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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pride and Prejudice Episode 18-19 Mini Recap

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Question of the hour: Poor Kang Soo, how badly must he feel to know that Dong Chi's life could be destroyed just because Dong Chi saved his life so many years ago. 

Stunned to realize that he is probably the one that killed White Bear (Baek Sang Ki -the one that tried to kill Kang Soo), Dong Chi can hardly remain calm when he faces White Bear's twin brother, Baek Sang Dae. 

To make matters worse, Dong Chi finds a blow whistle near White Bear's remains and quickly connects it right back to his dad. 
Dong Chi visits his dad and in a tearful mood the father and son eats while knowing the secret Daddy Goo's has been trying to hide is finally exposed. 
Seeing no other way but to face up to his guilt, Dong Chi meets with Director Moon. The all knowing Director Moon stops Dong Chi's confession and asks him what was so bad about getting rid of a guy who is willing to kill children. Moreover, Director Moon asks what happens if Dong Chi turns himself in then finds out he is not the culprit after all, but by then the damage will be done and he would have destroyed his career. 

Thoughtful after Director Moon's words, Dong Chi drags Yeol Moo out on a last minute date. However, before their date can really begin Dong Chi gets words that Song Ah Reum (the one that came forward with the sex bribery recording) is actually not dead after all, but was secretly moved on Director Moon's order. 

Dong Chi and Kang Soo arrives barely in time to save Song Ah Reum from Chang Gi and Baek Sang Dae's hands so she wouldn't be turned over to Hwa Yeong. 

Realizing that for Hwa Yeong to be so insistent on getting their hands on Song Ah Reum, she must know a very deadly secret, Dong Chi asks Song Ah Reum to figure out what she knows that is so important. After a pause, Song Ah Reum replies "I thought it was a joke... a man called Park Man Geon was saying that he was the only reason the special prosecutor team won because he killed a child." 

After a shocked silence, Song Ah Reum looks at Dong Chi in fear "I am going to die, aren't I?" 

Dong Chi decides that the only way to possibly save Song Ah Reum is to hold a press and get everything out in the open, but before that they need to find out who Park Man Geon is. 
Dong Chi gets the news that his dad has turned himself in for White Bear's killing and rushes back only to be told by Director Moon that all the trouble could go away for Daddy Goo if Dong Chi would just turn over Song Ah Reum to Hwa Yeong. 

Knowing full well that his dad is only confessing to the killing because he is trying to cover up for his son, Dong Chi decides to also turn himself in 

Episode 19
Hovering over the two indictment forms, Dong Chi keeps thinking back to what Director Moon told him. Tossing a neck tie pin in front of Dong Chi, Director Moon asks him if the thought that someone else might be the one that killed White Bear ever crossed his mind. The pin shows that someone else was also there and that someone else might just be the culprit. If that theory is true, then by turning himself in, Dong Chi is only letting the true culprit get away. 

Face with letting his father go to jail for him in order to buy him some time to catch the culprit or turn himself in and lose the chance to catch the real killer, Dong Chi comes up with a cleaver idea to retract their confessions together. 

Furious with Dong Chi, Director Moon insists on sending Dong Chi and his father to jail despite the fact with the confessions retracted, Dong Chi and his father will eventually be set free. 
As Dong Chi is being lead away in hand cuffs, Yeol Moo rushes out and informs Director Moon that as the lead prosecutor on the case she has cancelled the charges against Dong Chi. 

Despite Director Moon's show of anger, Dong Chi sees right through the facade and tells the director to stop trying to save him by throwing blocks in his way but to help him instead. 
Hwa Yeong, via Park Soon Bae and his men tries to physically threatens Dong Chi to find out where Song Ah Reum is. However, with some quick thinking, Dong Chi was able to use the opportunity to arrest Park Soon Bae and his men in one swoop. 
With a rare show of manly power, Prosecutor Lee is able to get confessions from the gangsters that allows Director Moon to force Park Soon Bae to cooperate. 
Director Moon tries to convince Dong Chi to cancel Song Ah Reum's press conference since it all but guarantees the death of both of them. Determines to go through with the press conference no matter what, Dong Chi asks both Director Moon and Chang Gi to find him actual pictures of Park Man Geon.  

Chang Gi comes through for Dong Chi and asks him to meet at an appointed place in order to give him pictures of Park Man Geon. Unfortunately, Dong Chi has to send Kang Soo in his stead when he gets a phone call that Song Ah Reum has gone missing. 
Surprised to find Kang Soo in Dong Chi's place, Chang Gi nonetheless hands over pictures of Park man Geon. Before the hand off can be completed, a car speeds towards Kang Soo's car and t-bones them. 

In a daze, Kang Soo looks at an unconscious Chang Gi with increasing panic. Flashes of himself being trapped in the back of a car trunk as a little kid increases Kang Soo's hysteria as he feebly calls out "Save me. Save me." 

In Kang Soo's hopelessness, Director Moon all the sudden appears out of no where to try to save them. 
Still trapped in his childhood memory, Kang Soo looks up at Director Moon and remembers the exact scene of when a younger Director Moon opens the car trunk so many years ago. 


SOOOO confused. Is Director Moon bad or good... or grey? I was all ready to yell "See, he is trying to save Dong Chi! He must be good" about half way through this episode but the last scene totally confused me. 

I am glad that Kang Soo is slowly forgiving Chang Gi because I don't believe at all that Chang Gi ever turned bad. Someone like Chang Gi who willingly sacrifice his life because of his guilt and love towards Kang Soo, is just not someone who will all the sudden start selling his conscious for money. 

So, any guess who Park Man Geon is? I have a really really far fetch guess. My mind keep wondering about Prosecutor Coi, Dong Chi's trusted hyung... but I don't really have any good reason for my guess other than maybe Prosecutor Choi seems too good to be true?? 


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