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Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #11

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Birth of a Beauty 

Time to put this one on your marathon list for those of you who like to wait until a show finish airing before watching it! A show with a lot of imperfections but I still enjoyed myself. Remember to go in with low expectations and you will like it. 

Episode 20-21 (end) Mini Recap: HERE

Can't wait until Monday to see if our heroine finds out the hero's secret identity!  
Favorite Scenes of episode 11-12: HERE

First Impression Ep1-4 HERE 
Pride & Prejudice (completed) 
I will really miss this show! Great story line, great acting and most importantly it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. 

Episode 20-21(end) Mini Recap: HERE

 Singles Villa (C-Drama) 

I am behind on this show but I am hoping to get catch up this week! 
Kill Me Heal Me (K-Drama )
My new favorite! Check it out if you haven't yet. Ji Sung's acting is awesome here. 

Episode 3-4 Recap: HERE

Heart of Steel (T-Drama New)
After watching the first two episodes, this one is currently on my maybe list. The acting and story line is not bad, but the propensity for the leads to run into baddies at every turn is making the story too over the top for me. Lovely motorcycles though! 
Pinoochio (Completed)
I finished watching this today and I really loved the ending. I haven't blogged about this show at all, but have been watching it off and on... which I feel kinda bad since the show really is quite good. I would definitively recommend this one. 

My Sunshine (C-Drama New)
I finally found my next C-Drama!!! For those of you who watched Boss & Me (C Drama 2014), this show is based on a book written by the same author. Definitively check it out if you liked Boss & Me. 

Ninja's List This Week:
1. Healer
2. Kill Me Heal Me 
3. What's Happens to My Family
4. My Sunshine (C-Drama)
5. Trying to figure out if I should check out SPY (K-Drama) or not. 


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