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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Healer Episode 9-10 Favorite Moments

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Fav Moment #1
I know the kissing scene really should be part of episode 8, but hey it's still one of my favorite in this episode.

How awesome is that the kiss makes the great Healer weak in the knee and he stumbles while walking.

Fav Moment #2
I love love the scene between the young Young Shin who is too scared from the physical abuse she suffered and her adoptive father who patiently sat, sang and danced for her.

It was especially touching when Chi Soo (Young Shin's adoptive father) tells the young Young Shin that he is a robot who has a small button in the form of a mole at the back of his neck so he can be turned on and off if Young Shin just press it. Tirelessly, the young Young Shin presses the magic button and smiles as Chi Soo powers up and powers off. I can imagine how scared that little girl must have been and Chi Soo was so awesome to know that she needed that sense of control if she was to feel safe around him.

Fav Moment #3
Fabulous entry by Jung Hoo and Young Shin in their disguise as some rich wedding guests.

I totally applauded when Young Shin decides that in order to ask her questions and get the sex bribery case out int the open she needs to draw attention to herself. Young Shin takes off her jacket and immediately has all camera on her.

Fav Moment #4
A reverent hash falls on every employee in Someday News as they all realized what a great accomplishment (and what trouble they have caused) they have done by reporting the news that no one else dared to.
I especially love Moon Ho's friend's words "What did I just do? I wasn't crazy like this before!"
Oh, and the jealous look from Jung Ho when Young Shin is talking happily with Moon Ho.

Fav Moment #5
Nervous to be in the elevator again after her near death experience, Young Shin grabs onto Jung Hoo's hand for comfort. Flustered to have his hand in Young Shin's grasp, Jung Hoo starts to lean towards Young Shin ... for a kiss? But we never found out what he intended because the elevator stopped right at that moment.

Fav Moment #6
Jung Hoo takes Young Shin to a balcony, one with a fire pit AND beer no less. Jung Hoo takes the opportunity to ask Young Shin "Sunbae, if that person you are waiting for never comes... would I do? Could I be the one to stay by your side?"

A bit unsure, Young Shin asks "Are you confessing to me?"
Tilting his head, Jung Hoo nods and replies "Yes."
Turning serious now, Young Shin asks again "Are you being sincere?"
Giving a small smile, Jung Hoo nods again "Yes."
I all but melt in a poodle!!! That wryly smile!!! 

Pointing at her heart, Young Shin gives her reply "Here is all full, there is no space right now. So I can't right now."

Jung Hoo "Because of that person?"
Young Shin "Yes, because of that person."

Putting the beer to his lips again, Jung Hoo tells Young Shin that "Okay, over, finished, I give up."
Feeling a bit strange at how well Jung Hoo took her rejection but relieved that he doesn't seems to be too hurt, Young Shin remarks "It's strange, you felt like a different person just now."

Jung Hoo quickly goes back to his nerd disguise and say "Of course, the first time I make a confession and I was rejected in under three seconds flat."

So I didn't think of this, but Mama Ninja thinks that Jung Hoo did this whole confession because he was jealous of Moon Ho and wanted to make sure he is still Young Shin's current crush. I personally assumed Jung Hoo was trying to figure out a way to be with Young Shin as Jung Hoo and not as Healer... but seeing how happy he was after Young Shin rejected him maybe Mama Ninja is right.

Fav Moment #7
A flash back of when a young Jung Hoo first meet his teacher. I was appropriated wowed by Jung Hoo's teacher's flipping in the air over a car.

It was also heart breaking to watch Jung Hoo's cry of "You are kidding right? You are not really leaving right? Today is my birthday!" when his teacher decides to leave with only a quick wave goodbye. Poor kid, no wonder he has trust issue. 

Fav Moment #8

Jung Hoo finds out from his teacher that his dad supposedly committed suicide because he killed his friend over money. I put this one in for Mama Ninja who says this is the part where she finally got the attraction of Jung Hoo. 
I personally really like this scene where Jung Hoo tosses his teacher across the room in anger, and his teacher just roll with it and lands like it was nothing. 

A Bonus from Jung Hoo

Ji Chang Wook, the actor that plays Healer posted this picture on Instagram with this message "Healer...Try it if you haven't watched it yet... is this a pleading? ... I guess it is..." 


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