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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Heart of Steel (T-Drama) Episode 1-2 First Impression

Drama: Heart of Steel (T-Drama)

Synopsis: After his sister's accident, Ke Zhi swears he will not touch motorcycles anymore but after he meets the heroine a series of events makes keeping his promise difficult. Will Ah Zhi chase after his dream or keep his promise as his guilt demands. 

Yang Ke Zhi, Hero. After coming home from a self exile due to his sister's accident, Ke Zhi is determined to keep his promise to his father to never touch motorcycles again. But after accidentally injuring an employee of a motorcycle shop, Ke Zhi has no choice but to work his debt off. 

Our hero has a kind heart, brilliant at customizing motorcycles, great fighter and most of all, deeply immersed in his guilt towards his sister who has been in a coma for years. 
Gao Ming (2nd Male Lead) Friends with Ke Zhi but also has complex feelings towards him because his girlfriend still harbors feeling towards Ke Zhi. Son of a wealthy father, Gao Ming is not your usual 2nd generation rich boy but is one who is determined to blaze a path in the world of motorcycle business on his own merit.  

Ren Yu Jie (Heroine) Despite her sunny disposition, Yu Jie is working hard under the pressure to make enough money for her sister to receive the necessary medical operation she needs. Yu Jie meets Ke Zhi when he saved her from a bunch of men in a dance club and since then she has been like a whirl wind turning Ke Zhi's life upside down. Yu Jie's dream is to be a professional dancer but she has since given up that dream due to her sister's illness. 
Shen Yi Jun (Second Female Lead) An expert lawyer, Yi Jun had a crush on Ke Zhi since her university days, but after Ke Zhi disappeared without a word Yi Jun ended up dating Gao Ming. Now that Ke Zhi is back, Yi Jun's heart is starting to flutter again for him. 

Recognize these two for those of you who watches T-dramas? Kuo Shu Yau (She is currently in Aim High as Mao Mao) and Ren Wu (The Lying Game) guest starred during the first episode respectively as a dancer and dancer trainer. I especially had a good laugh at Ren Wu's portrayal of the effeminate dance trainer since Ren Wu has had quite a few lead roles lately so it was awesome to see him playing a funny side character for once. 

First Impression 

Is Taiwan such a dangerous place? That was my first thought after watching the episode 1 & 2 of Heart of Steel. In a span of two hours, there sure was a lot of random jerks that popped out of no where. However, if one just over look the random baddies, the show itself really has potential. The acting is not bad at all and the motorcycles are great of course. 

With the many new shows that are out there right now, I am not sure this one will make it on my watch list but I do think it has potential. 

Heroine's sister


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