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Friday, January 30, 2015

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 7 & 8 Recap

With only one hour to find Yo Sub (Do Hyun's suicide personality), Ri Jin tries to get help from Secretary An, but Secretary An is in the middle of meeting with Chairman Seo. Chairman Seo warns Secretary An to not let Ki Joon find out about Do Hyun's secret. Uncaring what Do Hyun's secret might be, the only thing Chairman Seo wants is for Do Hyun to stay safe until her precious son wakes up.

Ri Jin lucks out and finds Yo Sub just in the nick of time.

Reaching out with shaking hands, Ri Jin asks Yo Sub to step down from the ledge. Holding out two fingers, Yo Sub calmly tells Ri Jin that she is two minutes over his one hour limit. Turning around, Yo Sub walks further unto the ledge. Frantic, Ri Jin jumps and holds onto Yo Sub's pant leg.

Mercilessly, Yo Sub shakes Ri Jin off to the ground. In the process of falling, Ri Jin knocks a few construction tubs over right onto her self. Yo Sub paused when he sees Ri Jin's bloody face, but it doesn't stop him from his determination to jump off the building.
Struggling up the ledge, Ri Jin grabs Yo Sub and they both fall back onto the roof top. Shaking Yo Sub desperately, Rin Jin starts to call Do Hyun's name.
Deep within Do Hyun's mind, suspended in what looks like an ocean of water, Do Hyun eyes snaps open when he hears Rin Jin's desperate plea for him to wake up and stop Yo Sub. When Do Hyun regain control of his body, the first thing he sees is Ri Jin's bloody face, still calling his name with desperation.
Grabbing Ri Jin's hand, Do Hyun softly tells her "I am Cha Do Hyun." Relieved to see Do Hyun back, Ri Jin starts to sob out her fear in earnest. Pulling the sobbing Ri Jin to him, Do Hyun cries a silent tear as well.
As much as Dr. Park feels terrible for Do Hyun's sufferings, he nonetheless can't bring himself to let Ri Jin be dragged into Do Hyun's battle.

Dr. Park "She (Ri Jin) has already been to the emergency room twice already! Don't make her get involved between you and Se Gi's war."

Do Hyun "When my time was being robbed by Yo Sub, I heard Oh Ri Jin's voice, calling my name. I woke up. That was the first time for me. When I woke up I thought to myself, if when my time and my memory were being robbed someone would call me like that... it would be nice. But as I expected, something like that can't happen again. I guess I must keep living like a ... monster." Someone give this man a hug! 
Sitting with Ri Jin, Do Hyun retracts his invitation for her to become his private psychiatrist. "I thought if I make you rich, then I can keep you by my side without any feelings and emotion. But... I've lost confidence."

Looking at Ri Jin with a look of acceptance, Do Hyun continues "Miss Oh Ri Jin, while you were playing, you accidentally threw a ball into the castle where a monster lives. Now I am giving you the ball back, so please leave my castle. If you feel any compassion or curiosity towards me at all, then please get rid of it. Because I am not a wild beast that will turn into a charming prince after the magic wears off. I am just ... a monster."
Hiding from various companies that is trying to turn his books into movies, Ri On tells his agent about his latest book. Not too surprisingly, Ri On's book is about a child who was adopted into a family and raised as a twin. By chance, the child hears the adoptive parents' conversation and finds out about the adoption. The child also finds out about a chaebol young boy who might be related to his lost past. The child becomes an adult and begins to investigate the chaebol family in order to find out the truth of his memories

I totally thought Mama Oh was going to find Ri On's secret wall, but it turns out to be a wall of naked girls. Ha!  
Do Hyun obediently shows up for his arranged marriage meeting, only to have it end quite unpleasantly when Chae Yeon crushes the party. I am starting to wonder if the one Chae Yeon likes is actually Do Hyun after all. This seems much more than just not wanting to lose an admirer. 

While Chae Yeon is crushing Do Hyun's marriage meeting, Ki Joon shows up at the hospital to ask Dr. Park questions about Do Hyun and ends up bumping into Ri Jin. 

On her way home, Ri Jin stops by the building Yo Sub tries to jump off of and makes a snowman friend for Yo Sub's drawing. 
Do Hyun also stops by the roof top of the same building and is moved when he sees Ri Jin has changed Yo Sub's spray painted words "Kill Me!" to "Heal Me!". 
Squatting in front of her parents, Ri Jin tries to say goodbye to her parents before she leaves for John Hopkins University. Ri Jin promises her parents to come home with souvenirs for them and Daddy Oh quickly pulls out a prepared list for what he wants. I love her parents, they really are hilarious to watch. 
Getting ready to board her plane, Ri Jin surprises Ri On by throwing her arms around him. Poor guy. I can't figure out if he really thinks he has a chance with Ri Jin or not. 
Secretary An informs Do Hyun that Ri Jin has left on an afternoon flight. Turning around, Do Hyun tells his secretary to be sure to make his next psychiatrist a man since female psychiatrist are "troublesome". 
Not a minute later after Do Hyun's gender request, Ri Jin comes walking into the house and introduces herself as his new private psychiatrist. 
Ri Jin holds out her hand to Do Hyun for a hand shake, but Do Hyun only looks at her silently. Pretending to be offended, Ri Jin declares she is heading back to John Hopkins. Grabbing Ri Jin's arm, Do Hyun stops her from her leaving and holds out his hand to her this time. 

Do Hyun "If you take my hand now, then there is not going back. Even if the ball accidentally goes over the wall, I will not give the ball back." 

Smiling, Ri Jin puts her hand over Do Hyun's ... and squeezes the living daylight out of it. Yelping in pain, Do Hyun tries to pull his hand back, but Ri Jin just yells "Why is it harder to shake your hand than to shake the hands of a Hallyu star? Why are you so picky?!" 


What an awesome show... I am totally in love. I cried for the first half then laughed through the last half. Ji Sung's acting is truly amazing. I have always like him as an actor, but I had no clue his acting chops were this great. 

Is it me or is Do Hyun starting to exhibit more and more of his other personalities even as Do Hyun?

Episode 8 

Do Hyun eventually was able to yank his hand away from Ri Jin's super human grip, and questions Ri Jin how she can possibly be so strong for a woman. 

Looking at Do Hyun's frustrated face, Secretary An and Ri Jin both jump back and calls out "Shin Se Gi?" 

Even more frustrated by their question, Do Hyun yells back "I am Cha Do Hyun!" 

Unconvinced, Secretary An and Ri Jin both shake their heads at how weird it was to see the always soft spoken Do Hyun acting like Se Gi. 
Belatedly, Ri Jin finds out that according to the contract she signed without reading, she is required to not only live with Do Hyun but to follow him around 24/7. Back paddling, Ri Jin tries to sneak away but Do Hyun catches her and literally drags her back to the house. Reminding Ri Jin once again that the moment she shook his hands, she is already committed. In another words, he is not going to give her ball back no matter what. 
Ki Joon finds out rather quickly that their social circle is filled with rumors of Chae Yeon wanting to abandon him now that Do Hyun might end up inheriting Seung Jin Group. Ki Joon confronts Chae Yeon and informs her that he is preparing their engagement party to dispel the rumors. Having already overheard Ki Joon's parents' calculating plot to use her engagement to cement their own position in Seung Jin Group, Chae Yeon refuses to go through with her engagement before the stock holders' meeting. 

Showing up in front of Do Hyun's house, Chae Yeon loses her cool composure and demands to know who Do Hyun has in his heart. In reply, Do Hyun calls Ri Jin out of the house and asks "This is Oh Ri Jin. Does this answer your question?" Demonstrating her great agility, Ri Jin ducks as Chae Yeon swings her hand and slaps Do Hyun. 
Convinced that her son is burning the midnight oil over some highly inappropriate materials, Mama Oh forcibly opens Ri On's laptop only to see that he has been looking at Ri Jin's high school pictures. 

Surprisingly, Daddy Oh is the first one to start wondering about Ri On's feelings towards Ri Jin.  
While minding her own business, Ri Jin's ears perk up when she hears Do Hyun and Secretary An discussing about their effort to find the secretive author- Omega. 

Ri Jin walks to Do Hyun's side, takes a slip of her water just to spit it all out right onto Do Hyun's head when she hears Secretary An says "I heard a rumor that says Omega looks like Won Bin." 
I love how Do Hyun and Secretary An doesn't even ask Ri Jin why she spit water all over Do Hyun. 
Do Hyun shows up at Omega's fan book reading in hopes to run into the mysterious author. Without any choice but to follow Do Hyun to her own brother's fan club, Ri Jin tries to disguise herself in fear that Ri On might actually show up. 
Unfortunately, Ri On does show up under his own disguise as Omega's fan and Ri Jin had to make a run for it. Gretting Do Hyun as Perry Park, Ri On treats him like a long lost friend and tells Do Hyun all about his newest book. 

The plot of Ri On's book about a little girl fearing basements trigger's Do Hyun's nightmare and he starts to crouch in pain. Looking at Do Hyun's cold sweats, Ri On rushes off to get him some water. In his pain, Do Hyun feels someone grasping his hands. Looking up, Do Hyun sees Ri Jin's who quickly assures him that she will take care of him. 

Ri On rushes out of the cafe, just in time to catch a glimpse of Ri Jin driving Do Hyun away. 
Promising to drive Do Hyun home as soon as she can, Ri Jin all the sudden notices that Do Hyun has already switched personality. 

Rin Jin "Who are you?!"
"Me? Ahn Yo Na."

Incredulously, Ri Jin watches as Yo Na fusses over Do Hyun's pimples and even takes Ri Jin's hair pin away to put on her own hair.   
Yo Na notices her favorite idol oppas are doing a public appearance nearby and takes off running to do her fan girl scream in support. Yo Na gets invited up to the stage to join her idols in front of all the cameras, and she happily accepts. Just when it looks like Do Hyun is going to be on the front page news the next morning, Ri Jin arrives in time and gets in a full on hair grabbing fight in order to stop Yo Na. 
Do Hyun regains conscious to find himself still with Ri Jin's hair clip in his hair, so it didn't take Do Hyun too long to figure out Yo Na was a hand full for Ri Jin. 

Thanking Ri Jin's effort in saving him from being on the newspaper the next day, Do Hyun accepts Ri Jin's invitation to have beer together. 
Over beer, Do Hyun confesses that Chae Yeon is his first crush before he found out that he has no right to be in any form of personal relationships with anyone. Do Hyun wonders out loud if perhaps his feelings towards Chae Yeon was more of wishing that he could go back to the man who used to have the right to love. 

Perhaps feeling good to finally be able share some parts of him with another human being, Do Hyun takes Ri Jin's hand and while looking at her watch says "Remember this well, On January 29, 2015. 10 pm. First consultation starting time." 

Do Hyun's words, mirroring Se Gi's words to Ri Jin almost exactly gives Ri Jin a deja vu feeling. Staring at Do Hyun's eyes, Ri Jin asks "Shin Se Gi?" 

Losing his smile, Do Hyun replies "I am Cha Do Hyun... Oh Ri Jin, are you actually secretly hoping for Shin Se Gi to come out?"

Pausing, Ri Jin all the sudden breaks out in a smile "You feel jealous? Right?" 

At Do Hyun's vehement denial, Ri Jin laughs "You are so funny. You were all being jealous of yourself." 
As Do Hyun and Ri Jin walk together on the street, Do Hyun pauses and asks "Oh Ri Jin, Why did you stay by my side?" 

Ri Jin laughs again when Do Hyun wonders out loud if perhaps she is hoping to see Se Gi by being around him. Ri Jin surprises Do Hyun when she confesses that Yo Sub's plea to "Kill Me" is actually the one that made her stay since she sees it as a cry for help. Ri Jin goes on to admit that Do Hyun is the other factor. 

Do Hyun "Aren't you afraid of the personalities inside me?" 

Ri Jin "No, Not so much anymore. In fact, I would like to befriend them and tell them that they don't have to be afraid. Instead of scattered pieces, you will all be like a connected puzzle, becoming a cooler picture." 

Do Hyun responds by pulling Rin Jin in for a kiss. Wow, didn't expect that at all! But I am not complaining at all. 
Pulling back from the kiss, Do Hyun says "I am Cha Do Hyun." 
I am really glad he said that... I wasn't too sure.

As Do Hyun leans back in, he remembers Se Gi's words "Remember, if you mess with my woman, then your woman would be in danger." 
Umm... so what happens if both Se Gi and Do Hyun's woman is the same one? 
Do Hyun leans back in and kisses Ri Jin again. 


I guess this is war? I can't wait to see Se Gi's response to Do Hyun's out right rebellion. But then all the personalities (except Do Hyun) seems to be completely aware of everything that goes on, so Se Gi should already know from the very first moment when Do Hyun starts to fall for Ri Jin. 

I am quite intrigued by how Do Hyun is starting to incorporate Se Gi's personality. If Do Hyun can get to the point when he is not afraid to show his strong side, then would Se Gi be completely integrated? 

Yo Na by the way was hilarious to me. Do Hyun's other personalities, such as Se Gi, Yo Sub and Perry Park all have their charisma from a female point of view, but Yo Na... well, that one is an outright high school fan girl. I especially love the part when Yo Na was running in the street with Do Hyun's body. I had doubts that Ji Sung could pull off the high school girl mannerism but he sure did a bang up job. 


  1. episode 17? LOL!!!

    1. Umm... I have secret powers to recap future episodes?! Thanks for letting me know, I just corrected my title from episode 17 to 7.

    2. Awesome powers!!!

  2. I really love the look on Dohyun's face when he saw Rijin walking in through the front door and the little smile he tried to repress when Rijin shook his hand. That's the look of a man in love! I wish they just hurry and confirm their feelings for one another. I want 10 episodes full of Dohyun and Rijin exploding chemistry and cuteness. And maybe a little angry Segi throwing tantrum as a plus. This is the first time for me to see a love triangle between 2 people, and my fav OTP at that! Hwang Jungeum and Jisung literally the best thing ever happened to this drama! They're so lucky to have had them. This is the best drama for the start of 2015.