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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #13

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 Kill Me, Heal Me (Aired Ep 8-9 this week)
My current drama crack! Need I say more? 

 My Sunshine (C-drama)

Finished this week, so great for you marathoners.

The Legendary Witch (Airing Ep. 29-30)
Lots of secrets came out last week, so I expect even MORE secrets to be out this week! 

 Someone Like You (T-Drama, Airing Episode 4 this week)

First Impression: HERE
 Hyde Jekyll and Me (Aired Ep. 3-4 this week)

A story about a woman who falls in love with a man who has split personalities. 

I watched the first two episodes and haven't quite made it back to watch ep 3-4. BUT Mama Ninja just told me tonight that she is really liking this one right now, so I just might give it another try. 

 Enchanting Neighbor (K-Daily)

My current guilty pleasure right now. The story is way too messy to tell in a few sentences but I will be doing a first impression on this one soon. 

 The Lady & The Liar (C-Drama, Aired episode 5-6 today)
So Pretty!!! A story about a rich heiress who ends up becoming a mobster's fiancee when she loses her memory. In the mean time, a female thief has stolen the heroine's identity and is ready to steal her real fiancee as well. 

I am crossing my fingers that this one will end on a happy note because it looks like one of those that really could go either way. Still, the story is really engaging and did I mention it is SO PRETTY! 

Best Time (C-Drama - An old show that aired back in 2013)

My Sunshine ended so I had to get my fix of Wallace Chung some other way... currently on episode 13 and I am really liking it so far. 

Synopsis: The heroine gives up a great paying job in order to work in the same company as her long time crush. Unfortunately, her boss is onto her secret and is set on throwing road blocks in her way.. for obvious reasons, since he is the one in the poster. 


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