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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ouroboros (J-Drama) Episode 1 Summary and First Impression

Drama: Ouroboros (J-Drama)

Synopsis: Two orphans vow to seek revenge after they witness the murder of their beloved teacher. Now grown, Ikuo is a bumbling detective who somehow has the highest rate of arrest, while Tatsuya is a high raking member of the underworld.

 Episode 1 Summary
A little boys cries while the other comforts him with the chilling promise that they will one day find the police man that murdered their beloved teacher and seek their revenge. 

 The crying little boy now grown, Ikuo Ryuzaki (Toma Ikuta) is a detective that seems to defy any logical reason why he holds the record on the highest arrest rate in his precinct. Other than his unusual sharp sense of smell, everything about Ikuo marks him as a bumbling nice guy. 
 Mizuki Hibino (Juri Ueno), Ikuo's partner is an elite detective that comes from a even more glamorous family background. Despite her envious police lineage, Mizuki seems to harbor some secret wound that makes her reply coldly when her father tells her that he will be working close to her soon. (There is some hints that Mizuki's father might be involved with the teacher's murder.) 

Tatsuya Danno (Shun Oguri... Cheer!!), the rising star in the underworld has not forgotten his promise to seek revenge for his teacher and in fact he is the whole reason why Ikuo has been able to have such an exceptional arrest rate. 

Working seamlessly together, Ikuo and Tatsuya tracks a suppose suicide back to a dirty cop who proudly declares that being a police is the most wonderful career because you can cover up any crime. Thanks to the dirty cop, Ikuo and Tatsuya is able to find some important clues to their teacher's murder. As the sole witness to the crime, Ikuo along with Tatsuya were threatened by a policeman wearing a gold watch to forget about what they know and keep silent. The dirty cop reveals that the watch probably means the man Ikuo and Tatsuya want to find belongs to a select group of elite and powerful that shows their membership in the club by their gold watch. 

First Impression 

Love it! Totally my kind of show... well, other than the fact it's a J-drama so I probably shouldn't expect a romantic story line. But hey, I'll settle for bromance. 

Ouroboros is based on a comic book so do watch it with that in mind. Not sure if this says something about me, but I really love the fact that our two heroes really are not shy when it comes offing the baddies. 

Ikuo and Tatsuya's motto is not we will bring the killer to justice with the power of the law but let's find the guy and kill him. There is no "Oh, I'll give you another chance... WHAT?! The bad guy is trying to kill me while I turn to walk away? Okay, I have a good excuse to kill him now." Nope, no pretense here. Just "Oh, thanks for giving us the information we need... you can die now." Kinda cool... It doesn't hurt that both Ikuo and Tatsuya look so awesome when they work together to get rid of the baddies. 


  1. I'll check this out, i hope there are subs for this show.

  2. yeah..i really really love it..but..not like kdrama that have bunch of engsub..this show kinda have lack of engsub..ahh..i only understand 20%..i have to improve my japanese