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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Friday Drama Round Up #9

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Running Rose (New show- K Daily)
I am up to ep.11 on this one and I think it will take at least another five episode for me to decide if this one is a keeper or not. 

First Impression for Ep 1-10: HERE

The Romance of the Condor Heroes (C-Drama)
Watched to: Episode 15
It's a sickness I tell you. I try to pretend disinterest but I keep checking back on this show ... just to prove myself again that I really am not interested. 

This particular remake is taking a whole lot longer to tell the original story than all the other versions. The problem is that they have added so much details to the story that I am not sure the two leads are ... well, the leads anymore. At least so far I feel like I am following the hero around while he hears all the sob story of EVERY person he meets. Hmm... I just realized maybe I should have taken the English name of this show literally. It really is about all the romances of the Condor heroes. 

Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo 
Watched to: Episode 5

Jealousy from our hero Naoki?? So crazy! I am really enjoying this remake so far since they have been able to balance Naoki's stoic nature and adding emotions to him. 

Watched to: Episode 8
My current crack drama right now. Mama Ninja doesn't seems to agree with me, but she is not a super hero geek like I am. 

Mama Ninja "Sheeze, what was so great about this week? Are you spazzing just because of the kiss?"

Ninja, with a incredulous look "HELLO? Spider man kiss?" (okay okay, he is not hanging up side down, but I am not picky.) 

First Impression Ep1-4 HERE 
Pride & Prejudice 
Watched to: Episode 17
Can't wait for Monday... 

 The Emperor Through Modern Time (C-Drama)

I have been searching for a good Chinese drama and sadly nothing is sticking. The Emperor Through Modern Time is my first failed attempt. The story is fairly straight forward with a girl who somehow got sent back in time as an Emperor's consort. When the heroine gets zapped back to the modern time, the emperor also got brought back with her. The heroine has no love for the emperor though since he killed her monk lover. 

Yes, it's as bad as it sounds. I actually don't necessary have a problem with the plot and was intrigued enough to check out the first two episodes but I just couldn't finish it. 

The Great Protector (C-Drama)

This one has Wallce Huo in it... which was why I tried watching it even if it has EPIC historical show written all over it. From the few episodes I saw the acting was really good and the plot was decent but the EPIC finally sent me away scrambling. 

Ninja's List This Week:
1. Healer
2. Pride & Prejudice
3. What's Happens to My Family
4. Kill Me Heal Me (new show)
5. Keeping looking for a C-Drama 


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