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Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #10

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 Dear Mom (T-Daily) 
This Taiwanese Daily is surprisingly good. Give it a try! 

First Impression: HERE

Running Rose (New show- K Daily)
This is a promising K Daily. The story line is kinda predictable at first but it is getting interesting by episode 10.

First Impression: HERE

Birth of a Beauty 

This show will end this weekend!!! I am really hoping for the villains to have some horrible ending waiting for them. 

Still my current drama crack. Loves it! The secrets are starting to come out and feelings can no longer be denied!!! 
Favorite Scenes of episode 9-10: HERE

First Impression Ep1-4 HERE 
Pride & Prejudice 
I am kinda sad this one will only have two more episodes. It really is a really well done. I am dying to know if the director is a good guy or not. 

The Legendary Witch 
I still really like this show and with secrets starting to come out and our two leads finally admitting their feelings, I think it's about to get really interesting. 

 Singles Villa (C-Drama New) 

Isn't that a pretty poster?! I'll write a first impression on this show soon, but it's about a bunch of singles who becomes entangled in romance while living in a villa that specifically forbids romances. I am up to episode 4 and it has my interest piqued. 
Kill Me Heal Me (K-Drama New )
REALLY promising.

First Impression: HERE

Ninja's List This Week:
1. Healer
2. Pride & Prejudice
3. What's Happens to My Family
4. Kill Me Heal Me
5. Birth of a Beauty 


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