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Friday, January 9, 2015

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 1 & 2 Recap and First Impression

Synopsis: A romance between a sole heir to a large corporation who has 7 personalities and a 1st year psychiatrist resident who becomes his secret doctor.

Episode 1
Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung), the sole remaining heir of a chaebol family is thankfully still alive after his grandfather dies of a mysterious car accident and he was subsequently rescued from another mysterious fire from the family mansion.

Despite the many tragedies in his life, Do Hyun grows up well and is well known in his American university as the guy who is nice to everyone. Do Hyun's friend is both amazed at how good he is at everything he does and frustrated with his willingness to please everyone. 
True to his friend's warning that his Mr. Goody personality will eventually bring trouble to him, Do Hyun ends up getting beat up while delivering a paper report to a girl he knew as a favor. In the midst of getting beaten to a pulp, Do Hyun starts getting images of himself as a child being cornered by someone terrible.

Confused by the memories, Do Hyun snaps back into reality to find the girl he was trying to help has just named him as the bad guy to the police.
After a horrendous night of getting beat up and hauled to the police station, Do Hyun gets home and suffers what looks like a seizure. Do Hyun tries to reach for some medications, but before he can do so, his body all the sudden stops jerking in pain and his hands makes a slow tapping motion.

A blue light flashes across Do Hyun's eyes and we see him looking in the mirror with a smile. Changed completely from top to bottom, this new Do Hyun goes back to the house he was at earlier that day and proceeds to beat the perpetrator until the guy begs for mercy and agrees to never touch Do Hyun's classmate again.

The next morning, Do Hyun wakes up to find himself not only dressed strangely but also without any recollection of what happened last night.
Thus Do Hyun's life begins with "strangers" that would take over from time to time and with it bring some undesired consequences. Such as not recognizing the sexy woman who compliments him for how cool he was the night before... and subsequently ticking off the lady by not knowing who she is... and getting dipped into hot water repeatedly by gangsters since apparently the lady is not your normal sort of woman.
Thanks to his short stay at the police station, Do Hyun's grandma, Chairman Seo has summoned him back to Korea. Unwilling to let his family find out about his split personalities, Do Hyun decides to stay put in U.S.

Despite what Do Hyun decided, his other personality has different ideas, and Do Hyun wakes up one day to find himself on a plane arriving in the Korea International Airport. Via a recording on his phone, one of Do Hyun's other personality - Shin Se Gi informs Do Hyun that he is taking them back to Korea so they could take over Seung Jin group.

Flustered, the first thing Do Hyun does when he sets foot in the airport is to try to book the very next flight back to U.S, but before he could finish his reservation he is greeted by his grandmother's men to escort him back.
Resigned to his fate, Do Hyun starts to follow his grandma's men, but suddenly a woman (our heroine Oh Ri Jin) rushes towards him and drags a man out that has been hiding behind Do Hyun. Soon, Do Hyun is being used as a human shield while Ri Jin goes crazy trying to get at her brother in order to vent her anger. Screaming, Ri Jin yells "You used my name and set all those reporters on me. I even had to leave the hospital to come here!"

Completely confused by the siblings' fight, Do Hyun quickly sneaks off before he gets dragged into another mess.

Turns out, Ri Jin is an author that writes mystery novels under a pseudo name and is quite willing to throw his sister under the bus whenever he needs a fake name to throw reporters off his trail. Oh Ri, a first year psychiatrist resident is very capable at dealing with her patient... especially when it comes to subduing them with her over the shoulder throw. Oh Ri and Ri Jin are twins who might fight but in actuality is really close with one another.

An interesting side note is that Ri Jin has a note book full of newspaper clips of Do Hyun and his family connections.
In the middle of a rather repressed meal, Do Jin's grandmother, Chairman Seo informs him that since he has listed taking over Seung Jin Corp. as one of his conditions for coming back to Korea, then she is going to first prepare him by making him the vice president of an entertainment company. 

Do Hyun tries to explain to his grandmother that Se Gi is the one that made the condition and not him, but Chairman Seo just steam rolls over his explanation and tells him to learn from his boss Cha Ki Joon (also his cousin). 

Do Hyun gets called to a dance club so he can be introduced to his new co-workers by Ki Joon. Ki Joon also makes a point to specifically introduce a special co-worker - Han Chae Yeon, the girl Do Hyun has been harboring a crush on for years.  

Obviously uncomfortable with Ki Joon's hidden snide remarks and facing his crush at the same time, Do Hyun soon has no time to stew over his troubles when Ri Jin's escaped patient asks him to stop Ri Jin from leaving.

Remember back to Ri Jin's words at the airport about leaving the hospital, Do Hyun is quickly convinced that Ri Jin is actually an escaped mental patient. Frustrated at being stopped by Do Hyun while her patient is running away, Ri Jin uses her famous over the shoulder throw on him.

With the wind knocked out of him, Do Hyun starts to grab his head in pain.
The next time Ri Jin sees Do Hyun outside of the club, he is a completely changed man. Holding onto Ri Jin's hand, Se Gi (Do Hyun's split personality) tells her "January 7th 2015, 10pm... the time when I fell for you." 

Ri Jin laughs at Se Gi's pick up line, and almost doubles over with laughter once again when he adds "You are the first woman to treat me so roughly." 

Amidst Se Gi's pick up lines there is one intriguing clue though. 
Se Gi "You called me. A long time ago."
Ri Jin tries to deny ever doing such thing, but Se Gi just keep insisting that she did.   
After Ri Jin has a good laugh, she is ready to take her leave from the strange man, but Ri Jin looks up to find that a gang of very rough looking men has surrounded them. 

 Episode 2
When utter ease,Shin Se Gi soon takes care of all the men with his awesome fighting skills. Definitely scared now, Ri Jin runs away, but Se Gi just follows her right to the hospital. 

Softening at the sight of Se Gi's bleeding head wound, Ri Jin drags Se Gi into the hospital to patch him up. Noticing Ri Jin's Psychiatry department name tag, Se Gi comments "You are a psychiatrist? Ours might be a bad fate." Ha ha!
In an almost desperate tone, Se Gi pulls Ri Jin to her "Remember, the person that has my face but a different name is fake. There is only one Shin Se Gi that has this face. I am the only one, so you have to remember my eyes." Omo, is it weird to starting falling for the hero's split personality? Does this count as cheering for the second lead? 
Even more freaked out by Se Gi's words, Ri Jin tries to get her supervisor to rescue her, but one choke hold from Se Gi, Ri Jin's supervisor is telling her to go change so Se Gi can take her out on a date. 

While waiting for Ri Jin to change for their date, Se Gi gets a phone call from Do Hyun's secretary informing Se Gi (who he thought was Do Hyun) that he has found Dr. Park, the psychiatrist that treated Do Hyun in the past. As luck would have it, Dr. Park is Ri Jin's boss which makes Se Gi decide to pay him a quick visit. 
Se Gi threatens Dr. Park to stop trying to kill him and tells Dr. Park to instead put Do Hyun to sleep forever so he can officially take over Do Hyun's body. When Dr. Park tells Se Gi that he is nothing but a defense mechanism resulted from Do Hyun's past trauma, Se Gi becomes so angered that he starts choking Dr. Park. 

Fortunately, Do Hyun comes back to his consciousness and Se Gi disappears thus rescuing Dr. Park from Se Gi's choking hands. It is interesting to note that when Se Gi's personality goes dormant the red tattoo like mark on the back of Do Hyun's neck also disappears. So interesting... is the show trying to tell us the split personalities are actually a real physical thing and not just imaginary?   
Shaken to know Se Gi almost used his hands to harm Dr. Park, Do Hyun gets even more nervous to hear from Dr. Park that Se Gi seems to be gaining strength since he supposedly found his first love. Fearful that Se Gi's first love might be none other than his own first love Chae Yeon, Do Hyun rushes out of the hospital. 
Before Do Hyun exits the hospital though, Ri Jin who has been waiting to go on her "forced date" stops him. Confused why Ri Jin would stop him, Do Hyun can only tell Ri Jin that he is happy she has safely arrive back at the hospital and to cheer up. (He still believes her to be a patient.) 

Speechless, Ri Jin couldn't believe the man who was just professing his love to her would treat her like a complete stranger now. 
Do Hyun rushes to Chae Yeon's house and warns her to be weary of him if he starts acting unlike himself. "You can hit me, hit me until I pass out, and run away from me." 

Before Do Hyun and Chae Yeon's discussion can get too cozy, a call from inside Chae Yeon's house reveals that Do Hyun's cousin, Ki Joon is waiting inside. 

Hesitantly, Do Hyun refuses Chae Yeon's invitation for a drink together with his cousin and runs off. Back inside, Chae Yeon drinks with Ki Joon who is in a shower robe and from their conversation it's obvious that both of them is well aware of Do Hyun's crush on Chae Yeon. 
Sitting in his car, Do Hyun gets more upset by the second of how fearful he needs to be of Se Gi's presence. Looking at himself from his rear view mirror, Do Hyun screams at Se Gi that he better not touch any of his people or he will kill himself to destroy Se Gi. 
Realizing even if he runs back to U.S. Se Gi will just hop on the next plane ride back, Do Hyun decides to face the problem head on. Careful to control his environment and emotional state, Do Hyun finally stops Se Gi from reappearing. 
Ri Jin's situation at the hospital is not good since everyone is passing around the rumor that she picked up a man at the dance club but was rejected after two hours. Frustrated by the rumor, Ri Jin tries to throw away Se Gi's leather jacket he left behind but finally couldn't bring herself to and takes it back home with her. One look at the leather jacket, Daddy Oh (Ri Jin's dad) assumes it is a gift from his daughter and promptly commandeers it for himself. 
Notwithstanding Ri Jin's determination to put the whole mess with Se Gi behind her, she can't help it but start wondering about Se Gi and Do Hyun having different eyes during a conversation with her brother about split personalities. 
With a growing confidence that he can stop Se Gi from appearing, Do Hyun gives his all to prepare for his meeting with Seung Jin's board of directors. 

Without mincing words, Ki Joon points out to Do Hyun that they are now in a fight to see who will be the heir to Seung Jin Group. Do Hyun gets nervous when Ki Joon brings up the fact he saw Se Gi at the dance club, but becomes speechless when Ki Joon asks "were you doing drugs in U.S?" 
Do Hyun and Ri Jin's lives become entangled again when the gangster who Se Gi took the leather jacket from, kidnaps Ri Jin to threaten Do Hyun. Without a clue where to even find the leather jacket to ransom Ri Jin with, Do Hyun sees no choice but to asks Secretary An to hit him so Se Gi would be awakened.  
Do Hyun's idea sort of worked... except someone name Ferry Park showed up instead of Se Gi 


Oooooo... this one looks promising. I was pretty hooked from episode one and the plot seems to be moving fairly fast.  The only thing I am not so sure about is the tattoo appearing and the light that gleams in Do Hyun's eyes whenever one of his personalities comes out. I actually wouldn't mind at all if they go the supernatural route and makes the personalities more than just imaginary but I would have a problem if all these physical signs are just for nothing and the personalities are mere imagination. 

I have to confess I have one major problem though... I think I am totally falling under Shin Se Gi's spell. I like Do Hyun too but ... I don't know how much I want Do Hyun to cure his illness if that means we will lose Se Gi. It is going to be an interesting problem if our heroine's romantic interest is actually Se Gi and not Do Hyun... but wait, what if Do Hyun is also just a personality as well? 


  1. OMG! So true what if the original personality turned out to
    Be Shin segi?! I also like Segi more than Do Hyun right now just because Se Gi appears to be a much stronger character than good Do Hyun who always forced to follow. Wah!

  2. Se Gi is so charming that i actually felt disappointed when Ferry Park appeared at the end.

  3. Thank you sooo much for recapping. Please continue!!! >_<

  4. I totally said the same thing when I wrote about this show! Se Gi just has this intensity that reels you in. Does our hero getting treatment mean that our Bad Boy character will have to "die"? Get the tissues ready!

  5. I share the same suspicion that Do Hyun is merely just another personality existing within this body. If not, maybe Se Gi is the actual "owner" but overpowered by the Do Hyun personality? Regarding the sudden appearance of the tattoo and stuff, i wouldn't mind if they take this into the genre of fantasy. This reminds me so much of the lead character in a Tw drama - X Family.

  6. Ji Sung is getting sexier and hotter every episode! Well...Se Gi played a big part of it really, so far:)
    Honestly, this drama is best suited for him. Imagine those 7 characters to portray, AND HE'S DOING GREAT!
    He is the actor to fall in love with the time you start see him act his character, one of korea's best talent- a high caliber actor:)

  7. Very well done! I'm loving this drama series.