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Friday, January 23, 2015

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 5 -6 Recap

Question of the hour: Where is my KISS???? How can you just leave us hanging, show?!

Determined to make Ri Jin choose him over Do Hyun, Se Gi takes Ri Jin to a hotel room filled with toys and sweet treats. Completely confused why Se Gi would assume she likes children's toys, Ri Jin nonetheless tries to play along. 
I love the poster of Beauty and the Beast... I guess the writer really likes that comparison. 

Not getting the desired happiness from Ri Jin, Se Gi pulls out his last surprise - fireworks. Catching the clues in Se Gi's words, Ri Jin asks "Have you seen Winter Sonata? Perhaps I remind you of your dead first love?" 
Se Gi "No, she is alive... thankfully." 

Stressing his desire to spend all his time with Ri Jin without having to worry when he will disappear again, Se Gi asks Ri Jin "Make Cha Do Hyun go away for good. You are a doctor so you can do that right?"

When Ri Jin refuses Se Gi's request, Se Gi replies that he will somehow make Ri Jin do as he wants. 
Leaning in, Se Gi kisses Ri Jin. Does he mean he will make Ri Jin fall in love with him so she will help him get rid of Do Hyun? I also find it interesting that Se Gi cries a silent tear as he kisses Ri Jin... 

In the middle of the kiss, Do Hyun comes to and find himself in a rather shocking situation. Do Hyun pulls away from Ri Jin who after realizing Se Gi is gone becomes too embarrassed and runs off. Confused, Do Hyun chases after Ri Jin and chides her for ignoring his warning to stay away from him. In the middle of Do Hyun's rant of how dangerous he is, Secretary An shows up with a bunch of men and gives a sigh of relieve when he sees that Do Hyun is back to himself. 
Back in the hospital, Ri Jin holds her beating heart and yells "Who are you beating for??" 

Looking in the mirror, Do Hyun is also remembering back to the kiss and wonders why his heart is beating strangely as well. 
Trying keep his illness a secret, Do Hyun meets with Dr. Park outside of the hospital. Since there is no denying that Se Gi is getting stronger, Dr. Park counsels Do Hyun to be tell his family the truth about his illness in a effort to protect them from Se Gi. 

However, Do Hyun might soon be without a choice but to come clean with his illness as his cousin, Ki Joon is already suspicious. 
Back to Ri Jin, who is still having a hard time choosing between Do Hyun and Se Gi since she sees their faces every where she looks. 
Do Hyun wakes up to find himself laying on the side of a road in the dark. Looking down at his cloth, Do Hyun mutters "Perry Park!" 

Back from buying some alcohol to help Ri Jin's frustration, Ri Jin and Ri On sneak towards a car as it bounces in a somewhat "suspicious" manner. Do Hyun looks up in shock as he struggles to change out of Perry Park's cloth to see Ri Jin. Even more shocking is when Ri On calls out "Perry Park! It's you!" 

Getting dragged into Ri Jin's house, Do Hyun has no choice but to play along as Ri On introduces him as Perry Park, the cool dude he met on the plan. 
Promising to let Do Hyun taste their self made beer, Daddy Oh sends Ri Jin down to the cellar. Using an excuse that Daddy Oh sees right through, Ri Jin gets Do Hyun to meet her at the cellar as well. 

By accident, Do Hyun ends up locking Ri Jin and himself in the cellar.  Who's surprised?
Do Hyun tries to stop an already drunk Ri Jin to keep drinking, but Ri Jin confesses that she is drinking out of her fear of underground cellars. Ri Jin's fear of cellars made Do Hyun perked up with attention since he himself has the same phobia. 

A drunken Ri Jin keeps confusing Do Hyun and Se Gi much to Do Hyun's annoyance. Pulling Ri Jin close, Do Hyun says with a firmness that is unusual to his persona "Should I help you distinguish between me and Se Gi?" 


Can there only be one??? Couldn't a girl just have both? It's the same lips after all... that's not cheating right?! 
I am a bit surprised that we are starting to get more pieces of the "big mystery" so early but I am not complaining for sure. So far, we know that Madam Shin (Do Hyun's mom) knows some big secret that even Chairman Seo is weary of, but in this episode, Chairman Seo turns around and threatens that if Madam Shin doesn't watch what she says, the one that will get hurt is Do Hyun. 

Do Hyun's uncle (Director Cha) further sheds some lights when he tells his wife that Chairman Seo's daughter-in-law might have had a secret child that is possibly not the Cha family's blood line. Director Cha speculates that what if such secret child really did exit and disappeared during that big mansion fire years ago. Hmm... so Ri Jin is that secret child who might have been locked in the mansion's basement? That's a lot of clues to be given by episode 5 so I am assuming it must be more complicated then that. 
The other mystery of course is Ri On who obviously knew Do Hyun's true identity but still plays along with the whole Perry Park pretense. Looking at his wall that outlines Do Hyun's whole family relations, Ri On informs his editor that he is ready to work on his novel again. 

Episode 6

Closer, closer and even more closer... and Do Hyun pulls away. Her expected kiss no where to be found, Ri Jin snaps her eyes open. Faced with Ri Jin's laser stares, Do Hyun stutters "Um... um... you know there are quite a few people inside me, so I had to make sure what this feeling is." 

Furious, Ri Jin grabs Ri Jin's collar and yells "How can you stop half way?! I only have one person in my body but I am confused too. These last few days, it's like I have worms in my mind. Who are you to make me grow worms for you in this brilliant mind of mine. Since we have come this far, let's figure this out once and for all." With that said, Ri Jin jumps on Do Hyun to get her kiss while Do Hyun falls on the ground in his hurry to safeguard his lips. I love her! 
Ri On walks into the cellar to find Ri Jin laying on top of Do Hyun. Ri On screams "MOM!!!" 
Totally embarrassed with her act of forcing herself on Do Hyun, Ri Jin vents her frustration to her dog. 

At the same time, Do Hyun smiles as he remembers the same scene in the cellar before shaking his head to stop himself from thinking.  
The next morning, Do Hyun wakes up to find his house completely trashed. Staring at the recording Se Gi left, Do Hyun starts to get nervous when Se Gi threatens "If you touch my woman then I'll go after yours." 
Woken up by Chae Yeon's ringing phone, Ki Joon picks up the phone to hear Do Hyun's urgent question if Chae Yeon's okay. Smiling, Ki Joon takes great satisfaction in informing Do Hyun that Chae Yeon is plenty save since she is with him. Instead of getting jealous, Do Hyun asks Ki Joon to stay by Chae Yeon's side and keep her safe. 

On the recording, Se Gi jeers at Do Hyun's nervousness over Chae Yeon and asks "you still feel unsettled aren't you? Does it feel like you are in hell?" 

Losing control, Do Hyun tells Secretary An that he is going to take a gamble. 
Using Se Gi's name, Do Hyun gets Ri Jin to come storming into his house demanding to know why he is trying to make her his doctor. Revealing himself, Do Hyun tells Ri Jin that he was testing her to see if she really has feelings towards Se Gi. Knowing that Se Gi has asked Ri Jin to erase him, Do Hyun has decided to turn the table back onto Se Gi and asks Ri Jin to help him as his doctor. 

Frustrated to be caught in a battle between Do Hyun and Se Gi, Ri Jin refuses to play games with the boys anymore. Undaunted by Ri Jin's refusal to be his doctor, Do Hyun just calls Ri Jin's hospital director on the phone and tells him to go ahead and suspend Ri Jin. 

Fuming to see how easily Do Hyun has just took her job away, Ri Jin slams Do Hyun's door on her way out, just in time to be seen by Chae Yeon. 
Unwilling to believe that the boy whose world revolved around her really has moved on, Chae Yeon tries to get Do Hyun to come back to her.
Unmoved, Do Hyun replies "Don't sway me again Chae Yeon. You don't want me but don't want to give me to someone else. You don't want me to be next to you because I am the son of a mistress." 

Chae Yeon tries to take a step back and use the friendship card, but Do Hyun shuts her down with a single question "You would be willing to throw away Ki Joon hyung and come to me then?"  
Ri Jin meets with Dr. Park and vents her anger that her job would be taken away by a single phone call from some 2nd generation chaebol. Dr. Park "Um... he is not 2nd generation chaebol, but a third generation." 

Looking at a still fuming Ri Jin, Dr. Park tells her not to hate Do Hyun too much since someone like Do Hyun must have a good reason to act the way he did. However, Dr. Park does give Ri Jin one more choice instead of becoming Do Hyun's doctor - go to be an exchange student at an university overseas. 
The next morning, after mulling over her two choices, Ri Jin tells her family what is troubling her. Despite her family's assurance that they will let her make her own decisions, Mama Oh gives her vote to being a doctor for a chaebol patient while Daddy Oh votes for the university. 

Strolling with Ri Jin, Ri On tells her that the elderly chaebol patient she has must be really lonely battling an illness he can't tell anyone about. That totally surprised me, I thought for sure Ri On would be the first person to want to get Ri Jin away from Do Hyun. 
Still set on isolating Do Hyun, Ki Joon assigns Do Hyun the impossible job of hunting down the mysterious writer Omega for their company. (Writer Omega is Ri On) Seemingly casually, Ki Joon mentions Dr. Park and his hospital much to the distress of Do Hyun. 

Before Do Hyun has sufficient time to calm himself down, he gets called into Chairman Seo's office and receives an order to marry a woman that can help Chairman Seo's standing in front of the stock holders. When Do Hyun stress the fact that he is only planning to stay for three month before he leaves for U.S., Chairman Seo just coldly tells him to stop dreaming.   
His head pounding from a terrible day, Do Hyun falls asleep in his office and dreams. In Do Hyun's dream, he is a young boy smiling at Ri Jin who tells him "I am strangely afraid of fire and basement... but if I am with you, then I don't think I will be scared." 
On her way to the hospital to accept her chance to go abroad, Ri Jin decides to call Do Hyun and to bid him goodbye. 

After Ri Jin goes off on a long one sided conversation she is stunned to hear "You are running away from him anyway. In the end, Do Hyun hyung is still being abandoned by noona right?" 
Ri Jin "You.. Who are you?"

With increasing panic, Ri Jin listens as the voice on the other line replies "Me? Ahn Yo Sub. Age 17. The nickname the doctor gave me is the suicidal personality." 


Okay, right now I am on Do Hyun's camp. I promise I won't change next week... I think. 

I do think it is starting to be apparent that all of Do Hyun's personalities are really just different parts of him. Even as the gentle Do Hyun, it is easy to see some of Se Gi in him when he is pushed. 

The show is really doing a great job showcasing how lonely and desperate Do Hyun must feel. Even his effort to make Ri Jin his personal doctor really is just his way to protect her from Se Gi. Another way to make sure people around him is not hurt by the beast that he is. Of course I had a good laugh when Do Hyun assures Secretary An that he can remain emotionless while Ri Jin is around him. 

It does make me wonder if Ri Jin makes Se Gi stronger, then maybe Ri Jin is also the one that will eventually help Do Hyun to become strong enough to heal himself. 

ps. So it seems pretty obvious that Ri Jin is the secret child that was locked up in the Cha family mansion. From the way Do Hyun's mom's frantic way of washing Nana's drawing off and muttering "he can't remember that child", Do Hyun mom is obviously in on the secret. 


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