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Friday, January 16, 2015

Kill Me, Heal Me Episode 3-4 Recap

Question of the hour: Is it weird if I just decide to fall in love with all the personalities?

Ri Jin's kidnapper calls Se Gi... well, actually Do Hyun's phone... um... but right now Perry Park is the one that is answering the phone right now. Notice that Ri Jin is in the background trying to yell through her taped mouth that she knows where the jacket is. (This sure is confusing. We might have to number these personalities.) 

Back tracking a bit. Having no idea where to find the jacket Ri Jin's kidnappers are demanding, Do Hyun gets secretary An to punch him in order to call out Se Gi. Unfortunately, Parry Park, the personality that loves sailing AND a bomb maker shows up instead. Seriously, is one thing to have split personalities but to have a bomb maker as one of them??  Love it! 

While all the baddies dived for cover when Perry Park's bomb threatens to go off... they are soon rushing back in a hurry to beat Perry Park up when the bomb only beeped "The rice is done!" Apparently he used a rice cooker timer for his bomb. Ha!
After all the run around, Ri Jin's kidnappers finally find out that she knows where their precious jacket is when Ri On (Ri Jin's brother) sends her a photo of himself wearing the said jacket.

Leaving with only one person as a guard, the rest of the baddies take off to Ri On's house to get their jacket back.

Tied to the chair, Ri Jin starts to get alarmed when Do Hyun's body starts to shake violently. Ri Jin's suspicion of Do Hyun's different personalities is confirmed when Do Hyun wakes up as himself and has no recollection of what Se Gi did or said to her.

When Do Hyun finds out that Ri Jin just nonchalantly told the baddies where to find her brother he is immediately concerned for Ri On's safety, but Ri Jin just gives the cryptic answer "He said it was their get together tonight."
Ri Jin's kidnappers storm into Ri On's get together and demand that he hands over the leather jacket. Strangely calm, Ri On asks "Oh, do you need this jacket because of all the drugs in it?" As Ri On rips the lining of the jacket, a bunch of drugs falls right out onto the floor. The appearance of the drugs cause all of Ri On's friends who have been casually drinking and eating despite being surrounded by bunch of rough looking men to all the sudden stand up and show their police badges. Not surprisingly, the baddies were arrested. 

Turns out, Do Hyun has picked up quite a bit of skills after years of finding himself in dicey situations thanks to his many personalities so he was able to quickly free himself the ropes and frees Ri Jin as well. Do Hyun convinces Ri Jin to emit her impressive ear drum bursting scream to give Do Hyun a chance to take out the one baddie that was left to watch them. Unfortunately, Perry Park's bomb turns out to be in working order after all, and Do Hyun saves Ri Jin from the burning building at the very last second. 
Riding away from the still exploding building, Ri Jin holds onto Do Hyun tightly and mutters her question one more time "What is your name?" 
Looking at Ri Jin in the hospital bed while she struggles to stay conscious, Do Hyun apologizes to her for everything she has been through for reasons he can't disclose and wishes that she will never have the misfortune to meet him again. 
Do Hyun makes it back to his official meeting with Seung Jin group's board of directors. Thanks to Chairman Seo's (grandma) lie that Do Hyun is late due to a car accident, the board of directors did not blame Do Hyun for his late arrival. 

Instead of being glad of Do Hyun's impressive self introduction in front of the directors, Chairman Seo slaps Do Hyun and tells him that Do Hyun is to be blamed for his father's (so her son) condition. Through gritted teach, Chairman Seo tells Do Hyun that he is nothing but a place holder until her son wakes up from his coma.  Ouch. That must hurt coming from his own grandmother. 
Determined to stay away from Chae Yeon now that he sees himself as a walking time bomb (literally apparently), Do Hyun tries to ignore his long time crush. Not used to being ignored by the one man that should worship the ground she walks on, Chae Yeon pushes Do Hyun to pursue her. Unwilling to put Chae Yeon in danger, Do Hyun replies "Chae Yeon, I am not someone you can handle." Silly boy, you have just successfully lifted yourself from the status of a pitiful puppy to a man that needs conquering. 

Secretary An meets with Dr. Park and finds out that Ri Jin is not a patient like Do Hyun thought but is actually a psychiatrist. 

Bothered by thoughts of Do Hyun, Ri Jin consults with Dr. Park and the two figures out that they both know Do Hyun. Dr. Park tells Ri Jin his experiences with Do Hyun and she is struck by how lonely he must feels. 

Episode 4
Concerned by the possibility that Se Gi might have approached Ri Jin with the intention of asking her to help him to gain complete control over his body, Do Hyun shows up at Ri Jin's hospital. 

Surprised but glad to see Do Hyun, Ri Jin admits that she has already figured out Do Hyun's condition. Reminding Do Hyun that he promised to tell her his name if they made it out of the burning building, Ri Jin asks one more time "What is your name?" 

Keeping his promise, Do Hyun replies "The one with these eyes and this face, I am Cha Do Hyun." 
Ri Jin's mother hen side reveals it self in full force when she finds out that Do Hyun didn't bother to get his wounds treated and is used to stitching up his own wounds. 
Before Ri Jin can continue on her tirade of  Do Hyun's similarity to batman, Do Hyun notices that the whole hospital has initiated a mass gathering to take a walk through the hospital's revolving door to spy on her. Knowing that everyone still thinks of her as the one girl who was abandoned in less than two hours by the guy she picked up from a club, Ri Jin begs Do Hyun to do her a favor. 
Leading Do Hyun through the whole hospital, Ri Jin points out every person that ever doubted her womanly powers to Do Hyun. Putting on his great charisma, Do Hyun manages to charm everyone with his words and flashy show of his "love" for Ri Jin. 
While everyone falls under Do Hyun's charm, there is one doctor that runs away at the sight of Do Hyun because he had the pleasure of having Se Gi perform a choke hold on him before. Chasing the doctor down, Do Hyun kneels in front of him and apologizes. 

Watching the whole exchange, Ri Jin can't help it but feel sympathy again for how hard Do Hyun has to fight in his war against his other selves. 
Do Hyun was concerned at first that Se Gi approached Ri Jin to gain her help to take full control of his body but Do Hyun becomes even more alarmed when he realizes that Se Gi didn't even know Ri Jin's profession when he approached her. 

Do Hyun's alarm quickly turns into full blown fear when he sees Se Gi's image for the very first time when he wonders what Se Gi wants with Ri Jin. In a velvety voice, Se Gi replies "You (Ri Jin) called me. A long time ago." 

Putting his hands around Ri Jin's shoulders, Do Hyun tells Ri Jin with a desperate urgency to run if she ever sees him again. In fact Do Hyun urges Ri Jin to hit him and do whatever to get away from him. 

Ri Jin "Why do I have to do that? It could be you not Se Gi." 

Shaking his head, Do Hyun replies "No, that will never happen. From this moment on, I won't consider appearing in front of you again." 
Concerned by Do Hyun's sudden headache, Ri Jin races to get some medication for him, but by the time she comes back Do Hyun is gone.

Answering Ri Jin's phone call, Do Hyun curtly refuses her request to talk as friends "I don't have have friends. I don't need friends." 

Incredulous by Do Hyun's words and his promise to not answer her calls anymore, Ri Jin vents "What is the big deal about having multiple personalities? Is he a beat under a spell? If he is a beat, then he should get help from a beauty! A BEAUTY!" Ha! I love Ri Jin.
In a dream, Ri Jin sees herself jumping on a trampoline with a young boy whose face she couldn't see. At the end of the dream, Se Gi replaces the young boy and asks "Can we play now?" 
Wondering if the dream is actually a childhood memory, Ri Jin asks her brother Ri On if he remember a trampoline in their childhood. Feigning remembrance, Ri On tells his sister that there was a trampoline at the park near their house. 

Looking at Ri Jin's reflection in his rear view mirror, Ri On apologizes for his lies but mutters that it is better for Ri Jin to not remember her childhood past.

At this point of the story it is pretty obvious that Ri Jin and Ri On are not real siblings. Moreover, Ri On has feelings for Ri Jin above that of a brother.    
With Do Hyun constantly absent from Seung Jin Group due to his preoccupation with the war within himself, Do Hyun's cousin, Ki Joon is comfortable in his assurance that Do Hyun can't possible be an obstacle to his goal of taking over the company. Still careful though, Ki Joon is actively trying to find Do Hyun's weakness and is already suspicious of the reason for Dr. Park's meeting with Secretary An. 

After getting news from Secretary An that Do Hyun has gone missing, Ri Jin worries with Dr. Park that Do Hyun is in real danger now that Se Gi is strong enough to be seen when Do Hyun is conscious.    
Do Hyun wakes up in a state of confusion and fear when he finds himself in a room that appears frequently in his nightmare. After he comes to though, Do Hyun realizes he has somehow made his way to Chairman Seo's wine cellar. 

Before Do Hyun leaves he sees a picture of a bear and the words "I'm Nana".  With dismay Do Hyun realizes another new personality has appeared. 

Do Hyun walks into the dining room just in time to overhear his mother threatening Chairman Seo with the the promise "If Do Hyun remembers, lots of people will be hurt." Do Hyun tries to get his mom to tell him about the supposed memory that will hurt many people but his mom just tells him she made the whole thing up. 
Pushed to the breaking point at every turn, Do Hyun asks Dr. Park "Am I... Am I going crazy or turning into a beast?" 
Things takes a scary turn when Do Hyun loses control from seeing Se Gin in the bathroom mirror and punches the mirror. 
Somehow Do Hyun's lose of control enables Se Gi to take over Do Hyun's body while he himself becomes trapped in the mirror. Hopelessly, Do Hyun watches from the mirror as Se Gi walks away with his body. That was a weird sentence to write. 
Looking at Do Hyun's phone number that is under Se Gi's name, after a pause, Ri Jin erases Se Gi's name and puts Do Hyun's name in instead.
Awe, that made me sad for Se Gi. 
After numerous unanswered calls to Do Hyun, Ri Jin is ecstatic to finally receives a text from Do Hyun asking to meet with her. Running as fast as she can, Ri Jin is stopped all the sudden by a man. Looking up, Ri Jin takes note of Do Hyun's changed appearance and asks "Did you prank text me?" 

Obviously displeased, Se Gi comments on Ri Jin's disappointment in not seeing Do Hyun and replies "I wanted to confirm something. I have confirmed it so it's time to leave." 
The last scene: Se Gi driving at a scary high speed on the freeway while ... 
Ri Jin is screaming ... again. 


Boy, I REALLY like this show. Last week I fell in love with Se Gi but this week I just want to kick Se Gi to the curb to protect Do Hyun. Ji Sung is really doing an outstanding job with his portrayal of all the different personalities. I am not sure how he is going to pull the 6 year old girl off... but I am excited to see it. 

I also find Ri Jin's character really well balanced as well. She is just wacky enough to make me want to laugh whenever I see her. 

I wonder what's the connection between Do Hyun and Ri Jin's bad childhood past? At first I thought Ri On was only collecting information on Do Hyun as a writer, but now I wonder if he is trying to figure something out because Do Hyun has something to do with Ri Jin's childhood experience? 


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