mean time, Min Hyeok and his mom can hardly contain their joy after receiving confirmation that their plan to kill Tae Hee has gone off without a hitch. What seems like a sure victory for Min Hyeok hits a snag though when the stock holder decides to vote for Tae Hee despite his absence. Hardly able to contain his fury, Min Hyeok through gritted teeth says "Han Tae Hee is not here... or won't be able to come."
Just when Min Hyeok glories in the fact that no matter what the stock holder wants, Tae Hee is already dead, in walks none other than Tae Hee. Following Tae Hee's appearance, the police also shows up to take Min Hyeok and his mother away for their crimes.
We back track a bit to show that just when Tae Hee is about to be in serious danger, the police shows up at the nick of time and saves him. Sara also rushes in right after the police, so the two can have a sweet couple time in a building that apparently is in danger of exploding.
Now that Min Hyeok and his mom taken care, it's Kang Joon's time to pay for his crime. Unbeknownst to Kang Joon, not only has Tae Hee put a location tracker in the money bag, the fake passport is also a trap to trigger the appearance of police whenever Kang Joon uses it. Without much incident, Kang Joon is taken away into custody when he tries to leave Korea. 
With their revenge complete, the only thing left to do is for Sara and Tae Hee to finally get married. Still a bit unsettled, Sara asks Tae Hee if he is sure that he wants to marry her even if she might still suffer after affects from her surgery or if their kids won't look pretty? Smiling at Sara's questions, Tae Hee assures her that his love for her already includes all her shortcomings.
On the day of their wedding, Tae Hee and Sara looks at each other with bliss while Chae Yeon looks on before she leaves for the airport. 
And our couple finally gets married! So pretty!!! 


Finally, an ending I like. My poor heart has been so abused lately by bad to unsatisfactory endings, it is really nice to have such a sweet ending. While this show certainly had plenty of short comings and you really can't think too much about the loop holes at all BUT it has somehow been an enjoyable ride. I think the biggest saving grace for this show has been the interaction between the two leads. Tae Hee and Sara's cute interaction and willingness to support one another were always wonderful to watch. 

I was kinda disappointed Chae Yeon didn't suffer any legal consequences but was able to go abroad and start afresh. That just seems a bit too light for her willingness to kill up to the very end. It looks like maybe the writer was trying to hint that she is starting to feel a sense of guilt but I am not too convinced that she has changed all that much. 

Oh, well. At least I am satisfied with most of the endings with the baddies. 

 It was really touching at the end where Kang Joon's dad apologizes to Sara and tells her to forget everything and to live a blissful life. I was afraid that even Kang Joon's dad would be willing to toss his moral right out the window when it comes to his son, but I was glad to see that Daddy Lee remained good til the very end.

ps. One of the prettiest wedding shots I have seen in dramas. 


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