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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Healer Episode 11-12 Favorite Moments

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Fav Moment #1
Despite Young Shin's belief that she only has eyes for Healer... I think she is also falling for the nerdy version of Healer too. My evidence? This scene where Young Shin is really bothered by the fact Jung Hoo admits that he is avoiding her and has chosen to follow Moo Ho around instead.

Fav Moment #2
I just love how the great Healer always stumbles like a nervous kid when it comes to his girl. This one is where Jung Hoo reads Young Shin's invitation to a date and he stumbles over something on the ground.

Fav Moment #3
Awesome moment where Young Shin starts to leave the movie theater after she is resigned to the fact a date with the great Healer means not seeing his face at all. Jung Hoo grabs Young Shin's hand right at the door and the two intertwines their hands together.
Through out the whole scene, Jung Hoo has his face slightly averted with a rather pained look, while Young Shin looks like she has won the lottery. I'll have to admit that during this scene I was both going "Awe.... so sweet" and "Should Young Shin really be so happily holding hands with a man she knows so little about?"

Fav Moment #4
Myung Hee finally realizes her husband might not be so perfect after all. While meeting with Jung Ho's mom, Myung Hee finds out that her husband Moo Sik had threatened Mama Seo to stop digging into Daddy Seo's death. I am both a bit scared at how badly Myung Hee will react once she finds out the whole horrid truth and excited to see her wake up from her sadness and fight like a mama tiger for her daughter.

Episode 12
Fav Moment #1
I wish we get to see Jung Hoo in more disguises. This one is where he is dressed up a young man who just returned from U.S. in an effort to use his real name to get information on his dad's case.

Fav Moment #2
I was crying buckets when Myung Hee assures Jung Hoo that his dad would would never kill his friend, her first husband. Of course soon Myung Hee's assurance is the last thing on Jung Hoo's mind when he finds out that Young Shin is her daughter.

Fav Moment #3
Fav Moment #2 leads to this lovely scene where Jung Hoo beats Moo Ho up. It feels like I am being mean too Moo Ho, but I rather enjoyed seeing him getting beat up by Jung Hoo... even though I kinda understand why he lied about Young Shin being dead.

Fav Moment #4
Understandably upset after finding out that his dad might very well be the one that killed Young Shin's dad, Jung Hoo shows up at Young Shin's house and pulls her in for a hug. 

At first surprised, Young Shin quickly calms down after hearing Jung Hoo's plea for comfort. Here is the really interesting part: Young Shin closes her eyes while she is in Jung Hoo's arm... because it feels so familiar to Healer's holding?? 
I love the fact that Jung Hoo uses the excuses that he is too scare of the bugs that has suddenly appeared in his house to stay at Young Shin's. 

Fav Moment #5
Jung Hoo drops some cloth on the ground and as they both reaches down, Jung Hoo and Young Shin's hands touch. Noticing that familiar feeling again, Young Shin intertwines her hands around Jung Hoo's before chiding herself for imagining things. It's him!!! Silly girl, it's him right there!  

Fav Moment #6
I love the conversation between Healer's ajumma and Jung Hoo where he admits "I like Chae Young Shin."

Ajumma "Duh!" 

I was kinda afraid that Jung Hoo's ajumma might only be using him as a tool for money but it is really nice to see that she obviously cares very much about him. 

Fav Moment #7
Okay, not quite happy to see Jung Hoo lying in a pool of blood BUT I am dying to know if Young Shin will find out the truth of Jung Hoo's identity next week!!! 

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  1. I love Moo Ho! He is the reason i watch this drama. Young Shin is cute in a fluffy way that can at times be annoying. Jung Hoo's character is rather boring. This is just my opinion!