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Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Sunshine (C-Drama) Review

10:22 PM Posted by ninja , 6 comments
Drama: My Sunshine
Synopsis: Two ex-lovers meets again after seven years apart. A lot of things has changed... but their feelings hasn't. Will they be able overcome the misunderstandings that broke them apart in the first place?

Ninja brand of synopsis: Chinese Naoki Irie... well, the hero in this one is a vast improvement on the expression of love than the real Naoki... but you get the idea. 

I went into this show with high expectations since I knew it was based on a book written by the same author that did Boss & Me. This show didn't disappoint, but it is not as light and fluffy as Boss & Me. 

The hero is He Yi Chen, genius lawyer who is cold, calm and of course handsome. After Yi Chen's girlfriend all the sudden disappeared seven years ago, he has been waiting... even when it seems hopeless to everyone else around him. 
Zhao Mo Sheng, our heroine who falls in love at first sight with the star of the law school - Yi Chen. Where numerous girls has failed, Mo Sheng through her tenacity and outright refusal to back off, finally shocks the whole school and becomes Yi Chen's girlfriend. However, one night Yi Chen all the sudden declares that he wished he never met her, and before Mo Sheng can mourn for her lost love she is put on a plane by her father heading for U.S.  
Seven years later, Yi Chen and Mo Sheng meets again at a local grocery store. Walking right past Mo Sheng, Yi Chen treats her like a complete stranger. (Will contain SPOILERS FROM THIS POINT ON) 
Despite Yi Chen's tough act, he eventually does ask Mo Sheng to come back to him... but Mo Sheng drops the bomb she has already been married once. 
While Yi Chen is both furious and hurt that during the time he has been pining for her, Mo Sheng was in the arms of some other man, he nonetheless swallows his jealousy and decides to get back together with Mo Sheng. 

Yi Chen's character really reminds me a lot of Naoki's character from Mischievous Kiss but I love Yi Chen's character so much more because while he is kinda cold by nature, it is easy to tell how much he loves Mo Sheng since almost everything he does gives a clue to his feeling. I love Yi Chen's friend's description "If there is anything that ever breaks the order and calm in He Yi Chen's world... then it must be Zhao Mo Sheng."  Talk about a girl's dream. The handsome guy who is always in complete control but will always loses it when it comes to you. 
I am a bit torn about the male second lead- Ying Hui. I kinda prefer the book version of Ying Hui. In the book, Ying Hui was convinced that Mo Sheng would go back to China and see that her ex-boyfriend have moved on because what man would just wait around for a girl for seven years. However, once Ying Hui realizes Yi Chen really did wait around for seven years for the girl who also thought of him for just as long, he accepts his defeat gracefully and was the one to tell Yi Chen the truth about his fake marriage with Mo Sheng. 

In the tv verion, let's just say Ying Hui did not take his defeat nicely at all. I guess it was a necessary change since if the show went according to the book, this drama would probably be only be 10 episode long instead of 36 episodes. 
As you guys can see, the ending was a good one. 

I do have to admit the last few episodes was kinda draggy and a bit unnecessary BUT I love the show so much I enjoyed them anyway. Just treat the last few episodes as extras instead of part of the actual show and you will be fine. 

There were so many AWESOME lines in this show and it certainly were all the rage with the fans of this show so here are some of them: 

Quote #1

"If that person ever showed up, then everyone else would just be a compromise. I don't want to compromise."

Yi Chen tells this line to the 2nd female lead. Ouch! Can you imagine having the guy who you liked for over ten years saying this to you?! It is a really cool line though. 

Quote #2 (From Yi Chen)
"Waiting is not about time, but about habits. It has a will to grow, and there was no way for him to stop it."

Quote #3 (From Yi Chen to Mo Sheng, back in their university days.)
"If destiny dictates that you will be my girlfriend in three years... then why shouldn't I exercise my rights now."

ps. I had a good laugh when some student fans changed this line to "If destiny dictates weekend will come in three days... then I should live my rights now." 

Quote #4 (Mo Sheng to Yi Chen. Later when Mo Sheng disappeared, Yi Chen used it."
"Since I can't find you, then I have to stand where you can see me."

Quote #5 (Yi Chen's)
"Waiting itself is not frightening, what is frightening is not knowing when it will end."


  1. I read the novel and like you, I had great expectations for this drama. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. Sometimes it felt slow and draggy and a bit gloomy, but the novel is not a cheerful one so I guess they couldn't change that. One thing I absolutely loved was Wallace Chung.He played Yi Chen just as I imagined the character when I read the novel. He was so good. Every stare, every expression were so Yi Chen. I also loved that we got to see the college days flashbacks and we got that really happy ending.^^

  2. Watched it after reading your impression of it. I loved it as you mentioned the last 3-4 episodes were extras.
    Thanks for the recommendation. The college days were cute, I disliked the 2nd female lead for being unreasonable for like the guy that your parents took in as a big brother o her......I the 2nd male lead was quite nice but shame he could never win over Mo Shengs heart. I liked that the model friend actually had a happy ending with the photographer.

  3. whooops Soo sorry Peeps, just realized I gave away spoliers ( bow head down in shame)

  4. Loved the quotes!!! I noticed they are not in the drama. I'm guessing they are from the novel ?

    1. If I remember right, most of the quotes should be in the drama itself. I guess I have a good excuse to watch it again just to make sure. :-) But I am pretty sure they are in the drama since specific scenes are popping up in my mind when I read them again.

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