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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Healer Episode 15 & 16 Favorite Moments

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Favorite Moment #1
Obviously Jung Hoo believed Young Shin when she told him "If you let me go now, then you will cry for the rest of your life..."

Kissing and we end with hugging in bed... That was fast?! 

Favorite Moment #2

Dang, this was probably the hottest hair drying I have ever watched.

I also love how Jung Hoo can't believe Young Shin is real, so he just hangs on her every chance he gets. 

Favorite Moment #3

Ah... young love. Jung Hoo sends Young Shin away on the bus, but ends up getting on the bus right after her just so he can sit by her for one whole stop. 

Favorite Moment #4
Jung Hoo finally officially introduces himself to Young Shin with his real name. Young Shin smiles then says "Come here, just let me hit you a few time." Ha!

Favorite Moment #5

Young Shin pulls a stunt to get all the detectives to rush out of the office under the pretense she spotted Healer. Using the opportunity Young Shin made for him, Jung Hoo was able to get into the police computer.

Jung Hoo "Miss, do you know how many law you just broke?"
Young Shin "Why did I meet this kind of boyfriend? This... is too much fun!"
Jung Hoo smiles "Boyfriend..."

Favorite Moment #6

Jung Hoo delivers the crooked detective who has been working with Moon Sik's secretary and was the one who killed Jung Hoo's teacher into the hands of Detective Yoon. I love how Jung Hoo was even nice enough to put arrow sticky notes for the cops. Poor Detective Yoon, he was so angry at one of his team being a bad apple that he started laughing.

Favorite Moment #7

The one thing I really like about his show is that they are able to convey this sense of mission with Moon Ho and his bunch of renegade news reporters who reports news that no one else is willing to touch with a ten foot pole.

I really like this scene where Moon Ho is reporting about Jung Hoo's teacher's murder in the police station. The silence that falls after Moo Ho's report is one of reverence ... and, well, maybe a slight "Dang, what did we just do..."

It was also nice to see that Moon Ho's report became a sort of closure for Jung Hoo.
Young Shin "You (Jung Hoo) are surrounded by a lot of good people... but I am the coolest one!"

Episode 16

Favorite Moment #1
Heart breaking moment. After finding out that Jung Hoo's father was indicted for killing her father, Young Shin can't help it but act stiffly around Jung Hoo. It doesn't take long for Jung Hoo to put two and two together. Jung Hoo takes a step towards Young Shin and unable to control herself, Young Shin takes a step back while her fingers grip the table behind her.

Slowly backing away, Jung Hoo says "They say my father might not be the killer, so I have been waiting until I find proof... Okay, well, that's it..."
What a heart breaking scene. *sob* While I kinda understand Young Shin's reaction, but it must have proved to Jung Hoo one more time that people he loves will eventually leave him... abandon him even. 

Favorite Moment #2

Fortunately, Jung Hoo's stoic departure must have jerked Young Shin out of her fear and she races after Jung Hoo. Clutching Jung Hoo's coat, Young Shin earnestly tells him "Go and find it (the evidence), but you must come back okay. Come back even if you don't find it."

Touching Jung Hoo's face, Young Shin tells him "You are not a bad person."
Jung Hoo "I know."
Jung Hoo starts to walk away, but ends up coming right back to get a goodbye kiss.
I love Young Shin's father's and his friend's expression when they see Young Shin hugging Jung Hoo.

Favorite Moment #3

Oh NO!!!! In his earnest to find out the truth, Jung Hoo puts himself in an obvious trap set up by the baddies. Trying to protect the only man that has recordings of his father's testimony against numerous men, Jung Hoo yells in frustration when the man ends upreceives a fatal blow on his head. 

Young Shin arrives in time to see a bloodied bat and Jung Hoo's blood stained face as he kneels by the dead man's body. 

I am really hoping that Young Shin is not thinking Jung Hoo is the killer... 


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