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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Healer Episode 13-14 Favorite Moments

4:56 PM Posted by ninja , 2 comments
Episode 13 Favorite 

Moment #1
In his delirium Jung Hoo calls for Young Shin and grabs onto her hands. That familiar feeling of holding Jung Hoo's hand finally hits Young Shin over the head with the suspicion that Jung Hoo is Healer. Rushing to Jung Hoo's car, Young Shin searches for clues to confirm her suspicion and finds the paper star she made. 

I love this part ... well... because she knows!!!! 

Favorite Moment #2
Love this one! Young Shin cries to her dad about a jerk who has lie to her "every word he said was a total lie... but I am too scare to tell him I know because what if he leaves? I can't bear it if he leaves." 

Favorite Moment #3
To protect his mother, Jung Hoo tells her that he is cutting off all contact with her since she is just a mom who abandoned him for her new family. Even though she is aware that Jung Hoo is only saying the harsh words for the listening ears, Jung Hoo's mom still sobs in pain. 

I am starting to soften towards Jung Hoo's mom although I still don't think her regret makes up for abandoning her own child. 

Favorite Moment #4
Mama Choi (Young Shin's mom, Myung Hee) is finally waking up to the truth of her husband! Looking at Moon Sik with a smile that hides a coldness underneath it, Myung Hee pulls her hand away from Moon Sik and wonders out loud how he was able to afford all her expensive hospital bills years ago.  

Favorite Moment #5

Knowing full well that his secret is probably out, Jung Hoo can hardly keep his cool when Young Shin tells him how much she misses Healer, and her desire to kiss him. Oh my heaven, she is killing him. 

Just when Jung Hoo is about to break from Young Shin's words, she pulls away from him. 

Favorite Moment #6
Super sad scene, one I really wish didn't have to happen but the impact is pretty big. Sitting across from Detective Yoon, Young Jae calmly and even with a bit of a sad humor says "I told you... I don't have much time." 

Episode 14

Favorite Moment #1

Jung Hoo loses control after he sees Young Jae's body being wheeled out of the police station. In his pain, Jung Hoo has a flash back of a younger Young Jae trying miserably to cook seaweed soup for Jung Hoo on his birthday. 

Favorite Moment #2

Moon Ho tries to stop Jung Hoo from rushing off to kill his enemies, but Jung Hoo just beats him up whenever Moon Ho gets in his way.

I swear I actually likes Moon Ho, but for some strange reason I just really like seeing Jung Hoo beating him up. 

Favorite Moment #3
We finally get some back story on our super cyber ajumma, Jo Min Ja. Min Ja was Detective Yoon's boss once upon a time and I love the fact she has a habit of whacking him on the head. 

Favorite Moment #4
Totally unaware they are mother and child, Young Shin and Myng Hee discuss the possibility of doing an interview together. Awe, that's really sad they are so close yet so clueless of the truth. I don't think Myung Hee ever considered the possibility that her husband lied about her daughter's death so I shudder to think what will happen when she finds out the truth. 

Favorite Moment #5
Thanks to Min Ja, Young Shin is able to somehow get into Jung Hoo's supposedly impossible fortress of a home. Upon finding an extremely weak Jung Hoo who complains of being cold, Young Shin climbs in and tries to warm him up. 
Once awake, Jung Hoo is not as friendly as when he was in his delirium and tries to drag Young Shin out of his house. Running away from Jung Hoo, Young Shin refuses to leave and tells him "If I leave, you will cry for the rest of your life." 

Jung Hoo "You will be hurt by me."
With a sure smile, Young Shin replies "You won't hurt me." 

His defense broken, Jung Hoo pulls Young Shin to him and cries.
Cupping Jung Hoo's face with her hands, Young Shin pulls Jung Hoo in for a kiss. 

Awesome sweet moment! I really like the intimate scenes between these two leads. They are always so good injecting feelings from trepidation, sweet young love to desperation in those scenes.  


  1. I have the opposite reaction! Everytime I see him beating up Moon Ho or even not looking at him properly, I wish I could beat up the jerk Jung Hoo.
    It's good that Young Shin realises the identity of the Healer. I was not comfortable with her thinking she was in love with a man whose identity she didn't even know, who she has no relationship with. To me that is infatuation, not love! So now, let her work her charm on Jung Hoo so he will be less of a jerk towards Moon Ho!

    1. I totally agree with you that it was high time for Young Shin to find out who she really is dating. I was getting a bit bothered by her readiness to commit everything to someone she has never even seen as well. You think Jung Hoo's attitude towards Moon Ho would get better? I highly doubt it especially if Moon Ho keeps referring to Young Shin as the lady I like.